Aug 29 2011

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Create a Cute Halloween Ghost

Use of the Mesh Tool is one of the best techniques for achieving a semi-realistic look for an illustration. Today we will demonstrate how to use this great Adobe Illustrator feature for creating a cute little ghost. The only colors we are going to use are white and different shades of gray. So, It might be little tricky to transform this floating bedding into the cute little ghost.

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Aug 26 2011

25+ Useful Document and File Comparison Tools

Figuring out how a document has changed from one version to another isn’t always the simplest task. It’s further complicated when that document is longer or more complex, like source code.

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Aug 25 2011

Showcase of Creative and Entertaining 404 Error Pages

When designing a website, many of us just neglect the error pages considering them insignificant. But the fact is many visitors come across these 404 error pages either because of typing a wrong URL or due to any other number of technical reasons.

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Aug 24 2011

Live Together or Die Alone : Spec Work vs the Community

For years the web design and development communities have had an enemy amongst the ranks. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, parading through the communities as a friend of the game, when really it is more of a foe. Perhaps a well intentioned foe, as some might argue, but a foe nonetheless. That enemy goes by the name of Spec Work.

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Aug 23 2011

100 Great CSS Menu Tutorials

Navigation is such an important part of your website. It’s how your visitors navigate to the main areas of your site and makes it easy for them to find your good content.

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Aug 22 2011

Showcase of Italian Web Design Pt.2

Last week we had a showcase of Italian web design from a member of the Italian web design community. This week we have a showcase from a different perspective. This week, we have a showcase and look at Italian web design from a designer outside of that community. Complete with interviews and more, this second installment will hopefully paint a fuller picture of the state of the web design industry in Italy.

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Aug 19 2011

Traditional Darkroom Photography: Hipsters in the Darkroom

In these digital days of Hipstamatic and Instagram and any number of photography related apps, the world wide web is inundated with hipster shutterbugs and their galleries of enhanced, or filtered photos. So much so, that many people forget the traditional roots that these digital effects spawned from and the mastery so many still practice.

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Aug 18 2011

40+ High Quality Free Icon Sets in PSD Format

It goes without saying that high-quality PSD files are some of the most precious resources for a designer. This is the reason why even the most skilled and experienced designers are constantly on the look out for new PSD files to add to their toolboxes so they are armed and ready for whatever their next client or project has to throw at them.

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Aug 17 2011

How To Spend Less Time With Social Media

With Google+ hitting the scene, many in the design and development communities have had their productivity schedules thrown up in the air. This latest development in the social media networking waters has caused many to once more, begin losing themselves and their time to that old familiar interloper. So we have had requests from readers, on ways that we can spend less time with social media and actually get some work done.

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Aug 16 2011

Batch Processing: 25 Tools and Techniques for Images and Documents

Converting images or files by hand can be a hugely time-consuming process. But how often do clients send us files in formats that can’t be directly used on their website or project? If you’re like most designers, your answer is probably “pretty often.”

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