The Psychology of Colors in Marketing and Branding

October 5th, 2016

The psychology of colors and their effect is one of the most interesting and controversial aspects of marketing. The depth of the analysis has always been a problem. Color theory is a very complex topic with many nuances. Unfortunately, the quite popular infographics on the topic don’t go into detail as much as they should. Today, we’ll try to work out this difficult subject....


Design Seeds: Daily Inspiration From Photos and Colors

September 19th, 2016

Creativity rarely comes from nowhere. Inspiration is an important aspect for all graphic and web designers. Get your daily dose of inspiration in the form of photos and colors at Design Seeds. There, you’ll be provided with sophisticated pictures and a fitting color palette every day. Inspiration From Nature and Environment In 2009, Design Seeds was created by Jessica Colaluca, who went freelance as...


Project Muze: Cry for Joy?

September 15th, 2016

Project Muze, the new fashion experiment created in a cooperation between the companies Zalando and Google is well worth seeing. It might not do justice to the Zalando slogan “cry for joy”. But I cried nonetheless. Can the Machine Inspire Your Clothing Style? Project Muze may be great when looking at it from an academic level. Here, Google tries to display an example of...


Fixed: Google Analytics and the Warning “Leverage Browser Caching”

September 12th, 2016

When optimizing your website’s speed while following the GooglePage Speed Insights guidelines, you’ll know this alert. Activate “Leverage Browser Caching” for the Google Analytics Script. Often, this alert is to be blamed when a website doesn’t reach the infamous 100 of 100 PageSpeed points. That’s exactly where the problem is, because how can you cache a file that is not on your server? Today,...


20 Code Snippets for Clean and Stylish Contact Forms

August 31st, 2016

Several text inputs with accompanying labels and a huge prominent CTA at the end to submit a form and send it to the recipient – usually, a contact form looks exactly like that. And it seems that there are no difficulties in generating one at home. Not so fast, however, there are some pitfalls. For example, do you need your feedback form to be...


18 Creative Ways to More Traffic on Your Website

August 22nd, 2016

Many bloggers and website owners know the problem. You flounder, write excellent content, but the traffic you hoped for is not there. The users ignore your site, although there is enough potential. Today, I will present you 18 creative ways to solve this problem, and help you get more visitors onto your website. Traffic is the currency in which websites are measured. Traffic gets...

Boilerplates & Other Tools

10 Free Bootstrap PSD Grids for Excellent Webdesign

August 15th, 2016

In web development, there are many factors that can optimize work processes. It’s not just the final result that counts, but also the amount of time that is put into the development of a website or a reusable template. Good PSD grids are still indispensable when it comes to designing a website and making your work flow more efficient. Thus, today, we’ll show you...


Ornate and Florid: 20 Free Texture Packs

August 1st, 2016
watercolor textures

Although the interfaces around us still look flat, it does not mean that there is no space for some dose of artistry achieved through skillfully applied textures. Of course, overall usage of these high-quality crafty images or pixel-perfect close-up photos has been decreased and the technique slightly fell back into the shadow. But, they did not disappear entirely nor became obsolete whatsoever. There are...


20 Animated Interfaces: New Ways to Present a Concept

July 11th, 2016
weather app

There are numerous ways to represent the prototype of an upcoming project to the client. You can stick to the traditional path and overwhelm the client with a bulk of paper material and digital sketches accompanied by extensive descriptions. Or you could go for modern tools such as Adobe After Effects, Framer.js or MarvelApp that will make the future interface look pretty realistic, alive,...

Business Online

How Writing Helped Me Find My Destiny

July 10th, 2016
How Writing Helped me Find my Destiny

Today, you’ll get to read an unusual article, sort of an outing. Only very few people can claim that a website has changed their life. I’m one of them. And the site that I’m talking about is Dr. Web. It has changed my entire life and turned it upside down. What was left is my destiny. The Prolog: Webdesign, WordPress Themes, and WP Security...


12 Amazing Quotes to Help Inspire your Web Design

July 8th, 2016
Taking a look at these inspirational quotes I can see how they might help someone get some perspective on graphic design, web design, and stay inspired for another day.

I find that occasionally I’ll be deeply inspired by a quote that will help me design better websites. Taking a look at these inspirational quotes I can see how they might help someone get some perspective on graphic design, web design, and stay inspired for another day. I hope you enjoy! “I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is...


Level Up: 20 Useful Sketch Tutorials

July 4th, 2016
design an ecommerce portfolio

Although SketchApp was created with graphic designers in mind. And one can’t argue that with its outstanding support for multiple pages and artboards and a bulk of features such as shared styles, it offers a pretty comfortable and fertile environment for creativity. However, it still requires some skills to master it.  If you want to get a grasp of basics, to say nothing about...


Particles Animation: 20 Solutions from Codepen

June 27th, 2016
vibrating circles

Experiments with canvas, a basic HTML5 element that is used to produce graphics of various kinds and scale on a web page, are gaining more and more popularity nowadays. It seems that web developers have pinned their faith in this technology, even despite the fact that it suffers from the lack of proper browser compatibility. Intending to unlock various possibilities of this potent element the...


Web Design Trends 2016 [Infographic]

June 22nd, 2016

Web designers always have to keep in touch with the latest design trends. Nobody can afford to deliver outdated layouts. To make sure that you know which web design trends are relevant this year, we’ll provide you with an infographic. The graphic takes a step into the near future and explains which trends will be the most impactful this year.   1 – The...