Noupe Editorial Team September 16th, 2010

Splendid Sketches by Andrea Joseph

Noupe Editorial Team

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  1. I had seen some of these before and was wow’d. I am so happy that you’ve given credit to this amazing artist here. Sketch artwork is so rarely this good.

  2. Very nice work, I especially like the sketchbook drawings.
    I do wonder why you call them ‘sketches’ though. Most drawings here are far too beautiful, finished and diverse in style to be called that. Why not ‘drawings’ or ‘illustrations’?
    Not trying to be a party pooper but I find it a common trend that handdrawn (read: non-digital) art these days gets thrown onto this pile called ‘sketches’ and I wonder why that over-simplification exists.

  3. Andrea Joseph is an amazing artist/illustrator. The thing that really makes you go WOW though is the fact that her illustrations are done either using pencil or biro only! Incredible use of such an everyday medium. Hats off to Andrea!

  4. Helllo ! Great website with interessting content ! Maybe you can change a little bit color of the design but it’s actually cool ! I’live in Switzerland and so i dont speak great english so i wish i’m not to too much mistake ! Bye bye and continue like that

  5. This is gorgeous work and definitely a favorite that I will return over and over again just to study the style and technique. When art is simply done it is because of the vast skill of the artist. Superb work!

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