40+ Fresh and Free Web UI and Mobile Kits for Developers and Designers

November 21st, 2012

In this round-up, we are showcasing fresh and free web UI design kits as well as some mobile kits. This collection will astonish you, but, more importantly, save your valuable time. Designing a user interface (UI) is a difficult task, because it takes lots of time and needs loads of patience as well. Furthermore, designing user interfaces from scratch is very stressful work. But why re-invent the wheel on a daily basis? With these fresh and smart UI design and mobile kits, you can easily portray your ideas to your clients and give a very stylish look to their websites. All these kits are downloadable for free. Enjoy!

Blue UI Kit

Blue UI kit contains everything that you need to create a visually appealing web UI or mobile UI: checkboxes, radio buttons, toolbars, search boxes, tool tips and also PSDs. Everything you find in this kit is totally vector so that you can easily resize according to your own needs, thus supporting retina resolutions.


Mini Reminders

In this UI kit, you will find some cute, smart and beautiful mini reminders in grey theme.


Exclusive UI Kit PSD

This kit includes drop down menus, sliders, buttons and other web elements that are available in dark grey, black and silver themes.



This free UI kit provides a huge collection of web UI elements including stunning web buttons, sliders, search boxes, check boxes and more.


Segmented Control

This web UI kit gives you outstanding and brilliant segmented controls. Besides its elegant looks handling is also very easy.


Mani’s UI Kit

This freebie provides you with nice and clean UI kit elements for a variety of beautiful interfaces.


Pins Software

If you are into creating your own Pinterest app then take a look at this design kit.


Black UI kit

This UI kit looks very elegant in its black theme. It showcases an excellent use of shadings and includes a calendar freebie.


Transluscent UI Elements

If you want attractive and amazing rounded buttons, rectangular buttons, various alert styles, and a menu bar for your project then try this UI kit. You can easily change the color of the background.


Clean UI Kit PSD

Clean UI kit PSD is packed with different graphic elements such as – buttons, toggles, search fields, sliders, labels, and many others.


Smooth Web App UI Kit

This smooth web app UI kit is packed with all the fundamental elements that are required for app designs and admin panel user interfaces. In this UI kit, all the included PSDs are layered and completely vector.


Clear Login Window Template

As the name indicates, this freebie is a flexible and clear login window template. It has been designed in such a way that it acts like a chameleon. This means that the appearance of this template will be changed based on the background image being used. In this freebie, you will see 5 different blurred backgrounds.


Dark Admin Panel UI Kit

Dark admin panel UI kit has several features such as various graph styles, a vertical menu, content editor, form elements and others. All the enclosed elements are vectorized.


Light UI Kit in CSS & HTML

This UI kit includes buttons, input fields, sliders, progress bars, and various other form elements.


Free PayPal Button Set

This free sample is for those who are fed up with their old PayPal buttons. This set provides cleaner and more professional looking PayPal buttons.


Purple UI Kit

This UI kit, despite its purple color looks awesome and covers some stunning web elements including radio buttons, sliders, search button, on/off GUI switch, social media buttons, video player and more.


Dark UI Kit

This free sample offers some great sliders, on/off gui switches, volume, rating buttons and the like in an elegant grey theme.


My To Do List

This freebie allows you to design a good looking Todo-App.



In this kit, you find inspiration for dropdown menus in a very classy and stylish way.


Instagram Mini Profile

This design delivers an elegant proposal for implementing Instagram profiles in web or app designs.


The Bricks

The Bricks helps you in the process of development as it contains a lot of different components. This UI design kit works as a valid starting point for your next designs.


Simple Login Form

This web UI kit will help you in creating slick and simple login forms in a white or blue look.


Calendar UI

Calendar UI provides you with typical calendar elements as vectorized shapes and forms in the included PSD.


Widget

If you want to create an elegant sign-in widget with ease then you should try this UI kit. It contains PSD files with elements in vector format.


Orange UI Kit

In Orange UI kit there is not much missing. You find everything from radio buttons to checkboxes to on / off GUI switches to search boxes. This UI kit is entirely in vector format and PSD files are also incorporated.


UI Examples

This free sample provides you with elements such as a switch, knob, turn wheel and lights.


Vinny Singh

Vinny Singh is web UI kit in which you will find lots of useful web elements so that you can easily and effectively create beautiful web and mobile UI designs.


Menu Bar Twitter Notifications

Menu bar twitter notifications delievers a graphical concept of how meta information like the time of each message could be visualized.


Transparent UI Kit

With this UI kit, you can create transparent and sophisticated web designs in no time.



This freebie is packed with all the essential web UI elements.


Noveo button set

Noveo button set helps you create some stunning and visually appealing buttons for your designs. With this UI kit, you can design elegant square and round shapes buttons.


Minimize UI Kit

Minimize UI kit is very useful if you are starting your design. This is because it includes all the basic PSD files that serve as a good starting point. Furthermore, all the elements in this UI kit are in vector format


Visits Per Day Widget

With this visits per day widget, you can have a take on administrational aspects of your planned site.


Media Black UI Kit

This UI kit is provided as layered PSD files and possesses all the necessary graphic elements that you will require. Video and audio players are included as well as typical navigational items.


Black UI Kit PSD

Black UI kit PSD contains a navigation bar, buttons, form input elements, and radio as well as check buttons. You can use this to design a web or application design.


Minimalist Calendar Widget PSD

Minimalist calendar widget PSD is a simple UI kit to let you create simple but sophisticated calendar UI elements. This UI kit is in PSD format.


Transparent UI Kit

This kit delivers nothing more and nothing less than a clean and well organized PSD with all the basic elements.


Notification Centre UI PSD

In this UI kit, you will find all potential functionality that is needed for your next app. This UI kit is called Notification Centre UI PSD. This UI kit contains drop-down list of recent notifications/messages, a login/connect window, and pop-out messages with more information as well.


Mobile UI Kits:

Free iPad Mini Vector Mock-up

If you are searching for an iPad mini vector mock-up in high resolution then this UI design kit is for you. Adding your own screenshots is easy.


Passbook UI PSD from iOS6

Passbook UI PSD from iOS6 is available in vector format so that you can easily edit the size if you want. With this design kit, you can create a smart and stylish Passbook in no time.


iPhone iOS 6 GUI PSD

This freebie consists of iPhone iOS 6 GUI PSD files. This UI kit provides you with all types of buttons, menus, icons and almost everything you would expect in modern GUIs.


iPhone App UI Theme

This kit obviously is for designing iPhone apps. The UI theme comes with layered and well organized PDF files.


Pandora UI Free for iOS

This free kit contains 2 mockups and a few elements that prove to be very useful for developing iPhone and iPad applications. Its handling is also easy.


iPhone 5 Twitter app

This UI kit delivers a good starting point if you want to design a Twitter app targeting on iPhone 5 users.



Nousheen Aquil is a web graphic designer. She loves photography, drawing and painting. She also is a contributing member of WebdesignCore , a platform that focuses on free web resources and inspiration for designers and developers.

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  1. Kavana on November 22nd, 2012 at 6:34 am

    Wow this collection is awesome. It inspired me to change the UI of a pet project that I’ve been putting off for months!
    My favourites are “My To Do List”, “Minimize UI Kit” and “Cloudy”.
    Great kits and an amazing job compiling them!

  2. Stefan on November 25th, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    This is an inspiring and useful collection of UI elements. All of them are really good work. Thanks for sharing.

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