Free Grunge Styles and Resources

February 19th, 2010

Today we are glad to release five grunge styles for Adobe Photoshop. These styles were designed by the german Photoshop artist Dirk Metzmacher and released especially for Noupe and its readers, including resources for textures, fonts and brushes.

You can load styles with the style palette. In case this window isn’t open yet, go to Window > Styles in the menu. Click on the little black arrow at the top right. The pop-up list lets you perform several actions regarding to styles. Pick “Load Styles…” to add another style to the current selection, or “Replace Styles…” to replace the current selection with another style.


You can active any of the styles by clicking its thumbnail icon. Any content of your layer (literally every single pixel) will be equipped with the style. That could be a drop shadow, a texture or a combination with more effects.

NOUPE (Grunge I)

Download: NOUPE (Grunge I)

Suitable Fonts: Trashed, Tiza, Amadeus

Matching Textures: Vintage Grunge Textures, Subtle Grunge Textures, Grunge Textures

Dirty Brushes: Stamps, Despirited Grunge Brushes, Vintage Grunge Brushes

Modify: 1. Texture > Snap to Origin, 2. Texture > Scale, 3. Color Overlay > Change Color, 4. Deactivate Gradient Overlay, 5. Inner Shadow > Change Angle


NOUPE (Grunge II)

Download: NOUPE (Grunge II)

Suitable Fonts: Dirty Ames, Bleeding Cowboys, Birth of a Hero

Matching Textures: Autumn Grunge Textures Set, Large Paper Grunge Textures, Grunge

Dirty Brushes: WG Splatter Vol1, Urban, Rust Grunge Brushes

Modify: 1. Texture > Snap to Origin, 2. Gradient Overlay > Change Angle or Gradient, 4. Drop Shadow > Change Angle, 5. Color Overlay > Blending Mode > Overlay / Opacity: 15%


NOUPE (Grunge III)

Download: NOUPE (Grunge III)

Suitable Fonts: Times New Yorker, BB Petie Boy, Marcelle

Matching Textures: Grunge Textures, Clean Grunge Pack, Color Grunge Textures

Dirty Brushes: Grunge, Ewanism Brushes, Grinder Sparks

Modify: 1. Texture > Snap to Origin, 2. Texture > Scale, 3. Deactivate Glow, 4. Drop Shadow > Change Opacity and Angle, 5. Satin > Change or Invert Contour


NOUPE (Grunge IV)

Download: NOUPE (Grunge IV)

Suitable Fonts: The King & Queen font, Amputa Bangiz Standard, Estrya’s Handwriting

Matching Textures: Grunge Textures, Rusty and Dirty, Textures 01

Dirty Brushes: Grunge Brushes 8, Splatter brushes, Grunge Brushes

Modify: 1. Texture > Scale, 2. Texture > Snap to Origin, 3. Drop Shadow > Change Angle, 4. Color Overlay > Change Color, 5. Add Bevel and Emboss


NOUPE (Grunge V)

Download: NOUPE (Grunge V)

Suitable Fonts: Everyday Ghost, NeoPrint M319, Scriptina

Matching Textures: Victorian Grunge, Grunge Background, Grunge II

Dirty Brushes: Light Grunge PS Brushes, Grunge, Room122 Sidewalk Series

Modify: 1. Texture > Snap to Origin, 2. Texture > Scale, 3. Color Overlay > Change Color, 4. Bevel and Emboss > Change Depth, 5. Drop Shadow > Change Color


Dirk Metzmacher is a professional Photoshop trainer, book author and designed with over 10 years of experience. He is also a creative mind behind Photoshop Weblog, a blog about techniques, tutorials and resources related to Adobe Photoshop.


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