PayPal for Nonprofits
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Michael Goodman

PayPal for Nonprofits

Nonprofits need patrons of all ages, sizes, locations, and giving levels in order to effect real change. However, many nonprofits are stuck using old methods of donor acquisition, such ...

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Milica Kostic

Most Common WordPress Attacks in 2020

It’s a widely known fact that WordPress dominates the Content Management System scene. The amount of websites that run on WordPress far outnumber those of its competition, totalling to ...

What Is HIPAA Compliance
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George Davidson

What Is HIPAA Compliance?

33,500. This is the number of individuals whose ePHI was exposed due to one HIPAA violation. This one HIPAA violation caused three separate breaches. What was the violation? MD ...

Albert Smith

What is Change Blindness in UX Design

When researchers carry out usability testing, they have often observed that users overlook a change on the screen otherwise considered obvious and highly noticeable by the designers. A ...

Data Management
Quentin Ainsworth

What Is Data Management?

Ninety-five percent of C-suite executives list data management as key to business strategy. Data management allows business leaders to leverage the data they collect from customers ...

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Paul Leslie

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Email Open Rate

As an email marketer, your no. 1 goal is to boost your open rates and get people to click through that awesome content you create. While good copywriting techniques will help, there are ...