Noupe Editorial Team November 30th, 2011

The Force of Inspiration: The Jedi

As we have done in the past, we have turned our inspirational eye towards a galaxy far, far away to help our readers recover some of their creative juices. Rather than bowing to the dark side, as we did in the last Star Wars related artwork post, this time we are shining our spotlight on those generally battling for good. The Jedi.

So below is a range of artistic styles and mediums that all have been finely tuned towards paying homage to that council of warriors who have given all to wage war against the empire. Through these talented artist’s imaginations so many of this fandom’s greatest heroes have found new form and life. And we hope that you can all find some inspiration in these artist explorations of this expansive sci-fi verse.

The Jedi

jedi by sAUcEbOy

Jedi guardian by adrian911

Star Wars – Revan vs Jedi by MaxMade

Jedi Knight by ivelin

Jedi Sentinal by defcombeta

JEDI by takren

Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano by Master-Cyrus

KoTOR- Draethos Jedi by UdonCrew (Eric Vedder & Kevin Yan)

Revan Jedi Knight by JosephB222

sith and jedi concept by pardoart

Star Wars Jedi – Dark Side 1 by anjum

Jedi Knight Ahsoka by raikoh14

Jedi Twi’lek by seoulmanTED

rhardozed jedi vs sith by rhardo

Jedi Vs Sith: Coruscant by kw3k

Old jedi, Odan Urr by zgul-osr1113

Jedi Master Yoda by Parabuteo78

Jedi consular by neitsabes

Rodian Jedi by 29thsep

Jedi fan art by Jy-Kim

Jedi Aayla by Jakdaw

Togruta Jedi Master by MagicOpal

Duel…kinda by Daennika

Xion Tel, Jedi Master by AdamWithers

SW Gallery: Jedi II by Xennethy

The Dark Jedi by Isriana

Sullustan Jedi by Scarecrovv

Torn Jedi by REBELComx

Jedi Knight of TOR

Fearless by Xennethy

When Worlds Collide

Below we have a handful of examples of what happens when the Star Wars fandom collides with others from around the web. Apparently the Jedi have been recruiting from outside their normal verse. At least that’s how it came across from these artist’s imaginations.

Jedi Pony Commission by ArtNerdEm

Jedi Prince by Jorso

jedi Ivy valentine by Chewyli

Jedi Rarity by johnjoseco

Commission – Jedi TF by MattMoylan


Noupe Editorial Team

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  1. Great artworks. Jedi Pony Commission made me laugh to tears . My co-workers looked at me like i’m crazy :)

  2. Already set Star Wars – Revan vs Jedi by MaxMade as my desktop background. Would love this as an acrylic or wall poster.

  3. Interesting. When I was a kid I used to turned my fantasies to Samurais (I practice Judo since I’m 7 years old, and Haikido since 15 years old, I’m nearly 50 now -time is flying….).
    When I was 14 (hum, hum) the first SW trilogy came to theaters, and we was all AMAZED by the mythology invented there, special effects and the whole stuff (ZZZZ,tshuu, fsiiii, etc.). The only reference, in that time, able to compete was “The Lord of the Ring”. But with the punk thing of that time (77, mohawk haircut tainted blue…), Jedi became a powerful call… and it still a powerful one as it seems. Nice collection. Be the force…

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