Nataly Birch September 22nd, 2014

World of Design No. 1: Ukraine

From Sevastopol to Kiev, from Lviv to Donetsk - the Ukraine is a huge country with a long, rich history as well as dramatic landscapes and seascapes. Under its wings live various ethnic groups with a wide and diverse cultural background. The Ukraine or better the Ukrainians definitely have something to show off. It is a motherland of splendid embroidery, lavish traditional costumes, and highly decorative arts and crafts. It is no wonder that it is the home of a great deal of virtuosos who not only are engaged in traditional types of art but also in modern ones including website design, mobile app design, typeface design and others. Sharing common roots with both Eastern European and Western European civilizations, its cultural heritage is a unique blend that bears remarkable and exceptional elements that couldn't but help to encourage talented folks on eloquently expressing themselves through creating projects that can be hailed as real masterpieces. Ukrainian designers and agencies are active participants of different trendy mainstreams. They work inside the world arena and compete with others on high levels, making their own incomparable contribution as well as blessing the web with matchless high-end projects. Today we are going to shed some light on several Ukraine-based and really talented individuals as well as creative companies that have already managed to leave their mark.

Website and Mobile App Designs


vkraina Creator: GRAPE.

Google Glass

google-glass Creator: ELEKS, Ltd.

Digital Production Portfolio

agl Creator: Denis Kucevalov.

Portfolio of Roman Kirichik

portfolio-of-roman-kirichik Creator: Roman Kirichik.

Speed Motion

speed-motion Creator: Aleksandr Romanukha.


yep-app Creator: Keepa.


polecat Creator: Polecat and Keepa.

HPPR Agency

hppr Creator: CB T .

Xbox Live Points

xbox-live-points Creator: Aleksandr Romaniukha.


richdreamtrip Creator: Yuri Lence.

Sponge Digital & Design

sponge Creator: Sponge.


w3 Creator:

Fresh Design Studio

fresh-design Creator: Aliona Voitenko, Popova Aleksandra and Kandalova Olga.


kresko Creator: Territory.


vgnc Creator: VGNC.

Concept address book in iOS 8

address-book Creator: Ron Evgeniy.

Tap to Tell

tubik-manufactory Creator: Ludmila ShevchenkoTubik ManufactorySergey Valiukh

Overcolor Pro app

overcolor-pro Creator: Irene Shkarovska

iPhone 6 Free PSD

iphone6 Creator: Vladislav Litvin.

Talented Artists of Other Design Spheres

A Book About Tomorrow

book-about-tomorrow Creator: Sevilya Ibrahim.


lights Creator: Vasya Kolotusha.

Emotive Portraits

emotive-portraits Creator: Oleg Oprisco

Carpathian Alcohol Collection

packaging-design Creator: Yaroslav Shkriblyak

Sevastopol Military Tattoo

military-tattoo Creator: Anton Yermolov.


pulpy Creator: uDAV Dmitriy_AksonovArtem KASPositive PicturesAleksandr Zhadan.

Three Hops

3-hoops Creator: Aleksandr Kuskov


eraser Creator: Dima TsapkoRoman DavydyukTough Slate Design.

White Stripes UI Kit - Free PSD

white-stripes Creator: Heyllow Lab

Cafe-bakery "Galician Strudel"

cafe-bakery Creator: Olena Fedorova.

New Year Postcard — Make it a Happy Year

new-year-post-card Creator: Olga Protasova.

World of Design, the World Series starts today

"World of Design" is a new series here at Noupe Design Magazine. We are going to look at the state of design in various countries. Even though design is a global language, not all designs are created equal. The idea to this series came up when we saw the results of the "Make Me Beautiful" challenge. There is a lot of variation in this world and we are going to point that out. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.


Nataly Birch

Nataly is an internet entrepreneur and an amateur web designer and developer from Sevastopol, Ukraine. She is running a blog for web designers and developers where you can find some inspirational and useful stuff. In her spare time she reads books, unveils the secrets of the world and plays volleyball. Visit her blog or follow her on twitter


  1. That is the beauty of the web, as long as you have a computer talent can be grown anywhere. There are some very talented developers and designers from countries not in the spot light.

    1. the author of the article is from Sevastopol. She knows better.Donetsk is obviously a part of Ukraine, unless you live in Rasia, black is white in Rasia

  2. “The Ukraine is a huge country with a long, rich history” – technically Ukraine’s history (as an independent country) is just under 100 years long.

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