Jul 22 2014

Mazwai: 65+ Free HD Videos for Commercial Use

It’s getting more and more common. Free stock photography is on the rise. We see new services emerge on a monthly basis. Mostly maintained by photographers, aiming to get more exposure or agencies, aiming to prove their quality of work, free stock photo libraries are a benefit for both sides. Getting more exposure and sympathy might potentially help to acquire more paid work, the philosophy of freemium. This assumption is valid and widely successful, so why should it not work for high-grade video content as well. That’s what the creators of Mazwai may have thought. And yes, why shouldn’t it? We all need free HD videos for commercial use from time to time…

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Jul 21 2014

Vintage Style: 40 Free Retro Fonts Not Only for Hipsters

Hipster supercharged the already running Vintage trend. Thanks to that we have a plethora of note-worthy, production-usable retro fonts at hand. About half of those we are going to show you today allow commercial use, the other half is for private use only. The information is given right alongside each item of the following article. We hope you enjoy our little collection of 40 free retro fonts for the vintage fan.

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Jul 18 2014

HTML5 Brings Tables Back: Contemporary Grid Layouts with CSS Grids

Back in the days where CSS was a rumour and content and design were not divided, building a website using tables was perfectly common. With the rise of the semantic web tables were redefined to be used only for their original purpose, structuring data, that was meant to be shown in the form of tables. Furthermore, CSS didn’t bring forward an easy way to structure layouts in rows and columns. Now, with the new CSS Grids rasterized layouts return and they resemble the way of table-based designs quite closely.

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Jul 16 2014

Sky’s The Limit: 40 Fresh and Free Photoshop Text Effects

Text effects in Photoshop are an art not too many know how to achieve. At least not when we are expecting noteworthy effects. Still, a strong typographic logo or eyecatcher of any other kind is granted to draw a good deal of attention to whatever you want to communicate. Text effects with Photoshop are not that easy, but no rocket science either. We have curated 40 fresh and free Photoshop text effects to get you going. Grab your Photoshop and read on…

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Jul 15 2014

HTML5 Imports: Import HTML Files Into HTML Files

The „link“ element is a blessing. It allows for easy embedding of stylesheets and JavaScripts needed in multiple documents. It didn’t allow the embedding of HTML files, though. To achieve that we were limited to the „iframes“ element or the JavaScript method „XMLHttpRequest()“. Thanks to the new HTML5 Imports, we can now use the „<link>“ element to load one HTML file into another.

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Jul 14 2014

20 Free Dashboard UI Mockups: Graphs, Diagrams, Charts and Functional Widgets

Admin panels are one of the bare necessities of modern web sites. Yet, as they are only seen by very few people, designers tend to not put too much effort into them. This is perfectly understandable, while at the same time too narrowly considered. The customer who will have to work with these panels for years to come will be much more likely to stay satisfied if you provide him with a dashboard, that is both beautiful and easy to handle. Keep in mind, that getting existing customers to place the next order is much easier than the acquisition of new ones. So, let’s do something to better your customer relationship. The so-called “backend” is going to be today’s topic. We have collected 20 of the best free resources we were able to find…

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Jul 11 2014

HTML5 Clinic: Make Your Browser Talk via The Speech Synthesis API

Navigation devices do it since forever. Now browsers are learning to do it, too. I’m talking about speech synthesis. HTML5′s new Speech Synthesis API allows your website to speak or more precise, to read out loud what is written there using a human voice. There are different voices for different languages, even several voices per language. Now all it takes is pressing a button and the browser will read your website contents to any visitor who demands it. A nice service for anyone and inevitable even for the visually impaired.

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Jul 10 2014

Six Little-Known Facts to Help You Create Viral Infographics

It all sounds too simple: You collect your data, create a good-looking piece of infographic, embed it on your website and it drives traffic, boosts your sales or generates more leads. Yet there are many, many infographics that sitting undiscovered in some corner of the deep web.

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Jul 09 2014

Fresh Breeze of Past Spring: 29 Free User Interface Mockups for Mobile Designs

Smartphones are widely used in everyday life. More and more people turn to them to create content, shoot pictures, share news via social media, leave checkpoints, entertain themselves, learn something new across the internet. To cut a long story short, the list of features and possibilities of these small pocket-size devices are increasing day by day. An affection that has already turned into addiction a long time ago.

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Jul 08 2014

Mandatory: 15 Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

Web design resembles a tough survival course for designers. A single wrong step can lead to disaster. As a designer, you will be designing sites for extremely picky and impatient website visitors who will scream blue murder if the website doesn’t meet their expectations. This state of affairs puts web designers under tremendous pressure as they have to deal with demanding clients and discerning target users. In such a pressure cook situation, there is every chance of designers making errors and in certain cases these errors go unidentified and end up on live websites.

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