Nataly Birch May 27th, 2015

Back to the Roots: Hand-Made Typography

Are you sometimes fed up with everything glossy, glassy, gradient-esque, three-dimensional, abstract, surreal - in one word with everything artificial, virtual? Yes? Me too. Now is the perfect time to turn to natural, real and genuine. Simply set your eyes on something organic, something that you can touch, feel and even eat, something that has vibes and evokes warm feelings. Our today's collection is dedicated to impressive and intricate handmade typography.


Edible cookies in the form of the alphabet, letters made from plasticine or carved out from fruits immediately spring to mind. Those are one of the most primitive examples of handcrafted fonts that can be quickly reproduced by any enthusiast equipped with proper tools. In fact this art direction hides a lot more than you can think of: there are works that can inspire, spark interest, refresh, cheer up and overwhelm.

From elaborate paper-based letterforms made with the help of quilling technique to characters that are sculpted from metal, wood, plastic, grass or other raw material, designers try to go beyond boundaries in order to create remarkable and staggering letterforms.

Today we have curated 30 outstanding examples of their diligence for you:

Silk Road Film Festival 2015 - 3D Paper Letters

silk road - 3d paper letters
Creator: Julianna Szabo

Feel Good Food: Cookbook Covers

food edition - letterings
Creator: Jessica Elliott

Well Fed Magazine: April Issue: Earth Day

mag cover - nature
Creator: Jessica Elliott

XV Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá - Tryout

poster for festival
Creator: David Espinosa

Attention: Craft

Creator: Snask

Shop Magazine - London 2014

knitted type
Creator: MaricorMaricar Studio

A Warm and Happy Year

happy new year 2014 poster
Creator: Alexandra Bruel

Various Plasticine Lettering Works

plasticine lettering
Creator: Olga Protasova

Thistle Type

thistle type
Creator: Thomas Wightman

Art Direction _ Handmade Type

series of hand-made fonts
Creator: Andrea López León and Natalia López León

New Hampshire in Twigs

nature type
Creator: Erin Gwozdz

Grow / Onitsuka Tiger + El Duende

type from shoelaces
Creator: IS Creative Studio.

Hair Typography Blue

type from blue hair
Creator: Monique Goossens

Experimental Type

series of experimental type
Creator: joris compiet

Heck Yes. A Typographic Installation.

type installation
Creator: Emm Gem

3D Type

3d type from sand
Creator: Mary Gavette

Eye Candy Typography

eye candy type
Creator: Patrick Simons

3D Logo Ruim

3d logo
Creator: Studio Daad


Creator: Antonio Rodrigues Jr

Typography Net

type from a net
Creator: Monique Goossens

Pony Up

type from hair
Creator: Rachael Seatvet


rustic M
Creator: David Sanden

LBT Posters

paper poster
Creator: Bart Vollebregt


quilling style letering
Creator: Ceres Lau

Letter Lamp

letter lamp
Creator: Jeroen Overweel


artfully made campaign
Creator: Noelia Lozano

Fasa Crafting

paper cafting
Creator: Fasarte


tango whisky
Creator: Vincent VIRIOT

What's Your Type?

soho type
Creator: Michal Sycz and Noeeko

My Garden Typography

garden type
Creator: Petra Blahova (dpe)

Nataly Birch

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  1. Wow, these hand made Typography’s look stunning. Couldn’t take my eyes off it. Anyway, thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

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