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Fantasy Wallpaper

fantasy wallpaper

Fantasy is a great genre, whether the setting takes on the problems that humanity faces or just provides pure escapism. It’s been around for a long time, and it’ll be. So why not make your computer’s desktop or phone’s main page stand out by updating it with a badass fantasy wallpaper?

We have compiled a list of digital artwork that you can use as fantasy wallpapers and fantasy backgrounds around the web for you to do just that!

Fantasy Wallpapers

Taurus by Huang Guangjian

Fantasy Wallpaper - Taurus by Huang Guangjian

It doesn’t get more epic than that, does it

Queen of Pain of Data by Akreon, Art Director: Boyang Zhu

Fantasy Wallpaper - Queen of Pain of Data by Akreon, Art Director: Boyang Zhu

If you are familiar with DOTA, you sure know about the ranged carry Queen of Pain. This artwork was created for the DOTA 2’s battle pass release.

Vader by Brad Pascual

Fantasy Wallpaper - Vader by Brad Pascual

Brad Pascual works at Disney as a Sr VFX Designer, and his works are amazing. Besides, who wouldn’t want Vader to be sitting on their background when they pick up their phone to call their grandmother?

Grave Keeper by Avant Choi

Fantasy Wallpaper - Grave Keeper by Avant Choi

If you are into dark imagery, this one will suit you both theme and colorwise.

Gun Girl by Wanjie Li

Fantasy Wallpaper - Gun Girl by Wanjie Li

Watch out for the, erm, gun, because it’s smokin’ hot.

Discovery by Jose Vega

Fantasy Wallpaper - Discovery by Jose Vega

A caped and heavily armored hero looking down from a cliff, possibly calculating the next move? Sign us up.

Knight by Taras Susak

Fantasy Wallpaper -Knight by Taras Susak

Shield and a long sword-wielding warrior standing on top of a defeated dragon? That fantastic enough for you?

Misty Mountains by Justin Oaksford

Fantasy Wallpaper - Misty Mountains by Justin Oaksford

Far over the misty mountains cold,

To dungeons deep and caverns old,

We must away, ere break of day,

To seek our pale enchanted gold.

Aquaponics by Luke Berliner

Fantasy Wallpaper - Aquaponics by Luke Berliner

I mean, how in-depth and real is that?

Blood Glutton by Akreon, Art Director: Taylor Ingvarsson

Fantasy Wallpaper - Blood Glutton by Akreon, Art Director: Taylor Ingvarsson

Some savor the hunt. I savor the kill.

This one was created for Magic the Gathering’s Core Set 2021.

Strigoi Hunter by Eyardt

Fantasy Wallpaper - Strigoi Hunter by Eyardt

Strigoi Hunter from Wild Wild Vampires.

Fields of Silence by Julian Bauer

Fantasy Wallpaper - Fields of Silence by Julian Bauer

Silent yet so loud. This one is an incredible work by Julian Bauer.

These are some of our favorite CG artwork around the web that you can also use as fantasy wallpapers. Make sure to check the artist’s personal websites, ArtStation, Dribble, and social media accounts to appreciate more of their art.

Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments down below! Additionally, there are many websites for wallpapers that you can go to for downloading the latest collection of backgrounds for your phone and desktop.

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