Nataly Birch November 4th, 2014

World of Design No. 2: New Zealand

We are accustomed to believe that web design trends as well as their ardent supporters and followers tend to accumulate in the northern hemisphere: Europe, UK, America traditionally are the center of all that is happening. But what about others, extremely remote, pristine, almost unspoiled parts of the world, such as New Zealand. Is it an active and equal participant of the mainstreams? As it turns out, yes it is. In the days of high technology in the Internet era, the geographical location has lost its relevance, allowing to bridge the gap between semi spheres and unite everyone in one virtual space.


Today we examine the current state of website design in the island that as Wiki claims out, was one of the last lands that were settled by humans. However this fact did not manage to make it odd one out in this area. The creative digital agencies over there are fully aware of current trends. They not only stick to modern directions such flat style but also employ artistic solutions such as digital scrapbooking, parallax effects, slide out menus, mind-blowing illustrations and much more.

Website Design


Creator: LittleGiant

Oakhampton Build Ltd

Creator: LittleGiant

Custom Boat Builders

custom boat builders
Creator: LittleGiant

The Locals

the locals
Creator: LittleGiant

The Beer Festival

beer festival
Creator: LittleGiant


Creator: Resn

EA Sports Life Size Messi

ea sports
Creator: Resn

Cheetos – Project TP

Creator: Resn

Adidas Originals

adidas website
Creator: Resn

Home Decorator

home decorator
Creator: Resn


Creator: Gladeye

Pure Journeys

pure journeys
Creator: Gladeye


Creator: hairyLemon

NZ Icefest

Creator: hairyLemon

HeyDay Digital Agency

Creator: HeyDay Digital Agency

Graphic Design

Magnifique – Typeface

magnifique type
Creator: TDF

Remix Magazine / Illustrations

remix magazine
Creator: Jeremy Kyle

Automatic Records Brand Refresh

brand identity
Creator: Alex Townsend

Letters can kill

killing typography
Creator: Lightfarm Studios

F W B Co.

fwb co
Creator: Mary Faber

Kingaroy Gold

kingaroy gold
Creator: Monique Pilley

Cosmic Tiger

cosmic tiger
Creator: Tony Graystone

Michaels Guide To Life

michaels guid to life
Creator: Michael Pharaoh

REGOLO Typeface

regolo typeface
Creator: Rocco Barbaro and TDF

StopStart – Campaign

Creator: Isaac Minogue

World of Design: ….

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  1. I love getting design inspiration from other parts of the world. New Zealand has some great stuff. Thanks for finding and sharing.

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