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  • Digital Artistry Series #1: Planning Your Work

    Planning Your Work

    This article is the first in our new Digital Artistry series. This series will focus on the key elements of producing professional quality digital art, walking you through in a series of articles and tutorials covering the theory and techniques behind the world’s great digital art. We will identify common mistakes in amateur’s works, and teach you applicable tips and tricks to take your own work to the next level.

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  • KISS: A Showcase of Beautifully Simple Blog Design

    Simple Blog Design

    As a member of the design community you have probably heard the expression ‘KISS’ before. For those of you who haven’t, it stands for ‘Keep it Simple Stupid’. It’s an established design rule that you should not over-complicate your layouts, but rather focus on the core aims for your page. The trouble is that designing a simple web layout is notoriously difficult. Despite containing less data and less graphics, a successful minimal web design is actually very difficult to produce. There is no hiding behind flashy graphics or other such distractions. Every detail must be just right, and it is these details that can make or break a simple web design. In this article we’ll show you how minimal minimal can be and how beautiful it can get…

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  • Beautiful Button Design in Action: Examples & Tips for Creating Effective Buttons

    Designing beautiful buttons for the web is an art form in and of itself. The best buttons often appear simple and easy to design, yet are deceptively difficult, and are often comprised of many subtle design elements, backed by solid marketing theories. Today we’re going to look at some of the principles behind great button design, and give you some practical tips to improve your own website’s buttons, and boost your conversions/click-through rates.

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  • A Collection of Mesmerizing Rain Photography

    Whilst we all enjoy a nice sunny day, rain can result in some really interesting photography. There is something inherently emotive about rain, as the tirade of water is at the same time cleansing and intensely life giving.

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  • The Ultimate Collection of Professional Textures

    Today’s post features a huge variety of high quality, high-resolution free professional textures. These texture packs range from wood, concrete and bokeh designs, to grunge, old film and rain drops. Whatever your project is, there is sure to be a suitable texture for you in this mega collection!

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  • A Collection of Incredibly Simple and Sleek Logo Designs

    Logo design is a broad medium, full of diverse styles, genres and talents. With advancements in software many logo designs have become increasingly complex, utilizing wide color spectrums, complex gradients and intricate illustrations.

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  • Stunning Digital Space Art

    Man’s obsession with space goes back before records began, and the great unknown of the universe continues to inspire and baffle us today. Space offers artists a huge amount of inspiration to draw from, and space themed art often crosses over genres such as sci-fi, landscapes and fantasy.

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  • Tales From the Darkside: Dark and Surreal Photo Manipulations

    Darker, surreal themes can often lead to some really interesting photo manipulations, as stylistically artist’s can stray into genres such as gothic, horror, the macabre and violence. Not the most pleasant themes for sure, but they can result in some very emotive, engaging pieces of art.

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  • A Collection of Eye Catching Poster Design

    Poster design is a true art form. Often the best posters will be bold, eye catching and visually intense, yet minimal and elegant at the same time. As with logo design, often a great poster will be great for what it omits, as well as what it features.

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  • Typography Inspiration: Calligraphic Masterpieces

    Calligraphy is an ancient skill, whose origin is difficult to date. It spans across a wide range of cultures and continents, and can be seen to this day all across the globe. Some track calligraphy back to the inception of the Latin alphabet in 600bc, although other notable examples can be seen through history.

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