Maryna Bizhikian June 3rd, 2022

Healthcare Practitioners: 6 Ways to Market Your Business in 2022

The healthcare industry has undergone significant and unexpected changes in the past two years. The pandemic has led to the development of new healthcare administration methods that have long term benefits, and have become a mainstay for many patients.  

If you can flow with the tide of changing patient needs, you will be successful in this new climate and consistently generate new leads. The following short list of healthcare marketing trends in 2022 will bring you up to speed on what potential clients are looking for, so you can provide it.

1. Breath New Life into Old Relationships

Hearing from an old friend is always a delight. That is how you ought to approach your old clients, even if they haven’t heard from your practice in a while. You are, after all, responsible for changing their lives by helping them improve their health.

Leave a message or a note to remind them that you’re still available to provide high-quality care, to help them get the most out of life. Even a birthday or holiday greeting has the potential to jog a client’s memory, reminding them that their health should always be a priority. Let them know that now is the best time to stop putting off those appointments!

You can create scripts for your employees that they can use when sending text messages, voicemails, and emails to old clients. These messages can say something like:

  • “If you missed your scheduled visit, we’d love to welcome you back!”
  • “How many appointments did you miss last year? We’ll help get you back on track.”
  • “That joint pain you’re feeling could be a sign that your chiropractic adjustment is long overdue. Call us for an appointment now.

2. Build New Connections with Google My Business

To attract more foot traffic to your practice, you need to make it easy for new clients to find you. Developing a rich Google My Business (GMB) profile is the first step in making yourself searchable.

GMB helps you to make an instant personal connection with potential clients who are searching the web for physical therapy and similar services. With quality photos from your practice and concise information about your areas of expertise, you can make an impact that beats out the competition within seconds—and seconds are precious on the web.

Make sure your profile has your clinic’s most current and accurate information, to make it easy for Google Maps to locate you when people need directions to your clinic. This will come in handy for all the events you’ll be planning, like health expos, community information sessions, and picnics! These types of “Welcome Back” events are sure to attract new faces, giving you the chance to showcase your expertise and build new relationships.

3. Keep Your Clients Safe When Using Telehealth

The US Department of Health and Human Services has reported that the use  of Telehealth tools has increased by 63 times since the pandemic began. This also means that your patients’ personal data is much more at risk of theft by cyber criminals. 

When you provide Telehealth services, you need to be just as vigilant about HIPAA compliance as you are in your clinic. Your protective measures should extend to include information that is shared via email, in video conferencing, during an online chat, and even over the phone. Use software that encrypts digital data, and be sure your staff understands what information is okay to share in conversation.

4. Be Laser-Focused with Search Engine Optimization

What better way to create a roadmap to your practice than directly answering patient questions? Whether you practice in a region with a high population of older retirees, or an area filled with military veterans who have particular needs around combat injuries, your SEO strategy should target the common healthcare concerns in your area. 

Know which keywords and phrases patients use when they conduct searches online. Then, incorporate their exact questions into your social media content, blogs, and online ads, to highlight patient concerns and point to your services as the solution.

5. Let Clients Know that They Come First

You understand that bedside manner is important whether patients are actually present in your office or receiving help from you across a screen. A high level of care involves understanding that every client is unique, and each has dealt with recent challenges in their own way. Some have cooperated with lockdowns and community restrictions with a sense of extreme caution, while others have rebelled against them in the name of freedom.

As a healthcare practitioner, knowing how to keep every patient informed and healthy is your gift. Understanding and serving a wide range of client perspectives will make your practice stand out. Address these issues in your content and marketing, to let potential clients know that you have compassion and a practical care plan to meet their needs.

6. Let the Pros Help You

No one can go it alone, and these times have taught many of us the value of community. If you need help building your website and creating an effective online marketing plan for your clinic, let the pros help you. Web development experts can help you build your healthcare marketing strategy and generate regular new leads.

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

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