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Bon Appetit: Beautiful Premium WordPress Theme for Restaurants and Cafés

It's nothing new. Companies benefit from the web. Still not all make use of it. There are whole industries underrepresented; even after 25 years of website development. The food service industry is such an underrepresented niche. Before you disagree, you're right, there are loads of websites with food-related content out there. But look around you. How many potential website owners are there directly within your reach. You'd probably be surprised how many of these don't run a proper website. So why not acquire these small businesses systematically? All you need is a fast and reliable way to create a web presence that suits their needs. As small businesses tend to have small cash, you will not be able to call the whole plethora of front-end wizardry. Instead, consider choosing a dedicated theme designed to handle all the needs of the gastronomy. Bon Appetit by StylemixThemes is one such theme, available at Themeforest for small money - the perfect foundation for food services and you...


The Tasty Offers of the Bon Appetit Theme


Bon Appetit is a dedicated, responsive theme for restaurants, cafés, bars and other food services. It is available over at Themeforest for a price of 48 USD. There is a Theme Demo, showing impressively how versatile websites of restaurants can look. These are the features of Bon Appetit:

  • online reservations via a dedicated module
  • based on HTML5 and CSS3
  • browser compatibilty: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE9+
  • multiple options for the WordPress Customizer
  • includes the Revolution Premium Slider
  • full responsiveness due to the use of Bootstrap
  • parallax and video backgrounds possible
  • support for all the Google Fonts
  • Visual Composer Pagebuilder with premium enhancements
  • 24/5 professional support
  • elaborate documentation available
  • frequent updates to keep the theme on par with WordPress
  • FontAwesome included
  • media embedding easily possible
  • 4 different color schemes
  • navigation menus can be customized
  • international localization via WPML Plugin

Essential Links

Starter Videos

Installation and Import of Demo Content Design the Landing Page Using the Visual Composer Plugin - Part 1 Design the Landing Page Using the Visual Composer Plugin - Part 2 Design the Landing Page Using the Visual Composer Plugin - Part 3

Bon Appetit Theme - Installation

Once the theme package hit your local drive, you'll want to unzip it. Once unzipped you'll find another archive named This archive contains the theme itself, accompanied by a Photoshop PSD, documentation for theme and slider as well as an XML file with the demo content. Make sure to install the needed plugins once you've finished the installation of the theme itself. This can easily be done visiting "Design => Install Plugins".


Does the overall structure of the demo installation appeal to you, there is a faster way to get going. Simply visit "Design => Demo Import" and import the structure of the demo site, too. Be aware that pictures are not imported, due to licensing reasons. In your test environment, you should always do that demo import as the demo shows you what all is achievable.

Be careful, however: Already existing content will be relentlessly overwritten with the demo content. Always use a local installation with Mamp or Xampp to test-drive everything.

Visual Composer

Bon Appetit contains the Premium Plugin "Visual Composer". The Composer lets you create pages and design them to your liking. After installation, the plugin is limited to pages. If you want to, you can change this setting to enable the editing of posts also. For the main purpose of Bon Appetit, pages should be the right choice, however.


Clicking the Plus button opens a modal with the complete set of features available to be added to a page.


In addition to the generous set of standard features, you'll receive the premium enhancement Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer also. With the theme's 15 already available shortcodes, this adds up to more than 90 possibilities to individualize your website.

Create a New Dish

Products in Bon Appetit are called "Dishes". It's perfectly easy to create a new dish and attach tags and categories to it.


Online Reservations


Making a reservation is this theme's call to action, and it couldn't be executed much better. Reserving your table online is as simple as possible, using a date and time picker. The feature is based on Contact Form 7, which is able to offer much more than just a simple contact form.

The Presentation of the Menus

Talking of menus, not the navigational kind but the real ones, Bon Appetit has six variants to offer. Each of these variants is designed to immediately convince the visitor to have come to the right place. Online reservations are just a click away. I cannot determine which one I like most. See for yourself...

1. Menu Anchor List


2. Menu Tiles


3. Menu Grids


4. Menu Large


5. Menu Columns


6. Menu Tabs


Contact Form

Contact pages are more often than not the most boring parts of any website. Bon Appetit comes with an entirely customized Google Map. The only downside is that this beautifully integrated map does not allow zooming. Well, we all need room to improve, don't we?!



The Bon Appetit Premium WordPress Theme is hands down one of the most beautiful themes for the gastronomy that we ever saw. Its design possibilities are next to endless. The Visual Composer Pagebuilder doesn't do anything to limit your creative mind. New pages are created via drag and drop, more than 90 shortcodes allow you to fine-tune the details. Four pre-defined color schemes are the perfect preset to get you going quickly. You should definitely check it out.

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  1. It is getting scary how good some of the free wordpress themes are getting. As a front end creative designer, I’m finding that I’m adapting the way I design to almost sit within the confines of the some of the templates now doing the rounds. A lot of lower end clients don’t want to pay for development time so I’m forced to work within the pre-developed templates. It’s a different challenge and not one I would have readily opted for. However, I’m starting to find a way to become creative within the confines of a mobile optimised wordpress template.

  2. This premium theme for Restaurants is full of features and i am glad after finding it here. Thanks.

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