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Do You? These 35 Popular Brands Use WordPress as a CMS

WordPress isn't just a blogging software. Today sites with millions of visitors can be flawlessly driven by it. WordPress is fast and flexible and a CMS in its own right. More than 60 percent of the world's websites already run on WordPress and its triumphal march is far from over. In fact, WordPress is the only CMS with rising distribution numbers. All other competitors lose reach or - at best - languish. To me this is no wonder, given WordPress is that easy to use and imposes almost no limits upon developers. There is not a lot that you cannot do with it. Even sites with millions of monthly visitors turn to Automattic's CMS. Today we want to show you 35 popular brands who already made the switch...

Diese Weltmarken nutzen WordPress

WordPress Prejudices

Have you heard that?

WordPress is just a simple script for blogging and not capable of driving a real website. It is not even a proper CMS. So while you are trying to achieve something professional stay away from it and choose a real solution.

The following examples will prove these statements wrong. Each of the mentioned websites has loads of visitors, into the millions. Complexity varies, however, while some of the following sites are real complex installations.

1. Reuters

Der Nachrichten-Gigant Reuters

News Giant Reuters | Visit Website:

2. Vogue USA

Die US-Vogue

Vogue USA Relies on WordPress | Visit Website: Vogue USA

3. Time Magazine Online

TIME - Time Magazine Online

TIME - Time Magazine Online | Visit Website: TIME

4. Sweden Official

Schwedens offizielle Webseite

Sweden's Officiasl Website | Visit Website: Sweden

5. Usain Bolt

Auch der schnellste Mann der Welt setzt auf WordPress

World's Fastest Man is Running on WordPress | Visit Website: Usain Bolt

6. open.NASA

Auch die NASA wählte WordPress

Even the NASA Chose WordPress | Visit Website: open.NASA

7. Google Ventures

Der Risikokapital-Arm von Google

Google's Venture Capital Branch | Visit Website: Google Ventures

8. The New York Times Company

Die Firmenseite der New York Times Company

Corporate Site of the New York Times Company | Visit Website: New York Times Company

9. General Motors - Fastlane Blog

Fastlane Blog von General Motors - hier werden derzeitige und zukünftige Projekte gezeigt

Fastlane Blog by General Motors | Visit Website: General Motors Fastlane

10. Sony Playstation

Der offizielle US Sony Playstation Blog

US Sony Playstation Blog | Visit Website: Sony Playstation Blog

11. Katy Perry

Katy Perrys offizielle Webseite - powered by WordPress

Katy Perry's Official Website | Visit Website: Katy Perry

12. TechCrunch

Eines der weltweit führenden Technik Online-Magazine überhaupt.

One of the Biggest Tech Magazine World-wide | Visit Website: TechCrunch

13. BBC America

Auch die BBC America nutzt WordPress.

BBC America are WordPress Fans | Visit Website: BBC America

14. Star Wars News

Auf WordPress setzen du musst.

WordPress Use You Must | Visit Website: Star Wars News

15. Coca-Cola France

Coca-Cola Frankreich setzt auf WordPress.

Coca-Cola France | Visit Website: Coca-Cola France

16. Beyoncé

Die offizielle Webseite von Beyoncé.

Beyoncé's Official Home on The Web | Visit Website: Beyoncé

17. The Harvard Business Review Network

Das Harvard Business Review Netzwerk.

Harvard Business Review Network | Visit Website: Harvard Business Review

18. The LinkedIn Blog

Der offizielle Blog von LinkedIn.

Official LinkedIn Blog | Visit Website: LinkedIn Blog

19. Xerox Blogs

Die Xerox Blogs

Xerox Blogs | Visit Website: Xerox Blogs

20. The Rolling Stones

Auch die Rolling Stones rocken mit WordPress.

Rolling Stones Keep Rocking with WordPress. | Visit Website: The Rolling Stones

21. Sylvester Stallone

Auch der bekannte US Schaupieler Sylvester Stallone setzt auf WordPress.

Rambo Sylvester Stallone Rock(y)s WordPress. | Visit Website: Sylvester Stallone

22. 9to5Mac

Die bekannteste Apple-News-Seite der Welt mag WordPress sehr.

Thinking of Apple News? Think 9To5Mac | Visit Website: 9to5Mac

23. Upside Blog by UPS

Der offizielle UPS-Blog

Official UPS Blog | Visit Website: Upside Blog

24. MTV News

Der offizielle MTV Blog

Official MTV Blog | Visit Website: MTV News

25. Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg - der Kopf hinter WordPress

Unsurprising: Matt Mullenweg | Visit Website: Matt Mullenweg

26. Forbes

Die offiziellen Forbes Blogs

Official Forbes Blogs | Visit Website: Forbes

27. Sony Music

Die offizielle Sony Music Seite.

Sony Music Official Site | Visit Website: Sony Music

28. Facebook Newsroom

Facebook Newsroom - offizielle Ankündigungen von Facebook lesen Sie hier.

Facebook Newsroom- Official Announcements Go Here | Visit Website: Facebook Newsroom

29. The eBay Blog

Der offizielle Blog von eBay Inc.

Official Blog of eBay Inc | Visit Website: eBay Blog

30. Nokia Conversations

Der Nokia Conversations Blog, nun Teil von Microsoft

Nokia Conversations Blog, Now Part of Microsoft | Visit Website: Nokia Conversations

31. PHILIPS DirectLife

Der PHILIPS DirectLife Blog.

PHILIPS DirectLife Blog | Visit Website: PHILIPS DirectLife

32. The Mozilla Blog

Der offizielle Blog von Mozilla.

Official Mozilla Blog | Visit Website: The Mozilla Blog

33. Wall Street Journal Law Blog

Der Law-Blog des Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal's Law Blog| Visit Website: Wall Street Journal Law Blog

34. SAP News Center

SAP News Center

SAP News Center | Visit Website: SAP News Center

35. Smashing Magazine

Die größte und bekannteste Webworker / Webdesign Webseite der Welt.

World's Favorite Designer/Developer Magazine | Visit Website: Smashing Magazine

Your Turn...

Large popular brands and global players have adopted WordPress as a CMS. They run their corporate blogs as well as whole magazines with it. Smashing's Editor-in-Chief Vitaly Friedman gave you a deep look behind the curtains of Smashing Magazine. German Upload Magazine did an interview with the makers which provides even more insight. If you can read German, that is ;-)

As a sidenote - Noupe Magazine certainly also runs on WordPress. Do you still think your project needs a different solution? Take a deep look at our examples and think again...


Andreas Hecht

Andreas Hecht is a journalist and specialist for WordPress and WordPress Security. He roams the web since its inception. He has published an ebook on WordPress Security, which you might want to take a look at.


  1. Wow, that list speaks for itself! Forbes, Vogue, the Wall Street Journal Law Blog – I mean those are huge – actually massive websites with an unbelievable amount of followers and they are word press sites – amazing. I personally love working in word press. I have experience in drupal and joomla, but word press is like a breath of fresh air.

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