Feb 02 2013

Agile Designers: A Collection of Resources for Web Designers


Agile Designers by Webalys is a platform for web designers, currently in beta. Up to now already around 1,900 designers have registered and put up 740 resources. This is massive, considering that the service just launched on the 7th of November of last year. Reason enough to take a closer look at what’s in store.

Agile Designers – Curation and Recommendation

Agile Designers seems nothing exceptional, when you first look at it. Web services that focus on the curation of projects and products are a dime a dozen. Agile Designers does not focus on any special aspects of the job, nor does it concentrate on e.g. free tools.

What you find on the platform is a colorful mixture of well-known as well as lesser known tools and services. The portfolio grows continuously through the contribution of its registrated users. Resources are submitted via a simple web form. Tools and services to be accepted need to be reachable via an URL. Agile Designers does not host any files on their site. Contributors need to register, the account can be connected with Twitter or Facebook. One of the two is mandatory.

Agile Designers is well structured and does not only care for the closest topics around design, such as software, coding, graphic tools. They do cover these of course, but moreover they care for project management, collaboration, marketing and other business related aspects. A separate category contains resources that help you keep up to date with knowledge. Learning is often neglected under the pressure of dead lines. Agile Designers wants to encourage you to change that.

All categories are built according to the same pattern. The contents can be sorted using different criteria. Registered users can click on “I use it”, thus integrating the clicked resource into their own portfolio. That way other users see which tools and services you use. The creators plan to extend the possibilities of interaction. In the near future it will be possible to recommend tools as opposed to only telling others that you use it. Correspondingly you can search the database od registered designers.

Looking into the future, Agile Designers is bound to become a useful community for anything design. With almost 1,900 users it already has a noticeable size. Let’s grow it little, shall we?

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About the Author

Dieter Petereit is Noupe's Editor-In-Chief and a veteran of the web with over 25 years of experience in the world of IT. As soon as Netscape became available he started to do what already at that time was called webdesign and has carried on ever since. Almost a decade ago he started writing for several online publications, some well, some lesser known. Dieter is a heavy G-Plusser, so why not meet him over there?


Comments and Discussions
  • Vincent le Moign, 02 February 2013

    Thanks for this detailed and positive review Dieter!
    I’m the creator and curator of Agile Designers.
    Reading your review give me even more desire to improve it :-)

    We will release a new version soon, allowing members to moderate the resources (so far I’m the only one who decide) and make it easier to propose resources. And we plan more additions in the next months.

    It’s just the beginning…
    We want to make it the starting point to find great resources, in just a few seconds.
    I created it because I need it for myself, and see so many great resources, but not an easy way to find which one use.

    Thanks for supporting our initiative!

  • arit, 03 February 2013

    nice resources, but unfortunately you can’t signup by email. sorry, i don’t have a fb nor twitter account.

  • PHP Outsource India, 04 February 2013

    Really Agile Designers is a great collection of web designers and I am very much appreciated to here. Thanks for sharing your informative ideas.

  • Nilmone Khara, 06 February 2013

    Nice site,Great Design Resource
    Thank You…

  • Aneslin, 13 February 2013

    Thank You for the great resources. Agile is really great place to get the resources and inspirations.

  • gia may phat dien, 20 February 2013

    Do i have to pay for that?

  • devis site, 12 March 2013

    Didn’t know this one. Nice site and great ressources.

    Thanks for sharing Dieter !

  • Mark Ford, 17 March 2013

    Wow loads of stuff available. Thanks for sharing.

  • David Rozando, 19 April 2013

    Agile is really great web design resources directory, I have submitted my site there. Hopefully it’s useful for everyone!

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