Oct 05 2008

15 High Quality Premium-Like Free WordPress Themes


Everyday we see many beautiful WordPress themes, many are good and only a little are just one of a kind. The choice is big enough, but the search is worth it. Today we present only 15 Free Premium-like WordPress Themes that are truly impressive and you might be willing to use for your next project, which have been released over the last few months.

1. Agregado Lifestream

A free professional WordPress-theme created by Darren Hoyt and Matt Dawson. The theme features a built-in lifestream module and contact form with custom control panel options. Features include: Lifestream module with carousel, Custom archives page, Animated js dropdown menus, Built-in drop caps for lead paragraphs and much more…

  • Demo can be viewed here
  • Download from here

2. Guzel

This is a 2-column layout with a nice header at the top displaying the latest posts and comments there. Features include: integration with Flickr account, inbuilt RSS and other social bookmarks like Digg, del.icio.us and stumble upon.

  • Demo can be viewed here
  • Download from here

3. Simple Balance 2.0

Simple Balance 2.0 – a free, simple WordPress theme with enough options to make it “premium-like”. This amazing theme offers many options to adjust through the theme’s Control Panel. This is a Widget-ready, customize banners setting and more…

  • Demo can be viewed here
  • Download from here

4. Infinity

Free WordPress theme- Premium like theme

The theme has 3 fixed columns, Thumbnail covers style, Flickr, Delicious and Twitter integration as well as an attractive visual design. The theme was designed by Zhang Yichi, the creative mind behind Vikiworks Studio from Shanghai, China.

  • Free and without any restrictions
  • Download from here

5. Outdoorsy

If you are looking for a unique theme that is quite graphics heavy then this one is for you. The background images are chosen carfully to give that paper look look and feel, so backgrounds are vital for the uniqueness of the theme. The theme is fully widgetized and easy to install.

  • Demo can be viewed here
  • Download from here


This is a grid based design and layout, built on the popular 960.gs css framework. Features include: Widgetized sidebar with styling for all default WordPress widgets, theme options page for inserting and position a logo. Page Templates include Archives and Sitemap.

  • Demo can be viewed here
  • Download from here

7. SubtlyMade

This is a 2-column layout with a nice header at the top displaying the latest posts and comments there. Features include: integration with Flickr account, inbuilt RSS and other social bookmarks like Digg, del.icio.us and stumble upon.

  • Demo can be viewed here
  • Download from here

8. WP Coda

Created by modifying several already-existing code snippets and implemented it to a nice layout to mimic the functionality of the Coda website. Every aspect of the Coda website was duplicated and this theme works in every major browser. Code snippets used are: Coda Slider Effect, Coda Popup Bubbles, FancyBox and CSS Image PreLoader.

  • Free and without any restrictions
  • Download from here

9. True Elegance

True Elegance is a 3-column wordpress theme with fully widgetized sidebars. The theme also features recent activity in a visually appealing panel on top which can be controlled via AdminCP. With a clean, well commented code.

  • Demo can be viewed here
  • Download from here

10. Massivepress

An impressive theme created by WP Elements. Massivepress is 3-column widget enabled WordPress theme featuring a thumbnail based posting style which gives you the ability to get more content in front of your users in a way that is clean and organized. Features include: Featured Articles, 3 unique sidbars that can be configured individually including the “Index Sidebar”, “Post Sidebar” and “Page Sidebar”.

  • Demo can be viewed here
  • Download from here

11. Purple Fever

A fresh 2-column styled premium WordPress theme that is now FREE. Features includes: Widget Ready, Monetization Optimized through google adsense or affiliate revenue, featured post at the top, tabbed interface at the right column, highlighted posts and more.

  • Demo can be viewed here
  • Download from here

12. Modicus Remix

This is a minimalist WordPress Theme based on Upstart Blogger’s WordPress theme “Modicus “. Thus aptly titled “Modicus Remix”. This is a 2-column layout design and if you want to use the 3-
column layout you should try the original one.

  • Free
  • Download from here

13. Crybook

CryBook is a 3 Column simple theme base on Facebook. Featured include: 2 widget-ready sidebar, live theme swistcher and Custom Admin Panel. It’s compatible with up to WordPress 2.6.2 and has been tested with in Firefox3, Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Opera, and Safari.

  • Demo can be viewed here
  • Download from here

14. WP NewsMag

This is a Hybrid blog/portfolio/photo/magazine style theme. Features includes: Widgeti ready with five custom sidebars, 5 different front page category loops, Slider function for bottombar and featured articles, Three level CSS/JS dropdown menu and Utilization of Custom Fields for neat image display on the front page.

  • Demo can be viewed here
  • Download from here

15. Simply Ornate

“Simply Ornate” ia a free theme that focuses on typography and patterns and comes in 5 flavours. Features include: a prototype-based tab effect to browse latest posts, comments and tags. The front page is set up to show excerpts of your 4 latest posts, and also includes a mini-nav in the upper right side to allow for page navigating.

  • Demo can be viewed here
  • Download from here
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Comments and Discussions
  • Danh ba web 2.0, 05 October 2008

    Wonderful list ! Thanks you very much

    • Website Design, 10 May 2010

      Infinity template is top notch… liking the transparencies

      • Eric, 09 June 2010

        Hello all,

        Where should I load the zipfile of the theme I want to display on my site and where/how do I link it?

        Thank you


      • Deepak, 04 April 2011

        Hey Eric, You just got to upload the root folder of the theme you want to use into the /wordpress_root/wp-content/themes/ folder.
        Then just login to your wordpress admin and activate the theme by going to the themes menu on the left of the menu side bar.

        Hope it helps.



  • Darren Hoyt, 05 October 2008

    Thanks for the mention of Agregado, and a belated ‘great job’ on the Noupe.com redesign. I do so much reading via RSS readers, I always neglect to notice design changes.

    • ilunla, 01 October 2010

      thank for great themes. :D

  • insic, 05 October 2008

    wow! this themes rocks. i love it.

  • Pavan Kumar, 05 October 2008

    The magazine theme really looks great, but they need much more work out behind the screens… Apart from that , I liked Massive Press


  • Ahmad, 05 October 2008

    So many hours were invested in the Guzel magazine and its control panel. Thanks for featuring it..really appreciated. Good luck :)

  • ilyas TEKER, 05 October 2008


    thanks for sharing :)

  • MaNshY, 06 October 2008

    thanx, I like Guzel.
    I saw it before but i like it any way :D


  • slee, 06 October 2008

    The themese look very nice but i wonder how they are for the user when trying to use them on a site?

    What i have found is that many themes look very nice but when a user who is not totally web savvy tries to use them they are very hard for them to use.

  • Nathan Beck, 06 October 2008

    Yeh they are great themes. It’s funny to look back at the tremendously boring stock themes you could only pick up a few years ago. But with WordPress’ master success, everyone and his dog is out making themes!

  • freshness, 06 October 2008

    the first one is impressive. nice job!

  • Patricia Skinner, 06 October 2008

    Truly lovely designs. I need to start a new blog just to use one! lol

  • Fat Man, 06 October 2008

    These are truly some great themes and I have seen many more that people are selling that can’t even touch these.

    You can easily surmise that the designers enjoyed the creation of these themes by the artistic depth that was utilized.

    I plan on making more sites in the future and I will be using at least one of these themes if not more.

  • letrodectus, 06 October 2008

    so many great themes! thanks for sharing

  • Awesome list. The problem is not being able to manage enough sites to use them all!!

  • Matt Chandler, 06 October 2008

    what a great list of themes. Please keep this type of information up. I really like it.

  • Joe, 06 October 2008

    You really think these are good enough to be considered premium? Wow.

  • Bill, 06 October 2008

    Awesome list, I just posted up a new free WordPress theme here:


  • Bajun, 06 October 2008

    Great themes! Thanks for sharing!

  • Blograzy, 06 October 2008

    Brilliant. I have never seen these templates even after a lot of searching one for my own. Mine is chosen now thanks. :)

  • Beecher Bowers, 06 October 2008

    Great list of themes. Thanks!

  • Alex (Blogsessive), 06 October 2008

    Thanks for listing Blogsessive’s theme, Simple Balance 2.0, along with such wonderful WP themes.

  • Jane, 06 October 2008

    I’ve been looking for a great template for my blog, I think the NewsMag is going to be it! Thank you so much for a very useful article!

  • boogiesbc, 06 October 2008

    saved us all some time and cash with this list. thanks.

  • Alex, 06 October 2008

    Thanks for the awesome post. Congrats for getting on the top of Digg.

    Oh and BTW you have just helped me find the next theme for my blog. Many thanks.

  • Arjen, 06 October 2008

    Great list of beautiful themes! Thanks for sharing!

  • veresh, 06 October 2008

    Nice collection .. guzel is my favorite.

  • loveprone, 06 October 2008

    A good collection of WordPress themes.

    The INFINITY one seems to have some coding error related to FLICKR integration.

    Thank you for sorting these good themes.

    enjoy :)

  • EmmaB, 06 October 2008

    I really like All these themes, especially SubtlyMade, True Elegance and Coda. I am currently using MassivePress for one of my blogs and it works great

  • Skracanie linków, 06 October 2008

    Not bad but “hight quality premium” is an exaggeration.

  • I AM ACTIVER, 06 October 2008

    o nice ones, dear. they all look beautifull and popular..

    i loved to comipile them .. they are all in my list toooo ..

  • Honour Chick, 06 October 2008

    wow, excellent collection

  • jim callender, 06 October 2008

    very nice collection, bookmarked – may come in useful one day!

  • DKumar M., 06 October 2008

    I saw them around here and there, But it nice to keep a list on one place.

    Nice Assembling.

  • blogsarticle, 06 October 2008

    It’s nice I like it!

  • Gis, 06 October 2008

    Thaaaaaaanks for a wonderful post sweetie :D I think I’ll shae the link to it with my readers!

  • Zhu, 06 October 2008

    See, one thing I really appreciate in your blog, is that when you post series like this one, I don’t have the “seen before” feeling.

    Love ya for that! :-)

    I’m always interested in new themes (inspiration and just curiosity!) and I am going to check out the demo of half of the ones your posted.

    By the way, have you heard of the Option Theme? It’s the free theme I used, by Justin Tadlock. I love it ;-)

  • Susan, 06 October 2008

    Wow, there are quite a few on here that I haven’t seen before.

  • Ricardo, 07 October 2008

    great themes tnks

  • Armen, 07 October 2008

    To be honest, a lot of these are actually better than many of the ‘premium’ themes on offer.

    Nice collection!

  • CRF Design, 07 October 2008

    This is an awesome collection! Thanks!

  • Christopher Ross, 07 October 2008

    Simple Balance 2.0 is one of my favorite WordPress themes, but that said your whole list is great.

  • BLQ Blogger, 07 October 2008

    What a beautiful collection, thanks a lot :)

  • Amit, 07 October 2008

    Wow that is really an awesome collection. I personally love Outdoorsy and Simple Balance theme from the list.

    Thanks a lot :)

  • Rhett Soveran, 07 October 2008

    Prior to seeing this post, I thought I knew about all the great themes out there. But I haven’t seen at least half of these themes before. Thanks for enlightening me and reminding me that I don’t always know everything ;)

  • whlooi, 07 October 2008

    Thanks for putting this wonderful list! I like most of them. ^3^

  • NaldzGraphics, 07 October 2008

    great list.thanks for sharing

  • zoel, 07 October 2008

    wow! amazing!

  • Jetrois, 07 October 2008

    this is the best man!

  • rozy, 07 October 2008

    i like infinity theme

  • Sakib, 09 October 2008

    awesome list. I like it.

  • Muhibbullah shiddique, 12 October 2008

    Thank you for putting susch kind of beautiful theam.observing all I think you are really an wise person

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  • pisake, 14 October 2008

    really great collection ! thanks

  • web, 14 October 2008

    Nice find! The Massive Press one looks kinda cool. in my opinion ,the Crybook will be perfect for a FB related site but not for other niches.

  • Nalivaeff, 16 October 2008

    Big Thanks! I’m find cool theme here!

  • Kris, 17 October 2008

    Very nice list :)
    These are some very attractive free themes.

  • Bolsa de empleo freelance, 19 October 2008

    Thank’s mate, this is just perfect to change a bit the look of my blog!.

  • Anggi, 20 October 2008

    amazing themes, i will try it some for our site

  • Icon, 21 October 2008

    Wow, great collection! I should try one to refresh my blog.

  • aman, 22 October 2008

    5. Outdoorsy theme is looking so beautiful .I want to use this theme in my free wordpress blog “arunword.wordpress.com”. Is it posible that you include in wordpress free template list.

  • film izle, 27 October 2008


  • highblood, 27 October 2008

    i might use one of these! thanks for sharing!

  • blogngeblog, 03 November 2008

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  • Salih BiLGiN, 03 November 2008

    Thank you very much. Wonderfuls themes.

  • revenue, 03 November 2008

    wow Wonderful design, thx for sharing this :)

  • Scott Wood, 06 November 2008

    Awesome list.. i especially like number 2 for what im hoping to use it for! :-)

  • Ann, 11 November 2008

    I love the WP Coda. It’s one of the more sophisticated themes Ive seen. For those of you who like the wpcoda, also consider the wordpress slider theme its very nice with sliding header.

  • Mark Russell, 16 November 2008

    Love these designs, I particulary like the creation by infinity! An incredible list :-)

  • DMoghi, 16 November 2008

    Awesome themes! Thanks for sharing!

  • HIROYA, 24 November 2008

    I love your post and your weblog. thank you so much!!

  • vishal, 25 November 2008

    Great work!
    Thanks for sharing

  • thinkflick, 02 December 2008

    Great Collection of wordpress themes. It will help me to improve my wordpress blog

  • Dr Bikash, 08 December 2008

    This is an awesome list.
    Actually I tried a few of them earlier.
    But the problem is it takes a lot of work and I can never get enough sites to apply them.
    I think I need a theme spinner now.
    Well done and keep it up.
    Dr Bikash

  • Budget Web Company, 20 October 2009

    Some of these designs are really nice. Thanks for puting them out there!

  • Arbi, 03 November 2009

    wow..they are very nice T…..thank….

  • destination wedd, 17 November 2009

    Cool templates, Thanks!
    Especially I liked Outdoorsy!
    Very vivid and live!

  • Travis, 17 November 2009

    Great list of themes.


  • aang, 20 December 2009

    nice theme. thank u.

  • tips, 25 December 2009

    Thanks for the template. After long hours of searching for the right template for my blog, I have finally found the best one.

    Again, thank you!

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  • dewapelangi, 10 January 2010

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    I have seen 100 times better designs that too for free

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    thanks a lot friend :)

  • Avi, 24 June 2010

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  • Carol Lamberson, 24 June 2010

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  • bilgi, 27 June 2010

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  • Its Really Nice……………

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  • Dave, 21 October 2010

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  • paris en ligne, 11 December 2010

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