Robert Bowen April 9th, 2012

From the Unconscious Mind: Gallery of Surrealistic Digital Art

When most people think of surrealism, they merely think of the bizarre. They think of artwork that somewhat blends the real with the abstract. They do not take into account the movement which sought to unleash the full creative potential of the unconscious mind. This injects a much deeper meaning in to the pieces than what most would think from work often seen as so abstract.

While the use of strange, and even at times ridiculous imagery, is employed to counter the more mundane elements of the pieces, it all comes together in such moving and powerful ways. Below is a gallery of surrealistic digital art that will fill our readers with inspiration. So many talented artists have wonderfully tapped into their creative potential, we hope that they will help you to unleash yours.

From the Unconscious Mind

Face of Happiness by Allyzia

the tree of life 2 by sopic84

Envy Tends Her Garden by joeyv7

Light by Sarafinconcepts

I’m Coming to the Garden by sweatshirt

Witness by MyAmbeon

Scream by liiga

Binds by rhinoting

Death Butterfly’s Forgiveness by ser1o

Beautiful by Warnerator

Dreams and quiet noises by froggywoggy11

su pianito despierta monstrous by alejandrosordi

Stargazer by leothefox

The Infinity of Mind by Elzux

Rita by Daywish

‘Howdy!’ Experiment One by baconworm

My Mind by NegativeFeedback

trip by DeevArt

A form of sanity by IMentertainment

La realidad puede ser otra by needtobleed

Mona by Warnerator

Drifter by whitlam1

Tigars are here by YukoRabbit

Seeing through The Layers by vshen

Mutation by SaccharineStrychnine

Metalpecker by StickFreeks

Young Dream by seafoam-mermaid

still waiting by sopic84

Mira by GalileeMorningstar

Forbidden Love by SzkulDigitals

Golden fishes by whitecrow-soul


baloons 3 by sopic84

we’re watching you by GoGalGoGo

Let’s play by mark-in-the-park

Fluffy by gagatka27

A Strange Place by mysticmorning

Unwritten by Jacquesmarcotte

Elder Dream by seafoam-mermaid


Robert Bowen

Robert Bowen is an emerging author, celebrated podcaster and poet, and most recently the co-founder and imaginative co-contributor of the creative design and blogging duo at the Arbenting and Dead Wings Designs.


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