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40 Examples Of Eye Popping Pixel Art

Pixel art was brought to the mainstream with the release of gaming consoles in the early eighties. Those 8-bit graphics we all loved back then often evoke feelings of nostalgia and take us back in time. Nostalgia aside, pixel art is a beautiful art form on its own that many of us have come to love. With so few pixels to work with, pixel artist’s have to make each one count.

Today we present 40 Examples Of Eye Popping Pixel Art from some of the best pixel artists around. Be sure to check out their sites for more of their amazing work.

Beautiful Pixel Art

R Grillotti
Grillotti uses every pixel perfectly in this rendition of The Birth Of Venus.

Another pixel masterpiece from Grillotti’s model series.

I love these large pixel paintings. Each pixel must be place just right to get the desired results.

This piece is full of detail and has great shadowing.

Great lighting and vivid colors make this one a standout.

Autumn Pixels
This stunning beauty shows the artist’s mastery of the pixel art form. It has very smooth form and shading.

It’s almost hard to believe this is pixel art with its soft textures.

This image was created using only eight colors.

This little scene looks like something straight out of the old 16-bit video game days.

This isometric design of Mr. Burns’ casino is complete with a parked limo.

Sven Ruthner
This one reminds me of an Andy Warhol painting with its bright colors and faces.

This piece has awesome character design and charm.

The misty atmosphere and low angle of view make this one great.

This one has an unusual color pallet and lots of attitude.

Paul Robertson
This one has lots of Sega characters and a cool background.

Another piece from Paul full of action.

Army of Trolls
This one’s got everything from Papa Smurf to Mario. Can you spot Link from Zelda?

Rod Hunt
Great concept and use of color.

Another solid concept for Rod. Robots controlling a larger robot from inside.

Derek Yu
This one gives a whole new meaning to gorilla warfare.

A great design of a mechanical monkey.

Flip Flop Flying
The large pixels give this piece an impressionistic feel.

Seven Heavens
This piece takes pixel art into the third dimension. Dig Dug never looked so cool.

Another trip into 3D. This time it’s Galaga.

Eboy is well know for its pixel art and you can see why in this one below.

This awesome little pagoda is full of the Eboy charm.

This piece was for a Coca-Cola advertisement. You can spend a long time exploring all the details.

This isometric design is just awesome. I love the 3D quality it has.

Another great piece from Tim. It’s like a 16-bit Robinson Caruso.

The Blues Brothers look awesome in pixels. The purple highlights make me imagine a nightclub just off to the right.

This fantastic Monkey Island piece has a really cool transition from night to day.

Gunstar Red
This is a mock-up of a video game. Check out the pixel patterns use to make the gradient in the background.

Another great mock-up from Gunstar Red. Great cartoon style.

This isometric building has enough details to keep you looking for quite a while.

The texture and shading on this balloon are just amazing.

Tom Schieter
This piece is loaded with details. Notice the water splashes and little fish.

This wonderful visage looks great with its muted tones.

Awesome character design and excellent textures make this one a favorite.

This one by Fool is simple stunning. The atmosphere, concept, color pallet and details are truly inspiring.

Another great character full of whimsy and charm.


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    1. no. pixel art describe a particular subcategory of digital artwork that focuses on the artist’s complete control of the image at the pixel level, meaning the artist makes conscious decisions about all or most of the pixels on screen, without the aid of automated tools and processes.

      1. He’s right, voxels are literally 3D pixels. It’s a technique with screens that look like the pixels come out of the screen. 3(3 1/2)-dimensional where you don’t need 3D glasses for. This is just isometric block art (still very cool though).

  1. Wow I have never looked so closely at this sort of art, being more interested in photo reality. However a good number of these are truly excellent and all deserve praise and exposure thanks for the share!
    BTW thanks Rob for the URL.

  2. This king of graphic are great I really like, but I think this king of stuff can only be appreciated by graphic or design guys everyone else can say mmm way it look like that jaja anyway I think people that visit this site are conscious enough of these kind of work :)

  3. “This piece is full of detail and has GREAT SHADOWING.”

    I guess the pun was intended, because it was very clever. (For those who don’t know , the illustration is based on the masterpiece videogame “Shadow of the Colossus”.)

  4. If you like Paul Robertson’s pixel art, you should definitely check out his amazing pixel art film, “Kings of Power 4 Billion %”. It’s very gory but the detail is amazing and it’s just incredibly long and complex.

    You can download it for free from his journal:

    1. Agreed – Rod hunt’s is definitely not pixels. A few other look like they might be as well. Just low resolution enlarged? Dunno.

      All great pieces regardless.

  5. Cool examples! I remember there used to be a whole pixel art layout fad a couple years ago when personal blogs were starting to be a trend. Some of them were quite well made.

  6. I’m missing a lot of good pixelartists in this post which is a shame “but obviously you can’t show all of them”.

    Anyways Rod Hunt’s work doesn’t have anything to do with pixelart/voxelart “voxels are 3d pixels”. And “gunstarred” and “armyoftrolls” are the same person.

  7. Amazing! All these are super inspiring. I thought the misty forest one looked really cool when I scrolled down the page– something about how it got bigger really made it look 3D, even though it wasn’t.

  8. Pixel art is still a very active professional/amateur area, since mobile phones and other portable devices still have low resolution and therefore require skillful use of space and memory.

    Check out another example of Pixel Art by Eboy

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