Oct 28 2014

Visme.co: Swiss Knife for the Creation of Presentations, Infographics, Banner Ads and More (Comment to Win)

Visme.co is a recently relaunched and re-branded service loyal Noupe readers already know. We’ve covered the service under its former name EWC Presenter in August of 2013 already. At that time, our conclusion was entirely positive. We recommended to put PowerPoint and Keynote aside, and use EWC Presenter instead. A lot has happened behind the curtain since then, so we thought it would be time to revisit a service we had enjoyed at first encounter. Are we still fans? Well, the name Visme.co is way better than the wooden EWC Presenter. And else? Read on…

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Oct 27 2014

Fall Cleaning: 22 Fresh and Free WordPress Themes From October 2014 to Damp Wipe Your Blog

Although I like the nightlife, I wouldn’t say I want the nights to get longer. I enjoy a long day’s – well – daylight. With autumn having undoubtedly arrived, nights are getting longer. We leave home for work in the dark and get back when it’s dark already. To save you from depression and give you a little perspective during the cold and sinister season we’ve put together another round of free WordPress themes for self-hosted blogs, just like we did last month and the month before and the…

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Oct 24 2014

Thanks: Anders Norén Develops Picture-perfect and Free WordPress Themes

Sometimes, while rambling the web, you stumble upon real gems. That’s what just happened to me. It was by pure coincidence that I found the website of Anders Norén. Anders Norén, among other things, develops WordPress themes. These are not only mostly completely free, but also picture-perfect. You can grab them from WordPress.org. If you are into the WordPress theme universe, you already know that the majority of free themes is plain disappointing. They are designed and even more so coded in a half-assed attempt to get some short-dated attention. Others may be good, yet batter you with a plethora of mostly superfluous functions – the jack of all trades approach. Neither of these is Anders Norén’s take. He cares for great contemporary design, outstanding typography and clean code. This is reason enough to introduce you to his works…

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Oct 22 2014

Deal of the Week: Small Money for Big Stock Photos

Enjoy one of those Deals of the Week that are few and far between. Grab really large stock photos for really small money. Mighty Deals, again the deal provider this week, had Depositphotos on offer in the past. That deal was wildly popular, and people didn’t stop calling for a reiteration. Today we have proof that their calls didn’t go unanswered. With the growth of Depositphoto’s portfolio you have even more excellent material to choose from, at the same laughable prices…

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Oct 21 2014

Halloween Icons: 50+ Brand-new Scary, yet Free Pictograms

50+ Brand-new scary, yet free pictograms are offered by icons8, the icon foundry you can always trust. If you like to scare your friends at the end of October, here’s what you need. Hand-made for terror, these pictograms will look good in any app or website with the horror touch. Best of all, they are completely free of charge. Let’s take a closer look…

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Oct 20 2014

15 Beautiful Art Projects, Created to Raise Awareness for a Cause

Beautiful art can be both awe-inspiring and intriguing. Some of it simply awakens the creativity or beauty inside of us all, and other stunning works of art makes us really think about deeper issues. No matter the level of intensity of the piece, great artworks cause most people to stop, if even for just a moment, to have an emotional experience. And this experience, these emotions, will be re-lived every time the viewer encounters that piece of art again.

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Oct 16 2014

Deal of the Week: 90+ Professional Fonts from 18 Unique Font Families Discounted 98 Percent

Have you ever dreamt of buying a professionally crafted font for 30 cent, then woke up laughing? What one can dream… Today, with our most recent Deal of the Week, that dream can come true. Mighty Deals has exactly that on offer. More than 90 fonts from 18 different font families are up for grabs at two percent of their original price. Secure yourself a large set of professionally crafted Sans and Art fonts with all the benefits of the OTF format. Web fonts are available, too.

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Oct 15 2014

JotForm’s Latest Product is Hands Down the Best Form Designer You Can Get

Forms – the inevitable, the unavoidable. Nobody actually loves them, yet no one can do without them. Be it in real life or on the net, forms are a necessary evil. Or should I say were a necessary evil? Today JotForm, the online forms creation service has introduced a new tool dedicated to making forms attractive with ease. This new tool is called "Form Designer" and it does nothing less than bring the fun factor back to form design. Did I say "back"? Hmm, anyway…

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Oct 14 2014

Make a Dent: 40 of the Best Cinema 4D Tutorials

If you are a 3D artist you are surely aware of the fact that Cinema 4D is a powerful, almost almighty tool. Combine it with Photoshop and you’ll get even more super powers. From creating 3D models to adding textures and animating the result – there is not much we cannot do. In this article we have collected 40 of the best tutorials to help you make a dent – probably not in the universe, but here where your potential customers can see it…

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Oct 13 2014

Sass-based Grid Systems: How to Split Columns, not Hairs

When it comes to website development there is not a lot better than a semantic, flexible, professionally crafted grid system, forming a “safe and sound” structure. It is the most viable and reliable solution that skillfully and effectively deals with all the dirty issues of today’s designs. For the past decade, the diversity of this kind of instruments has been considerably increased and constantly improved. There are pure CSS grids and mixed ones, simple style sheet files and complex pre-made frameworks, responsive and fixed, well-formatted and poorly formatted, some includes gutters others not – you are confronted with a plethora of choices. However, as you delve more deeply into this concept, it becomes obvious that each project requires its own solution and not every underlying system meets every project’s requirements and personal preferences. As always, the choice will depend on what you want to achieve in the end.

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