Noupe Editorial Team January 30th, 2012

Send in the Toons: Collection of Creative Cartoons

For most of us whether it was the Saturday morning programming, the Sunday morning comic strips, more, or all of the above cartoons have been a major part of our adolescent and adult lives. For whatever reason, we seem to be drawn to the often exaggerated drawings of cartoonist’s pens. Be they digital or analog, classic or modern their cartoons call to us. Connect us to other times and places. And of course, they inspire us.

That is what brings us here today. We have sought out a collection of creative cartoons that touch across a range of styles and feels to inspire Noupe’s readers. So whether your tastes tend towards the retro fashions of tooning’s yesteryear, or the more edgey stylings of more modern artists; character studies and creation, or the illustrated landscapes and scenes inspiration awaits.

The Toonage

Greg by Philipp Broemme

Santa Claus, no luck in poker by Max Golubev

Turtle by Nynke Bloembergen

Classical Animation by Ruwan Fernando

Book Cover Illustration by Dan Shefelman

Charming Pirate by Gustavo Rios

Mascot and Character Design by Dirceu Veiga

Doctor Foster (Nursery Rhyme) by Vitalij Sidorovic

micro-macro by ed jankovsky

ADVENTURES by jhon tiven

CE Contest II by Rizky widodo

Mallorca’s Youth stands up to the crisis by Victor Dorado Martorell

Digital Works 2012 by DJ Luongo

Sample Works by Robert Cori

THE ENDLESS ONE by Saul Salazar

Cartoon logos by Scott Evans

Angry Sheep Studio by Ann Marshall

mix of ages by KO+KO architects

Ghost in the Machine by Tom Sparke

Staedtler by Daniel Oldenburg

The dog by Wipawee Juntarawong

Boring Europa by Karolina Pyrcik

CARTOONS by Jmenko Musiyenko

Amy by José María Matia

The tree of hapiness by Alejandro Ovalles

MAGGU by Uzair Baig

Let’s Rock by Jira Jiramakorn

Farytale by Aleksandr Kuskov

MEGAMUERTE by felipe Niño

Local DJ In Love by Ashley Fontones


Noupe Editorial Team

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  1. I really like the Classical Animation by Ruwan Fernando, it reminds me of the Nintendo DS game, Professor Layton. There something about cell shaded animations that makes them timeless.

  2. I don’t know, some of these were REALLY ugly…I like the charming pirate best. It has an almost Pixar feel to it…

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