Robert Bowen March 27th, 2012

The Notebooks: A Showcase of Moleskine Inspiration

Given that so many web designs begin as sketches in notebooks, we thought that we would turn our inspirational spotlight towards the artwork that not only begins in the pages of a Moleskine, but that live there too. Often the preferred notebook of so many artists and designers alike, Moleskines tend to be found with each page completely filled. There are even occasions when the covers have been stripped and decorated as the pages have left no more room for the creative expressions of the owner.

There are so many amazing artists’ notebooks featured below, their styles and imaginations laid open to the masses. So take a look down through this showcase of Moleskine inspiration and you are sure to come out the other end with creative ideas flowing freely.

The Notebooks

+ The Creation of a Myth Journal + by Achen089

Moleskine – Rilke by machakhvost

Moleskine Upload 1 by Tikwid

The Nurse close up by NekroEngel

Moleskine by TheDeepSeaGirl

Steady Now by mel-face

Open Hearts Freer Minds by MelissaPolkey

Snowboard by AlbertoCN

Don’t make people into heroes by minnamr

Alpha by Rocktuete

Koi by MissKetie

The Hand of Marie Antoinette by NekroEngel

Metal workers of the world unite by MattiasA

Breathe Again by Fiction69

Self Portrait by mel-face

And that moment was all that is by Raimlla

Freedom by sofirezende

moleskine no.022320122 by yagey

Hectic days for Lion labs by MattiasA

Moleskine page13 by machakhvost

Moleskine 2012 by GatoCasero

Moleskine 022 by LiusyFromDreamBox

sketch book 7 (snow white’s run) by Odistrait

Moleskine paris renard by griffeur

Daily comic #3 by jgurley

peacock dream by faith303

Marriage Made In Heaven by revcruz

pretty lady by thelifeofmax

The girl on the flower by Feierka

All I Need by MelissaPolkey

Just a doodle by sahdesign

Ellismuir Farm by salemskye

Blasphemy by mackk1

study no. 5 by faith303

the queen of the sea moleskine by EinyLune

Picarella and the Wishing Well by rohwer

10024 by ooroo

the Soane museum by MattiasA

moleskine abstract by catherinetseng

The Goggle Vendors of Derk’et Alley by zypherax


Robert Bowen

Robert Bowen is an emerging author, celebrated podcaster and poet, and most recently the co-founder and imaginative co-contributor of the creative design and blogging duo at the Arbenting and Dead Wings Designs.


  1. love this post. I just did a post of sketching, and seem to be obsessed with Moleskine… so this was perfect!

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