Vitaly Friedman August 4th, 2010

Phenomenal Animated Videos

They say a picture is worth thousand words. And we can proudly add that a video (picture in motion) is worth trillion words. We can express all we want to say through videos. Our friends designers and animators have been showcasing this beautiful gift of creativity and they use it to its fullest potential in some truly outstanding animated videos.


Today we are presenting some mindblowing and eye opening animated videos which display all the various colors of human life. These animations showcase love, hatred, sadness, jealousy, praise, beauty and ugliness. And all these animations are a true example of talent and hard work of animators and designers.

Beautiful Animated Videos

What is more powerful: art or money? Does an artist need acceptance of his creativity from others?

Magic Night
Although without sound, still a nice Aladin's story like animation.

Sebastian's VOODOO
A story about love, sacrifice and protection of loved once.

You will surely love this animation. Great quality and crisp story.

A Day In The Life Of An MC Escher Drawing (Short Film)
Winner of Best Short Film and Best Concept, 2006 Chicago Horror Film Festival, October (Chicago, IL).

True Beauty: A message about Alopecia
An educative video conveying A message about Alopecia.

When The Day Breaks
Do we all connected to each other? Watch this animation.

Good Vibrations
A good story where a drilling on road side captivates onlookers for a hilarious reason.

A Day In The Life Of An MC Escher Drawing (Short Film)
An animated comedy short striy will make you laugh.

Story of a kiwi who wants to fly.

RAM - Amazing 3d Animation
Are we really getting addicted to the technoligy?

The Chair Not Taken
A short tale about politicians, seats and struggles in a Parliament.

A story of a robot who has just one limitation.

The Devil And Smoking
This is a video made from the idea of the commercial against smoking and other bad habits that made a TV channel.

An tribal based animation showing love of a mother.

The Danish Poet
Can we trace the chain of events that leads to our own birth? Is our existence just coincidence? Do little things matter? Get answers here.

A dark animation on a person's different reactions on death.

Learn a little bit of basic chemistry while watching Oxygen try to make friends in Element-ary school.

Animation Clip - Beautiful
An visionary animation with melodious music.

Replay - Amazing Animated Short Film
In a destroyed world, the only glimpse of hope is the memory of a forgotten past.

Hang up and Drive
Do you use phone while driving? watch this video.

Oktapodi (2007) - Oscar 2009 Animated Short Film
Two cute oktapodis helping each other to save their lives.

Hair is Important: A message about hair loss
An educative video conveying A message about hair loss.


  1. That, is an absolutely awesome collection! The idea behind the Oxygen short is just brilliant. I could see that being a big hit at schools. Great work.

  2. Sweet, some of them are in my collection already, I’ll add “Oxygen” too. You should check my website if you want to see more.

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