Angie Bowen August 2nd, 2012

When Less Means More: Spotlighting Minimalist Photomanipulations

Photomanipulations are a breathtaking artform that usually become quite involved and heavily loaded with all of the various images being brought together and molded into one. However, when you scale that back and use the most minimal amount of manipulation to combine two, maybe three, images, it can become increasingly difficult to seamlessly blend them together. The images have to be chosen with even more care.

Today we have a collection that proves the stunning and inspiring ways these minimalist photomanipulations can come together. When less means more, these artists have stepped up to meet this challenge head-on, and they have all produced some awesome work that can sometimes be mistaken for stock photography given the simplistic nature of the pieces. So get inspired through this spotlight of ours.

When Less Means More

Relfex by beyzayildirim77

The Watcher by MonkeyShepherd

Lonesome by MachiavelliCro

– Untitled – by abdieft

stairs by MLphoto

mother and child by GestiefelteMieze

Cube by AS001

Hope by janskop

Neomode by Genesis-Design

Wanderer Above Sea and Fog by Phil-Day

A cheesy way of living by Tourash

CUBE by mkore

No name by wesmos

aloft the sun by carrex

Creation is Dead by ibrokemykeyboard

Eve by ejieart

Real life by AS001

stairs by MLphoto

shell by JasonKaiser

fotomontaje by ELRevoo

A tale of love by beyzayildirim77

Daisyflower by Camiluchan

Minimal NO 2 by Anestakos-Delpi

Ink by MADGoDD

Minimal by Anestakos-Delpi

alone… by GestiefelteMieze

NO MORE … by wesmos

Flower Power by AS001

stairs by MLphoto

Dark Messenger by Pyrogas-Sipo

The ghost in you.. by J-u-d-a-s

bad fortune by beyzayildirim77

Recreation by Emerald-Depths

makowe pole by kokoszkaa

Relfex 2 by beyzayildirim77

Faith 19 by pbxn109

Turning Off the Light

This collection may be ending, but the conversation is just getting started. That’s where all of you come in. Leave your thoughts on the minimalist photomanipulations that we have assembled for you, or point us to some others that have caught your eye.


Angie Bowen

Angie Bowen is a freelance artist, designer and writer as well as a founding member and editor of the Arbenting Design Blog.


    1. Actually that would be you who missed it. As is stated clearly, when the artists choose fewer items to combine and manipulate together, they often have to do more work to make them blend so seamlessly together. As in, When Less Means More. ;)

      Noupe Editorial Team

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