Jun 01 2010

Beautiful Futuristic 3D Scenes For Inspiration


By Janos Racz

Science-fiction is a genre with endless possibilities. The unpredictability of the future gives tremendous freedom to creative minds, so it’s no wonder that many artists find this style so appealing. So much so that most 3D galleries have a whole separate section for sci-fi scenes. In this collection we’ve brought you some interesting works on the Web. Impressive spaceship designs and futuristic cities in many forms that show the endless possibilities of imagination and the diversity of this genre. Make sure you also check out artist’s portfolios for more gems!

Beautiful 3D Scenes

Future Station by Neil Maccormack

Image: Neil Maccormack - Future Station

Far from the city by tredowski

Image: tredowski - Far from the city

Grand Space Opera Entry by Moritz Füllgrabe

Image: Moritz Füllgrabe - Grand Space Opera Entry

Be All My Sins Remember’d by Diston

Image: Diston - Be All My Sins Remember'd

The Hub by EStreet

Image: EStreet - The Hub


Image: Edlo - ORBITALS

Proto Pegasus by Diston

Image: Diston - Proto Pegasus

Atlantis City Daytime by Diston

Image: Diston - Atlantis City Daytime

Trenchtown by Stefan Morrell

Image: Stefan Morrell - Trenchtown

The Clouds Will Soon Roll By by BWS

Image: BWS - The Clouds Will Soon Roll By

Sunset Soar by SgtHK

Image: SgtHK - Sunset Soar

Frontier: The Customs by AlexWild

Image: AlexWild - Frontier: The Customs

Chopper WIP4 – Geometry by kheng

Image: kheng - Chopper WIP4 - Geometry

Lost City IV by jfliesenborghs

Image: jfliesenborghs - Lost City IV

The Mall by Frenic

Image: Frenic - The Mall

Metropolis 2106 by Thmc

Image: Thmc - Metropolis 2106

aircraft concept 01 by Kerko

Image: Kerko - aircraft concept 01

Bon Voyage by ChristianBeyer

Image: ChristianBeyer - Bon Voyage

The Inevitable by Stefan Morrell

Image: Stefan Morrell - The Inevitable

1st wave by EhsanA

Image: EhsanA - 1st wave

Une Ville by sanfranguy

Image: sanfranguy - Une Ville

Grand Space Opera Winner by Alexander Preuss

Image: Alexander Preuss - Grand Space Opera Winner

About New Times by ChristianBeyer

Image: ChristianBeyer - About New Times

Cosmo by George Arevshatov

Image: George Arevshatov   - Cosmo

Carrier Concept Final by Kheng

Image: Kheng - Carrier Concept Final

Cityscape by Stefan Morrell

Image: Stefan Morrell - Cityscape

Frontier: The Customs by AlexWild

Image: AlexWild - Frontier: The Customs

Battles City by dIeGoHc

Image: dIeGoHc - Battles City

DSS: Diplomatic Mission by AlexWild

Image: AlexWild - DSS: Diplomatic Mission

2263: Chao Lu Spaceport by AlexWild

Image: AlexWild - 2263: Chao Lu Spaceport

3001 by sanfranguy

Image: sanfranguy - 3001

Space Cruiser by Togman-Studio

Image: Togman-Studio - Space Cruiser

Lost city III by jfliesenborghs

Image: jfliesenborghs - Lost city III

D.S.E. delta04 by MarkusVogt

Image: MarkusVogt - D.S.E. delta04

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Comments and Discussions
  • Domain Name Tips, 01 June 2010

    Well 3d has its own language and all of them knows that how it makes the thing without making too much. Avatar movie id the best example of 3D. Well some of them are exceptionally gr8

  • Great roundup. Even though I do not do 3D scenery these are very inspirational

  • Kent Tan, 01 June 2010

    Nice collection. Sometimes I ponder why “futuristic” scenes need to be filled with all the grayish and brownish metal – shouldn’t we be working towards a greener planet? Notice that there isn’t a single tree (or plant!) in all those pictures!

    Or is our planet really doomed? Would love to see what a green futuristic scene would be like! :)

    • Jim, 02 June 2010

      My thoughts exactly, where are the trees and grass. Looks pretty bleak to me.

  • Laira, 01 June 2010

    Interesting collection. I like the perspective and scale… the colors are great too… good job

  • Sebas, 01 June 2010

    The only thing I don’t like on this futuristic scenes is looking a future without forests or naturals environments coexist with the modern structures, despite that it is really a nice work.

    • Eko Setiawan, 01 June 2010

      That’s also what I do not like. Let’s keep the preservation of our earth.
      btw it’s beautiful scenes

    • Stanley, 02 June 2010

      How true. My thoughts exactly. I hope these stay as fantasy and not reality. Every single piece depic a future void of even one strand of grass. How sad.

      Still can’t take away how awesome, creative and skillful these artists are. Kudos!

  • Vectorbunker, 01 June 2010

    Very like this collection thanks man.

  • Rent Real Estate, 01 June 2010

    I love this cute image and the colors are so wonderful!

  • Hilde, 02 June 2010

    Stunning! and very inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing this great collection! :D

  • i really like it and want see the future like full these.

  • Jordan Walker, 03 June 2010

    Can’t image how long each of those took to create. Very nice!

  • Bill Cartauld, 04 June 2010

    You should apply for a job at ILM!

  • Kaffebønner, 06 June 2010

    Some very creative universes – thanks!

  • Deepak Kaletha, 09 June 2010

    the Picture colors are great & too awesome … good job

  • Thanks for the information and links you shared that should be a useful and quite informative!

  • calvin frank, 18 January 2011

    I learned alot by reading your article. Keep up with good posts.

  • aaron, 01 February 2011

    OMG…. good job dudes P=

  • Carola Trebilcock, 08 April 2011

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  • D J C, 26 October 2011

    Fantastic work with amazing detail.

  • soraiyan, 01 February 2012

    these are very good i am a drawer myself…but im not nearly this good

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