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Action-packed: 40 After Effects Tutorials for Beginners and Pros

After Effects, Adobe's tool for Hollywood-esque special effects, comes with that familiar Photoshop look, but is supercharged with a timeline and animation capabilities. Even 3D objects can be imported. All in all this gives us enough options to create stunning composings for movies and TV. Delve right in with these 40 After Effects tutorials for video editors and effects specialists. Even as a pro you'll learn something new from the following list. Ambitioned beginners should be able to follow, too. See for yourself...

Solar Atmosphere

Created by: videocopilot.net aftereffects1
© videocopilot.net

Missile Launch

Created by: videocopilot.net aftereffects2
© videocopilot.net

Tuts+ Hollywood Movie Title Series: Real Steel

Created by: Antonio Cerri aftereffects3
© Antonio Cerri

Bottledship: Hit Or Miss, Hypno Pre-Compulator Still Wins Part 1

Created by: Ran Ben Avraham aftereffects4
© Ran Ben Avraham

3D Replicator

Created by: videocopilot.net aftereffects5
© videocopilot.net

The Naked Truth About 3D Rotations

Created by: Bartek Skorupa aftereffects6
© Bartek Skorupa

Animating a Still

Created by: videocopilot.net aftereffects7
© videocopilot.net

How To Create And Rig A Realistic Puppet Overview

Created by: Adam Everett Miller aftereffects8
© Adam Everett Miller

After Effects Tutorial: Pixel-Perfect Camera Move Transitions

Created by: greyscalegorilla.com aftereffects9
© greyscalegorilla.com

The Portal

Created by: videocopilot.net aftereffects10
© videocopilot.net

Create an Elegantly Handwritten Text Reveal

Created by: Jurrien Boogert aftereffects11
© Jurrien Boogert

Biohazard Logo

Created by: videocopilot.net aftereffects12
© videocopilot.net

Cinema 4D to After Effects Tutorial: Plasma TV

Created by: Nick Campbell aftereffects13
© Nick Campbell

Put Together a Realistic District 9 Composite

Created by: Youssef Sarhan aftereffects14
© Youssef Sarhan

Add a Light Wrap to Keyed Footage in After Effects

Created by: creativebloq.com aftereffects15
© creativebloq.com

Create a Highly Detailed Digital Terrain Scan

Created by: Ran Ben Avraham aftereffects16
© Ran Ben Avraham

Flight Control

Created by: videocopilot.net aftereffects17
© videocopilot.net

Tutorial: UFO Trolling

Created by: Quba Michalski aftereffects18
© Quba Michalski

Get Blown Away With an Explosive Corridor Blast

Created by: Oliver Koch aftereffects19
© Oliver Koch

Animate Characters Into Real-world Scenes

Created by: creativebloq.com aftereffects20
© creativebloq.com

3D Truck Composite

Created by: videocopilot.net aftereffects21
© videocopilot.net

Smokey Type Effect in After Effects

Created by: steve holmes aftereffects22
© steve holmes

Leap Into Hancock-Style Super Jump Effect

Created by: Wren Weichman aftereffects23
© Wren Weichman

Simulated Scopes

Created by: videocopilot.net aftereffects24
© videocopilot.net

Shine Some Light on the Situation

Created by: Marc R Leonard aftereffects25
© Marc R Leonard

Depth Charge

Created by: videocopilot.net aftereffects26
© videocopilot.net

Epic Shatter

Created by: videocopilot.net aftereffects27
© videocopilot.net

Animating Spray Paint and Stencil Effect in After Effects

Created by: Haley aftereffects28
© Haley

Create a Sci-Fi Movie Title Sequence

Created by: Michael Park aftereffects29
© Michael Park

Sub Surface Skin

Created by: videocopilot.net aftereffects30
© videocopilot.net

Typewriter Keys Logo

Created by: videocopilot.net aftereffects31
© videocopilot.net

Create a MoGraph Urban Jungle - Day 1

Created by: Naim Alwan aftereffects32
© Naim Alwan

How to Make an Animated Title Sequence in Cinema 4D and After Effects

Created by: Nick Campbell aftereffects33
© Nick Campbell

Set Up a Wide Angle Point of View Mirror Effect

Created by: Michal Fibek aftereffects34
© Michal Fibek

Galactic Orb

Created by: videocopilot.net aftereffects35b
© videocopilot.net

Make a Beautiful Bubbling Particle Reveal

Created by: Dave Morrow aftereffects36
© Dave Morrow

Create Dripping Metal Sparks in After Effects CS6

Created by: Christopher Kenworthy aftereffects37
© Christopher Kenworthy

Compositing a Reaper Drone in After Effects and Cinema 4D

Created by: Jesse Snyder aftereffects38b
© Jesse Snyder

Glass Orbs

Created by: videocopilot.net aftereffects39
© videocopilot.net

Smoke Trails

Created by: videocopilot.net aftereffects40
© videocopilot.net

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