Swetlana Senkevitch January 13th, 2013

Girls, Birds, Butterflies: More Awesome Vexel Artworks

Vexel art is very similar to vector art in terms of appearance. It typically features sharp-edged lines and areas of flat color, or smooth gradient fills. The word ‘vexel’ was coined from a combination of “vector” and “pixel”. The main difference between vexel art and vector art is that vexel artwork is rasterized. This means that it’s not scalable, so many vexel artists create their vexels at very high resolutions. Instead of using vector lines, shapes and polygons, vexels are created using a raster programs support for transparent layers. Each layer is given a solid shape, or shape with a gradient fill, and the layer order and structure creates the illusion of a single composition. We have featured this technique quite a few times before, but simply cannot get enough of it. So, here is another serving…

Vexel Artworks Gallery Overview

Below we present a gallery of awesome vexel artwork. You will also find information about the designer, the source of the wallpaper and details about each artwork as well as available desktop resolutions. To navigate from one wallpaper to another, click either on the images or use the navigation under the description.


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