Dieter Petereit November 22nd, 2013

Design Faves: New Wellspring of Inspiration for Designers

In the design world nothing gets created without the initial spark of inspiration. Sometimes you as a designer sit down and inspiration is all around you. Most of the time it’s not. To make it through these hard times, all of us have a bunch of bookmarks at hand, with sites focusing on getting the ideas flowing. Now the makers of WebDesigner Depot, Mighty Deals, Techi and Brushlovers have entered the scene with their inspiration-dedicated and in itself beautiful website Design Faves. Let’s have a look…


Design Faves shows the Best Designs Not Limited to a Specific Industry

Design Faves is a young project dedicated to feeding your inspiration. Sporting a design that reminds me a bit of Pinterest, Design Faves collects best practice examples of beautiful or otherwise extraordinary designs not only from all over the world, but all over all industries. They don’t restrict themselves to web design or photography. They cover architecture, furniture, art, cars and more.

This is especially helpful, because usually we limit our minds to the specific topic we are about to apply a design to. Yet, breaking out of our own narrowed minds by looking at something entirely different has oftentimes proved to spark creativity. If you haven’t tried that yet, make sure to keep Design Faves in your bookmarks.

What sets Design Faves apart from the competition is the fact, that the site curates hand-chosen examples by an expert team and not a plethora of patchy entries by practically everybody. Design Faves separates the wheat from the chaff, which has you getting to speed much faster than by having to try to find the needle in a haystack.

I have put together ten of the most appealing posts I found on Design Faves. And when I claim them to be appealing , I mean they appeal to me. See for yourselves:

‘Fast & Furious’ food sculpture cheese burgers


Three-wheeled ‘J’ concept fresh from the Tokyo Motor Show


Modern Paper-Stack Monoliths by Aleksandra Domanovi?


Modern Manhattan architecture by Karim Rashid


NEXT architect’s looping bridge in China


Sit on your art? Furniture by YOY Studio


The futuristically groovy Bubble House


Miniscule sculptures of skeleton fairies by Tessa Farmer


Spomenik: Abandoned monuments or alien sculptures?


Banksy in New York City recap!


BTW: We here at Noupe like Banksy, too. That’s why we published our own report on Banksy’s NY visit.

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