Nov 11 2013

BugHerd: Lean & Clean Task- and Bug-Management for Web-Projects

A comparably fresh service from Australia, named BugHerd, has come to change the way web designers, developers and clients work together during the creation of web projects. Instead of doing things the old-fashioned style, sending vague emails around the interwebs, BugHerd implements a centralized bug- and task-management platform right inside any given web project. Tracking bugs gets as easy as ABC. Sounded like a bold promise to us, so we decided to take a closer look…

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Nov 08 2013

Deal of the Week: Verb, Family of 72 Superb Fonts for 50 Cent Each

Our Deal of the Week features a font family for which the term "family" is not really fitting as a family is a comparably small unit of society. Verb, which by the way is the name of our featured font "family", is more like a font tribe with its 72 different fonts. Verb is able to suit any modern design with one or the other part of its tribe’s members. From decently serious to happily partying, any message can be conveyed convincingly. Verb is like the mother of all Sans Serifs, to be a little pathetic…

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Nov 06 2013 Premium Bootstrap 3 Themes for Free

This is a must-read for any designer out there! is a side project of Carlos Alvarez, a theme crafter in his own words. He ‘s not available for freelance work at the moment, so don’t bother to ask. On, Alvarez offers free Bootstrap 3 themes in premium quality. At the time of this writing there are "only" seven themes available, yet all of which are of high quality and keep the promise to be "premium".

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Nov 05 2013

BamBam! The One and Only Collaboration-Tool for People who Really Need to Get Things Done

There are collaboration tools and there are tools that really help with collaboration. As a creative professional I bet you know a lot of collaboration tools. How many of them did you turn down already for not meeting your expectations? Today we will be introducing you to BamBam!, a new tool made in Poland. We are sure you will be impressed – to say the least…

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Nov 04 2013

Banksy in New York: Controversy, Adversity, and Exposure

As all of the art world knows by now, Banksy, the elusive street artist from the UK has spent the entire month of October in New York. He left 27 works of art in various locations of New York, plus a landscape oil painting “vandalized”, an unpublished op-ed for The New York Times, and two videos plus a free t-shirt graphic for fans on his website. Appropriately named Better Out Than In, Banksy clearly reveals in the header of the website that his New York trip is about his conviction that art should be found outside of galleries to be easily seen and enjoyed by the masses.

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Nov 03 2013

October 2013: 10 Best Free Hi-Res Photos by Unsplash

A few months ago we introduced you to, a project by Ooomf. Since then they kept promise and regularly released new images. Quality varies though. That’s why we decided to help separate the wheat from the chaff by publishing only the 10 best images released in October 2013. We do not necessarily choose those photos with the highest level of photographic artistry, but our eye is more on usefulness. Which photos are good to support articles, designs and such without showing too much uniqueness to render them unusable without their original context. That said: have fun and do whatever you want with these gorgeous photos…

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Nov 02 2013

Noupe’s Favorites 44/2013: The Best Links of the Week

If you follow our accounts in the various social networks out and about, you’re certainly aware that we are posting loads of additional content there. Be it links to freebies, tutorials, interesting articles or other things worth mentioning. We dig up a lot in the widths and depths of the web. And we do actually share content, that hasn’t been created by our own team. One of these days we got a friendly email by one of our dear readers, asking us to not only publish these additionals in the social networks as this reader as well as many others are refusing to get engaged in socializing. In times of Prism and Tempora we can perfectly understand this approach. So we decided to curate the best links of each past week into one weekly article, starting today. Here you go…

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Oct 31 2013 All the Tech News You Need

There is a problem, we as designers have. We need to stay updated on the latest trends in web design and development. That’s time-consuming enough, but definitely mandatory. At the same time, most of us like to stay on top of the tech news not necessarily too closely related to the web, because – confess – we are all techies. Are your clients not asking you about the latest and greatest? Mine always do, expecting me to certainly know what’s up around IT. It’s a dilemma. You need to know, but have no time. has you covered…

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Oct 30 2013

BlendMeIn: Free Photoshop Extension Gives you Access to Dozens of the Most Popular Icon Sets

At the beginning of October we introduced you to Flaticons by Freepik. The hyperactive guys from Spain developed a Photoshop extension to let you access their more than 13,000 icons large repository from within Adobe’s pixel giant directly. Being able to have thousands of icons at your fingertips and not having to leave your design environment is a potential time-saver, to say the least. BlendMeIn enters the market with a similar, yet slightly different concept…

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Oct 29 2013

How SSL Protects Your eCommerce Transactions

SSL (TLS) is how eCommerce stores ensure that their customer’s data is kept private. We explain what SSL is and how it works.

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