A New Collection of Free HTML5 and CSS3 Templates

July 18th, 2012

Professionally designed and neatly coded templates always make life easier for developers, not only because they save time, but also for the effort they save. Since web development is an ever expanding field, it is important for developers to keep their work up to date with the latest changes. HTML5 and CSS3 templates are there to make your websites future proof and make them even more accessible.

In this round up, we are presenting a brilliant collection of some fresh and free HTML5 and CSS3 templates that you can download today. With these templates, you can also learn how to code your websites in HTML5 and CSS3. So, enjoy looking into this collection we have compiled for you.

The Templates

Template for Powerful Business Startup ( Demo | Download )
The visually pleasing layout is the first thing that catches the attention when you look at this theme, but it’s certainly not the last. Along with cool graphic elements and hand-written typography, this free website template will provide you with the functionality you need for a good start for your online business.


Animated Neoarts ( Demo | Download )
This is a modern and elegantly designed web template suitable for Design/Studio websites. All-in-One page with an animated theme.


Vintage – HTML Template ( Demo | Download )
This is a responsive blog template that comes with a retro touch. You can use this template for a stylish portfolio.


Template for Restaurant Business ( Demo | Download )
This free website template features an attractive and functional design, which is important for attracting visitors’ attention and making the time they spend at your site pleasant. Geared towards a restaurant, this high-grade theme comes with a stylish layout in an elegant color scheme, with a jQuery slider, and a nice gallery for the images you have.


Simpler ( Demo | Download )
As the name indicates, the template is relatively simpler than the other templates presented in this collection. It has a fixed layout which is made in HTML5.


Free Template for Spa Salon with Zoomer Effect ( Demo | Download )
If your business deals with offering a wide variety of beauty services, try this nicely done ready-made template for starting up your project. The pleasant color scheme turns out to be a good background for the wonderful images from your collection. The neatly arranged content blocks in the main part of the theme are intended to present all the necessary information in an effective way.


CSS3 Design One ( Demo | Download )
CSS3 Design One is a simple two column fixed width template, with a jQuery drop-down menu, jQuery image fader and working PHP contact form. It utilizes @font-face, and CSS3 rounded corners / text shadow.


Zen ( Demo | Download )
This free website template is best suited for the personal blog pages. The template has been designed by using HTML5 and looks visually appealing.


Template for Web Design Studio ( Demo | Download )
Though this theme can be used for many other purposes, it was primarily designed for web design studios. It is a user friendly and visually appealing web template.


Caja ( Demo | Download )
This creatively designed web template is ideal for those who want to make certain files available for download on their websites as well as want to showcase their work.


Scenic Photo Two ( Demo | Download )
Scenic Photo Two is a simple two column fixed width template, with a jQuery drop-down menu and scenic photographic background image. With a working PHP contact form, it utilizes lots of CSS3 features.


Watercolor ( Demo | Download )
This template comes with a fixed layout however you can choose from 4 different skins that are available. It is a friendly XHTML/CSS template.


Responsive Brownie ( Demo | Download )
A brilliant responsive HTML5 template aimed at businesses and portfolios.


Simple ( Demo | Download )
Simple is a neat and clean web template that offers more 7 page layouts, jQuery functionality, 2 Cufon fonts to choose from, loads of background patterns, as well as one sprite file image.


Immaculate 2 ( Demo | Download )
This free HTML5 website template is suitable for blogs and personal websites.


Folder ( Demo | Download )
This is a responsive HTML5 template that can be used with any device and browser size without any problem. This is an ideal template for creative showcases and businesses.


PhotoArtWork2 ( Demo | Download )
PhotoArtWork2 comes with 3 different image galleries, a jQuery drop down menu, as well as a functional PHP contact form. This template is suited for photography related and portfolios websites.


Left ( Demo | Download )
This web template is designed in HTML5 and offers more than 6 page layouts with a unique skin system that can create a new skin appearance within minutes.


PhotoArtWork2_reverse ( Demo | Download )
This is another version of PhotoArtWork2 that is a complete web template with easy to customize options.


Muro ( Demo | Download )
This is another brilliantly designed web template that comes with 3 different skins, 7 page layouts as well as jQuery functionality.


Torn ( Demo | Download )
Torn is an XHTML web template that offers 5 pre-defined skins and 7 page layouts along with jQuery functionality.


Template for Horse Club ( Demo | Download )
Horse Club is one of the free website templates created by the Template Monster team.


CSS3 Seascape Two ( Demo | Download )
This template offers a 2 column fixed width template with a jQuery drop down menu, image transitions and PHP contact form.


Photo Style Two ( Demo | Download )
Photo Style Two web template also offers a jQuery drop down menu, image fader and PHP contact form.


Template for Business Project ( Demo | Download )
If you want your website to look as efficient and professional as possible then you should opt for this free web template. It focuses on the main points of your business and highlight them to grab the attention of the visitors.


Connoisseur ( Demo | Download )
With this web template, you can easily set your website apart from your competitors. This free website template is suitable for all those websites that pertain to fine arts, cuisine, dining, etc.


More on Page Two

Many more templates await, over on page two. So head on over and check them out!

Nousheen Aquil is a web graphic designer. She loves photography, drawing and painting. She also is a contributing member of WebdesignCore , a platform that focuses on free web resources and inspiration for designers and developers.

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