Dirk Metzmacher December 21st, 2016

Photographs or Paintings? 20 Artworks that look Hyper Realistic

Technical skills at the highest level. You will see no difference to a high-resolution photo, but these are actually hand drawn paintings. Start doubting your eyes!


This amazing art was created by Diego Fazio. His hyperrealistic portraits are often mistaken for black and white photographs. hyperrealistic1 © DiegoKoi

Jelly Beans

Pedro Campos is an incredible Photo realistic painter from Madrid, Spain. hyperrealistic2 © Pedro Campos

BLT Sandwich

Tjalf Sparnaay is a self-taught master of the hyper-realistic art. hyperrealistic3 © Tjalf Sparnaay

Back at the Workshop

South Korean hyper realist artist JW-Jeong. His art has been featured at numerous solo and group art exhibitions. hyperrealistic4 © JW-Jeong

Lexington and 58th

The highest level of expression – that`s what these paintings are all about. hyperrealistic5 © Tom Blackwell

Archimede's turtle

The precision and extreme attention to detail make his paintings incredibly realistic. hyperrealistic6 © Emanuele Dascanio


Eley works and resides in Los Angeles, California. His works of art are outstanding. hyperrealistic7 © Robin Eley

Oil on canvas

Fabiano Millani is an Award winning Artist from São Paulo, Brasil. hyperrealistic8 © Millani

Morgan Freeman

Kyle Lambert is a US-based visual artist, who is known for his striking digital illustration work. hyperrealistic9 © Kyle Lambert

Element No. 24

Ortner's work has appeared in a multiplicity of platforms from solo exhibitions to group exhibitions, competitions, and civic world events. hyperrealistic10 © Ran Ortner


Painting of model Karen created during a portrait workshop. hyperrealistic11 © Dru Blair

Metal City Rising

His site contains paintings, drawings, and photographs. It also contains a page that demonstrates the process by which the paintings are made. hyperrealistic12 © Don Eddy

End of Play / Industrial Nest

Take a look at Juan's unique aesthetic which looks to the female nude as its main subject. hyperrealistic13 © Juan Cossio


Hubert De Lartigue is a French artist who produces photorealistic portraitures. hyperrealistic14 © Hubert de Lartigue

Zit! Throom! Krrakkk! / Something's Going Down In That Museum Right Now

Sharon Moody`s series of photorealistic paintings are awesome. I love her Comic books in oil on panel. hyperrealistic15 © Sharon Moody

Tiled Lunch Counter

Ralph Goings is a realist painter who has exhibited in USA, Europe, and Japan and is represented in museums and private collections. hyperrealistic16 © Ralph Goings


Raphaella Beatrice Spence is a photorealist painter based in Todi. hyperrealistic17 © Raphaella Spence

Red Rover

Chris Lenkinson lives and works in Perth, Scotland. This Oil on Board Firetruck is gorgeous. hyperrealistic18 © Chris Lenkinson

Morning on the Ganges

Charles is painting mostly from his travel photographs. Many of his pieces are examples of "classical realism". hyperrealistic19 © Charles Hartley


Richard Heisler's site featuring the 100 Views of Tokyo series of paintings. hyperrealistic20 © Richard Heisler

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