Angie Bowen February 6th, 2012

Gaining Perspective: A Showcase of 3D Digital Renders

With the design communities ever pressing pursuit of inspiration and the growing popularity of three dimensional digital renderings, we thought this was the perfect opportunity for these two paths to cross for Noupe’s readers. So we went out across the internet in search of some truly inspired pieces of art that have crossed into the third dimension to showcase for you here. Rendered to perfection by some wonderful digital artists.

So take a look below at the 3D digital renders we have collected for you, and see some breathtaking results. The rich fullness the artists manage to capture that allows the pieces to rise off from their virtual canvases leaving that flat feeling behind, and often feeling like a photograph.

Gaining Perspective

Selfillumination by kutsche

Gir by thekeyofE

Toxic Syringes – Colorful by Stianbl

coffee city by pushOK-12

The real you by Sha-X-doW

Mechanical Flower by coolscene

Subsurfacing Sushi by jeremyengleman

Heavy Mech Final Render by MikeJensen

Automation by Almacan

Haiku by curious3d

Victory by geograpcics

Sewer Dwelling Monster by loden

Abandoned station by your1st

Plastic Series : Broken Marionette by SubversiveGirlArt

Siggraph Animation Mother by meats

Impulse by xelptic

Brain Tower by Almacan

The Sighting by steve-burg

Living behind the clouds by veprikov

Captivity by Ertugy

ShokeR_fireworks by AleksCG

Music: ambiance by ark4n

somewhere in the north by tredowski

undead wizard by bgx1

Color Symphony by k3-studio

Unformed by GrandPa

Rebirth by 00AngelicDevil00

Cybertron planet by JJasso

Big Electron by tredowski

Butterfly by Zjic

To You Who Finds This Letter by owen-c

Animation Mother New Orleans by meats

So,Commander,what is your plan by Suirebit

The traveller – dusty version by leticiakao

Fairy tale by linbrush

Hidden by sentimentalfreak

shoker by AleksCG

Other Worlds by RudolfHerczog

One Tree Hil by phaceless2

Pontiac by PionierUK


Angie Bowen

Angie Bowen is a freelance artist, designer and writer as well as a founding member and editor of the Arbenting Design Blog.


  1. Very nice collection of 3d renders. I always found the concept so interesting – something that requires such a high degree of creativity and artistic integrity. They’re not much different than a 2d digital piece, yet they often get more merit than web design for being artistic as a lot of people deny web design as an ‘art’. Ah well, what can I say! I love seeing the two integrated together!

  2. What a really great selection of 3d renders, some of the work showcased here is absolutely phenomenal, i really like “so commander what is your plan” although this is a less striking piece of work, i definitely feel that the message in which the piece of work portrays is tension and planning, either they are heading into a war or a big event is approaching them, and i really feel this piece definitely showcases this.

  3. Cool stuff. I always wanted to learn how to do 3D rendered digital art. Does anyone know some good place to learn?

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