Dec 23 2012

35 Last Minute Christmas Wallpapers of 2012


Every year’s end we arrive at these special times when something seems to have changed everywhere: in the air, on the streets, in our houses, at work. The atmosphere is different: everybody is buying Christmas presents, Christmas trees, Christmas sweets and so on. Christmas wallpapers have their tradition as well. In this post we have prepared a selection of Christmas wallpapers to pep up your desktop just a bit. After all, it should fit into the overall decoration at home, shouldn’t it!

Hohoho 2012: Another Gallery of Christmas Wallpapers

Below we present a gallery of some original and beautiful Christmas wallpapers. You will also find information about the designer, the source of the wallpaper and details about each artwork as well as available desktop resolutions. To navigate from one wallpaper to another, click either on the images or use the navigation under the description. Let the wallpapers inspire you to make your home a bit more Christmasy over the next couple of days! Merry Christmas everyone!

By the way: if you like to have more choices than necessary, you should take a look at our article from a few weeks ago, where we already compiled 50 wallpapers for the festive season.


About the Author

While studying chemistry, Swetlana Friedman is interested in many different things. Art, Painting, Psychology, Natural Science, Chess, Languages and Photography are just a few examples of her interests and hobbies. Recently she has discovered her passion for writing and web design.

Comments and Discussions
  • Katharine J. Tobal, 23 December 2012

    This is Awesome! Merry Christmas for All.

  • Nitin, 24 December 2012

    Nice collection, my desktop is now Christmasy ! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Naeem Gujjar, 24 December 2012

    These look great! Just in time for the holidays. I think it’s time to get into the holiday spirit and start with changing our wallpapers to get into the mood. :)

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