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Qards for WordPress: You, the Visual Storyteller

Every book should have a beautiful online presentation. The rationale is simple, good esthetics means increased conversions. It might also mean social media traffic since well-designed websites are shared. There are quite a few ways to craft book presentations. Today we want to introduce you to Qards – an intuitive user-friendly visual editor for WordPress. Qards wants to help you become a visual storyteller.

Increase Conversions and Shares by Presenting Books with Qards

Thanks to its pre-designed cards (blocks), this WordPress tool will let you build modern websites fast. Before we show you how to build a book presentation with Qards, let’s overview its core features and advantages:
  • Easy to install in WordPress;
  • Ready to use by people with limited or no technical skills thanks to its Drag and Drop Builder;
  • Clean and friendly interface and highly optimized for performance;
  • The ability to choose from many pre-design cards or blocks (Text, Grid, Cover, Feature, Menu, Footer etc. and mix them;
  • Drag and drop images and easily change their color, position and many more;
  • Quickly add video backgrounds and choose their starting as well as ending point;
  • Compatible with major cache plugins such as W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache or Quick Cache.
  • Typekit integration will allow you to rapidly choose the best font for your project, including Google Fonts.
  • Compatible with major SEO plugins

Creating a Book Presentation is Easy

You don’t have to know how to code, but knowing some CSS is always helpful. At first, you get a blank canvas, but once you enter the drag and drop menu, multiple possible designs appear. You will have to select each section of the site and add it to the canvas. We’ll start with the cover and add a big image to it. The cover image comes in various styles, but we choose the one that you see below. Alternatively, you can add a video there. Big background videos are the latest trend, so why not use them if visitors are keen on seeing them? Check out the video below: After adding an image or a video to the cover section, let’s add some text. After all, your book needs a small description. All we have to do to achieve this is drag and drop or simply click one of the section designs that Qards has pre-built. After we’ve modified the text and added our own to create a description for our book, it’s time we put another image into our presentation. Making a visual presentation will increase your chances of visitors buying the book, so why not take advantage of that. A good idea is to put the image of the book and a descriptive text next to it, but since in this case, we’re showcasing the Lord of the Rings Books Collection, we’re going to show an image of the inscription that we have on the ring. To do that, as before, just select it from the menu. Adding a short description to that image is a good idea because it might pique the page visitors. Let’s do that by just clicking on the default text and copy pasting or writing our own. Here’s how this section will look: Everything is straightforward. You’ve probably noticed how many images we’ve used in this presentation. To see a complete overview of the way to use images in Qards, check out the following video. Next, you can add a bunch of features to match your needs. Click on the + symbol (left-corner) and choose the grid of your choice for your objectives. You can duplicate one or more sections and start editing. Explore the numerous features Qards holds in store for you. There’s no trustworthy book presentation without some reviews. You can add them by following the same steps. Just choose a suitable option from the Text section. That's that for our small introduction! Now you have a clean and modern design for your book presentation that takes advantage of the latest web design trends. Check out the final result below. Your book presentation may not look like the one that we’ve made. You have a lot of creative elements to use. Use them as you see fit.


Qards provides a solid feature set to build a beautiful visual presentation in a simple way. You just need to get creative right away and start crafting your digital stories. Instead of hand-coding all those elements, continuously reinventing the wheel, why not create a beautiful and modern presentation for a book with a WordPress plugin like Qards? You should definitely give it a try. (dpe)

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