Tara Hornor November 12th, 2013

Steady On The Legs: Footwear Ads Often Put Other Ads to Shame

Advertising is a difficult industry, full of high pressure competition to capture an audience and appeal to them more than another brand. It seems, too, that within the world of advertising, every field has had moments of genius when a brilliant ad idea was executed just right and created a buzz that turned even the heads of staunch supporters of the competition. What is interesting is that footwear ads seem to have these moments more than other brand adverts. Even the shoe ads that are "typical" still seem to have that extra shine that easily captures attention. Maybe this perception is just my opinion, because I am a shoe fanatic. Or maybe shoes are an easier product to advertise. After all, shoes have all kinds of purposes - to lengthen legs, accessorize clothes, improve performance, feel amazing, save the planet, etc. Many of these shoe advertisements have a clear audience and a clear message as well, and clarity always lends to a better ad. Plus, shoes can be displayed on person, in action, alone, or with funky accessories. Shoes at the end of a woman's long legs are like looking at fire - you just can't look away! And they can be worn on other parts of the body for a truly unique look, as you will see in a few of the ads below. Often to make shoes look even more appealing, they are paired with a stunning outfit on a stunning model. The following collection of footwear ads are ones that seem to rise above other product ads. A few are funky, others use photo-manipulation, and some are humorous. Take a look to see if you agree that footwear ads often put other ads to shame.

Etaloni by Nikolay Razuev

Havaianas Instant Joy by Zombie Studio

Olympikus Go Run by Pinho

Nike Fright Night by Felipe Ferreira

Fornarina Lookbook

Kolosh A cidade aos seus pes by Juliano Weide

Marluvas Safety Boots by Filadelfia

Rollasole by Chapter

Max Shoes Stunning Collection by Jung von Matt

Converse Sneakers by George Watson

Nike Flyknit by Danny Demers

Supra Footwear Ads by Chuck Anderson

Minna Parikka Ad by Vogue Italia

Nike Liquid

Art of Woven by We Are Golden

Saint Vacant Shoes by EuroRSCG

Mizuno Sports Shoes by AlmapBBDO

New Balance Heart by Los Quiltros

Adidas Color by TBWA

Mizuno Pro Runner by Talent

Tervolina Shoes by BBDO

Gabor by Serviceplan

Adidas Ad on Old Street photo by Ed Verillo

Bianco Footwear by &CO

Christian Louboutin by Peter Lippmann

Footwear & Accessories: Scatto Consequence by Master Comunicacao

Pointer Footwear by Jethro Haynes

Metro Shoes by Makani Creatives

New Balance Minimus by Arnold Worldwide

Wonders by Imaginarte

Sneakercube Nike by Pawel Nolbert

Brazilian Footwear by João Vitor Senger

Doc & Mark Outdoor by prasad te

ASICS Kinsei by David Whaite

Sorel by Carrie Ammermann

Tone-Ups Sketchers by Christina Ingles

Zensu by Olga Okun at Studiowoo

Zoo York Footwear Ad

Louis Leeman Shoes by Peter Lippmann

Christian Louboutin by Kyong Nguyen

Brian Atwood Campaign

Coco Perez Ad for H&M

Jimmy Choo by Santiago & Mauricio

Nike Reuse-a-Shoe by ManvsMachine

Reebok Warning Signs by McGarry Bowen

Adidas Nitrocharge by United State of Fans

Sarenza: Jungle by TBWA

Nike Free Flyknit: Live Billboard Knitting by Wieden + Kennedy

Nike: Toy Claw by Wieden + Kennedy

Morelia: The Lightest Ad Ever by Talent

Do you enjoy footwear advertisements as much as I do? Any of the ads above that you think should not have been included in this list? Or do you have any shoes ads you think should have been included? Let us know in the comments below! (dpe)

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