Tara Hornor May 23rd, 2013

To Eat With Your Eyes: 40+ Delicious Food Typography Designs

Delicatessen and fabulous fonts are two sources of inspiration for me, and when they are combined, even better! In fact, it’s really very clever to create beautiful typographical designs with food. Designers then have the chance to trigger cravings with the food, which viewers then associate with the typography. Of course, most food typography is purely for artistic purposes, but every once in a while you may come across a title font that would be perfect for that restaurant website you are building. At the very least, the following collection of food typography designs will give you some great inspiration, whether your project is a cooking contest or the creation of a new font.

The designs below include typography created by actual food, while others are digital creations. Still others used a combination of food amongst other supplies. A few are actual fonts that you can purchase – fonts that the designer created with real food and photographs! Visit the designer’s page to see more of their work or to purchase a font. Then be sure to let us know in the comments below which are your favorites!

Banana Drawings by Mat Dolphin

Edible Poster by Anna Garforth

Feast by Anna Garforth

Gusto Food Typography by Tactile Typography

Sweet Amper by no-preview

Avant-Sugarde Experimental Typography by Samuel Mensah-Bonsu

Egg Typography by Stephanie Halem

Banana Alphabet by bec66ky

Rice Crackers ABC by F1yMordecai

Good Morning by julia

Dinner Bells by my-name-is-annie

Sweet 3D Type Experiment by dhosford

Horror Monday by Crystal “Tittel” Boomgaart

Blue Cupcakes by eckabeck

The Gunstringer by eckabeck

Specialty Maraca Cookies by eckabeck

Gothic Typeface Made Out of Bacon Strips by Henry Hargreaves

Gingerbread Typography by Iwona Przybyla

Pringles Galaxy by Chris LaBrooy

Ice Cream Promotion by Zooinstanbul

AIGA Poster Series by Kittaya Treseangrat

Shakespeare at Pratt by Megan Pierce

Gourmet by Lisa Nemetz

Fast Cooked Poster by Alexander Eliseev

West Coast Cook Book by Lauren Hom

The Little Chef’s Guide to the Alphabet by Anthony Elder

Mustard Font by TypeDips

Gateau by Willa Allen

Maxima Calendar Cover by Ignas Kozlovas

Font with Pancakes by Sara Sun

IL – The Food Fiction Issue by Happycentro/ Francesco Franchi


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