Noupe Editorial Team January 16th, 2012

Brave New Worlds: Showcase of Fantasy Digital Paintings

When it comes to digital paintings there are many artists whose virtual brushes capture life as we know it in some form or fashion. Giving us glimpses at our world through their imaginations. Though some go beyond this world, and they dip their brushes in the wells of the fantastic. Giving us glimpses into worlds beyond our imaginations and often rooted in the mythic or magical. Fantasy art is a vivid genre that produces so many stunning creations overflowing with inspiration. Which is probably one of the reasons it is a genre that gets turned to so often to inspire the masses.

So today we have a showcase of fantasy digital paintings that we have prepared for our readers, to hopefully give them that creative recharge many of us need from time to time. With so many talented artists featured below we are sure that you may end up with a new favorite or two to follow from here on out. Enjoy!

Painting the Fantasy

First Lesson by kerembeyit

Pandora by blackeri

City Escape by Rozefire

Water dragon by Ironshod

the colossus by noah-kh

Phoenix by GENZOMAN

Welcome to the Wormworld by daniellieske

witch by burari

Princess by asuka111

Natural song by gotgituey

Pearl by thienbao

dance with bullet by jurithedreamer

Iron Mask – Black as Death by GENZOMAN

Playtime by kerembeyit

Persephone by blackeri

Adam and Eve by Rozefire

Solstice Gathering by Ironshod

the_summoner by noah-kh

Cerberus by GENZOMAN

Trapped by daniellieske

Blow of Diva by asuka111

Demon Warrior by gotgituey

Feona by thienbao

Legend of the White Tiger by mari-na

Fatal light by Candra

Facing the Nightmare by kokodriliscus

Bridge of Khazad-Dum

The Commodore by blackeri

Midnight Messenger by Ironshod

The_King_Of_Volcano by noah-kh

Rise of the Firelord by daniellieske

Hero by askua111

Plume by thienbao

Swamp King by Candra

dota Clash 6 by kunkka

IS THAT ALL YOU GOT by totmoartsstudio2

Lord Christoff Dargeroth by breathing2004

Black angel by artozi

Going back home by lamlok

Clone Knights by longai

the path of Kamisama by Harukim


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  1. Good stuff, I work on a fantasy webcomic and it’s great to see stuff like this for inspiration. The Harukim piece is especially good.

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