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50 Stunning Typography Wallpapers For Inspiration

By János Rácz

Typography is said to be the backbone of web design, but it’s also considered art all by itself. And, let’s face it, most designers are obsessed with it. No surprise then that in the right hands it can be very powerful. Whether it’s to improve the looks of a website or as a way to express ideas, typography is always there to help you out.

To fully embrace its beauty we brought you some amazing wallpapers from the web about design, ideas, emotions, typefaces and typography itself. We hope they’ll serve you both as a vast source of inspiration and a nice decoration on your desktop as well.

Typography love

I love Typography by Chatan Vekariya

Wallpaper: Chatan Vekariya - I love Typography

Designers love Typography by tom2strobl

Wallpaper: tom2strobl - Designers love Typography

I LOVE TYPO by dzn-citizen

Wallpaper: dzn-citizen - I LOVE TYPO

Typography I LOVE U by askdzigner

Wallpaper: askdzigner - Typography I LOVE U

A bit too much typography

Tired Of Typo Wallpaper by BK1LL3R

Wallpaper: BK1LL3R - Tired Of Typo Wallpaper

blah blah blah in black by lurino

Wallpaper: lurino - blah blah blah in black

Helvetica wallpapers

Helvetica, how I love thee by lauardelean

Wallpaper: lauardelean - Helvetica, how I love thee

Helvetica Wallpaper by Antonio Carusone

Wallpaper: Antonio Carusone - Helvetica Wallpaper

Helvetica with Love by allonlim

Wallpaper: allonlim - Helvetica with Love

Helvetica Wallpaper by HawlendRion

Wallpaper: HawlendRion - Helvetica Wallpaper

Wallpapers centered around a concept

115 words of LIFE by januscastrence

Wallpaper: januscastrence - 115 words of LIFE

.Words of love. wallpaper pack by streamline69

Wallpaper: streamline69 - .Words of love. wallpaper pack

Typography Design by

Wallpaper:  - Typography Design

PEACE wallpaper by punkdbydaniels

Wallpaper: punkdbydaniels - PEACE wallpaper

Typography with a message

Save the Earth. SAVE YOURSELF. by salmanarif

Wallpaper: salmanarif - Save the Earth. SAVE YOURSELF.

I love Typography by Mo Lara

Wallpaper: Mo Lara - I love Typography

Knights of Cydonia by ka-ge

Wallpaper: ka-ge - Knights of Cydonia

Typography Wallpaper by McFaiild

Wallpaper: McFaiild - Typography Wallpaper

I know you by 0leke

Wallpaper: 0leke - I know you

– L I V E – by For-Certain

Wallpaper: For-Certain - - L I V E -

Miscellaneous wallpapers

Wallpaper of the week #32 by Fabien Barral

Wallpaper: Fabien Barral - Wallpaper of the week #32

typography by Hallaserke

Wallpaper: Hallaserke - typography

Typographic Rain by VladStudio

Wallpaper: VladStudio - Typographic Rain

Twitter typographic wallpaper by jez`

Wallpaper: jez` - Twitter typographic wallpaper

– F I X – Y O U – by For-Certain

Wallpaper: For-Certain - - F I X - Y O U -

USAv2 by kreiebaby

Wallpaper: kreiebaby - USAv2

– R E V O L U T I O N – by For-Certain

Wallpaper: For-Certain - - R E V O L U T I O N -

typography flow – threesquare by 3squaredesign

Wallpaper: 3squaredesign - typography flow - threesquare

can you type it? by JohwMatos

Wallpaper: JohwMatos - can you type it?

Shade Designs Wallpaper by ahmad0410

Wallpaper: ahmad0410 - Shade Designs Wallpaper

Wallpaper L’Eden Numerique by tominatorv3

Wallpaper: tominatorv3 - Wallpaper L'Eden Numerique

Typography by tarale

Wallpaper: tarale - Typography

Logo Typography Wallpaper by Creative Violation

Wallpaper: Creative Violation - Logo Typography Wallpaper

Periodic Table of Typefaces by Cam

Wallpaper: Cam - Periodic Table of Typefaces

I get distracted by andythefragile

Wallpaper: andythefragile - I get distracted

friends version 3 by sanctusnex

Wallpaper: sanctusnex - friends version 3

Can you do it? by flygaresset

Wallpaper: flygaresset - Can you do it?

type and grid by freakyframes

Wallpaper: freakyframes - type and grid

Typography Wallpaper – Gun by darkXmatt

Wallpaper: darkXmatt - Typography Wallpaper - Gun

R for Rosie by pnchhoeun

Wallpaper: pnchhoeun - R for Rosie

Study of Typography by 3squaredesign

Wallpaper: 3squaredesign - Study of Typography

alferg wallpaper psd file by jferguson757

Wallpaper: jferguson757 - alferg wallpaper psd file

Typographic World Map by vladstudio

Wallpaper: vladstudio - Typographic World Map

Typography Wallpaper Test by Palgie

Wallpaper: Palgie - Typography Wallpaper Test

– E N T H U S I A S M – by For-Certain

Wallpaper: For-Certain - - E N T H U S I A S M -

Think Again by mushir

Wallpaper: mushir - Think Again

Typography Matters v2 by 42nt1

Wallpaper: 42nt1 - Typography Matters v2

Soshified typography wallpaper by FFVortex

Wallpaper: FFVortex - Soshified typography wallpaper

Typography by B-82

Wallpaper: B-82 - Typography

Typography is King by allonlim

Wallpaper: allonlim - Typography is King

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  1. wondering if it took me 10 mins to minutely look at the entire collection, how many man hours it might have taken to make each one. splendid collection.

  2. I’m really sorry but there’s more to good typography than just making up a collage from some random words.

    I can hardly see any well thought-out spacing, rhythm or other typographic details in here.

    1. Thnaks man! I have the same feeling. Typography is to me much more than using letters and fonts as images. Typography is rather making font invisible. Some of those are dam good works, but not really good as a background wallpaper.

  3. That is amazing and awesome art. I just like the way the text where use to achieve that wonderful work. Yes some of the works here have seen some before but they always look wonderful every time i look at it.

  4. Hey, Thanks for featuring one of my wallpapers on here. Never though I would be on Noupe any time soon. And being compared against the other superb works!

    However, I made the wallpaper before learning about typography and I too think typography is more than arranging words on a screen, I say this because if these are being used for inspiration its important to know what makes good typography!

    But thanks again for the feature :) Much appreciated.

    1. Phillip Gourley 04 de abril 2010

      Hola, Gracias por ofrecer uno de mis fondos de pantalla aquí. Nunca aunque me gustaría estar en Noupe cualquier momento pronto. Y se compara con las obras magníficas de otros!

      Sin embargo, hice el papel tapiz antes de aprender acerca de la tipografía y tipografía yo también creo es más que la organización de las palabras en una pantalla, digo esto porque si se están utilizando para la inspiración de su importante saber lo que hace que la buena tipografía!

      Pero gracias de nuevo por la función:) Muy apreciado

  5. Amazing Collection, Some of these Wallpapers will be included in my tomorrow’s wallpaper Collection Pack No.14 @

  6. well its really amazing work .. it is not the work of ordinary minds it take super natural people to do things like this… hats off….

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