May 23 2014

More Than 10 Million Users, But Why? Mobile Todo-List Adds Web App

Wow, I admit, I didn’t know that already reached more than 10 million users. They can rightfully proclaim to be the largest mobile todo app worldwide. Their clients are available for both major platforms, Android and iOS. Lately they added a Chrome extension and now they decided to make a web version available, too. That version is not your usual web app.

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May 22 2014 All About The Future of The Web

Web Components were the craze for a while. As with all standardization projects, as time passes, the effect wears off. In 2012 standardization of the web components specs felt near. Today it’s still a work in progress. There are a growing number of promising approaches and technical solutions, though. Instead of forcing you to roam the depths and widths of the web to collect vital information on web components, the community itself, supported by staff from Google and Mozilla, decided to create a central platform, covering all aspects of the future technology. Now that effort is online. It answers to the name

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May 21 2014

Magic.css: CSS3 Animations on Steroids

It is almost a year ago, that Christian Pucci from Italy introduced his stylesheet-project Magic.css. Magic.css lets you build CSS3 animations with special effects. Last year, Christian, better known as miniMac, had only a handful of effects to show. Up until today, this number has grown to 55. All the effects come in a single stylesheet, prefixed for all modern browsers. Magic.css is published under the terms of the MIT license, and can be used freely.

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May 21 2014

Public Domain Archive: High-Res Photos for Free

The market of free photo providers is growing fast. After a decade of market domination, giant services like Shutterstock and others see themselves faced with a competition that will likely change the whole way this industry is structured. This new breed of photo services is different in one vital way, they don’t take money for the right to publish a picture. Some don’t even require you to mention them or say "Thank You". One of these high-grade new services stems from Athens in Georgia, US. Designer and photographer Matt Hobbs and his wife Shayna created and maintain it. It is still tiny in comparison, but already worth a visit or two.

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May 20 2014

Red Color in Web Design: Provocative or Attractive?

The color red is the most sexy, passionate and provocative. In the color psychology, red symbolizes energy, love and emotions. A man gives red roses to a girl he is in love with; when a girl is in love she secretly draws red hearts in her diary. Another positive meaning of the red color is appetite stimulation. It is nothing but suitable for a food industry to use red, as for example red accents in the interior design of a restaurant or red colored tableware. Red has also a negative meaning: it is aggressive, it symbolizes anger and hatred; it is the color of war and blood. Still, if to think negatively and be pessimist, one can find bad side in everything. Let me ask you one primitive thing: don’t men like watching girls walking on the street in hot red dresses? Aren’t red lips tempting and magnetizing? This is how red turns to be provocative, but in a good sense of it.

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May 19 2014

May Celebrations: 20 Fresh and Free WordPress Themes from May 2014

Here we have it, our first month with all the new entries to the WordPress theme stage being designed responsive. That was faster than we had estimated. But, we won’t complain. Bootstrap is also continuing to go strong, while minimal design still rules. Administering theme options from a backend options panel is becopming more and more common. Theming is getting easier by the minute. For another month we went out into the wild to search for the newest and coolest WordPress themes available. In the following article, we introduce you to our findings.

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May 18 2014

Design Vs Cancer: May This Great Project Grow King-Size

Are you a designer? You will want to know about this great project. I even bet, if you have a heart, you’ll want to get involved. Both of this is possible. Let’s start by telling you, what Design versus Cancer is all about. The next step is up to you. If you are not a designer, you’ll want to know about that project, too. Help it grow. Let’s support this great cause and make the world a better place…

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May 17 2014

The CSS Animations Pocket Guide: Now More Free Than Ever

Publisher Five Simple Steps ceased to exist. Before they vanished, they took the friendly move to transfer all the rights on the books published back to their respective authors. Val Head, author of The CSS Animations Pocket Guide immediately put up a page on her personal blog and started to offer the guide along the lines of the "Pay what you want" model which includes getting it for free, too.

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May 16 2014

CSS Vocabulary: Definitions for Beginners

Even experienced designers are not constantly keeping CSS vocabulary in sight. Or are you permanently rattling off commands with your eyes closed? If so, people might start to avoid you. Did you notice such signs, now you probably know where to search. Thank me later. Probably it helps to know that there is a very conclusive technique to avoid running around murmuring CSS properties. Simply visit the project "CSS Vocabulary" and free your mind.

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May 15 2014

Game of WordPress: Set Your Eyes on Fire by Watching a 40 Hours Experts Show

I admit it. I can`t get enough of the “Game of Thrones” show, and as a late discoverer I had the joy to watch an entire season almost in one go. I couldn`t stop watching the epic wrestling for the iron throne and I pressed the stop button much later than it was healthy for my eyes and energy level at the next weekday’s morning. I learned something about dragons and deadly weapons, but this sadly didn`t help me when I straight ran into a problem with our WordPress installation, which cost me another two grey hairs. To avoid this I should possibly have watched an entirely different show…

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