Mar 27 2014

No Second Chance For a First Impression: 50+ Free Design Resources to Create That Perfect Presentation

Okay. So you’re designing this responsive website, but your client demands to see it on a variety of devices beforehand, before you even coded a single line. Or do you have a client who wants to right away start to market the app you have just begun working on? Or do you have a great concept for an app you want to raise funding for? Whatever your usecase is, you are in bitter need of a professional presentation. You need to show something that doesn’t already exist. You need magic. Keep calm and carry on. We here at Noupe are there for you. We took a deep dive into the web’s highest waves and came up with a massive list of almost 60 resources to help you get that presentation going.

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Mar 26 2014

Fresh Breeze: 20 Brand-new Free WordPress Themes from February/March 2014

The world of WordPress themes is constantly growing. That’s for sure. What’s changing is the focus of the themes. More and more themes are created with mobile in mind. Bootstrap has become a favorite foundation even in WordPress design and flat and responsive are more and more common. In a few months from now I assume we will not even have to state the responsiveness of a theme. It will have become standard by then. Today we have the latest new entries to the scene for you. All themes shown below have been created in February and March of this year or have undergone a complete overhaul, which basically led to a rebirth of the given theme.

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Mar 25 2014

HTML, CSS, PSD and More: 18 Free Design Resources from February/March 2014

Good morning, netizens! We are back with another round of HTML, CSS and PSD templates as well as some UI interfaces. Frequent readers know that we collect the best new entries to the scene on a regular basis. So, keep yourself updated with the freshest templates available. Whether you take the following pieces as an inspiration or plainly use them for your next project is completely up to you. They will certainly prove useful in both ways.

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Mar 24 2014

Fast And Easy: Brings Your Offline Content To The Web

Your catalogue is ready, has been sent to the printery and waits to be turned into a physical product. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just take the same data and turn it into a full-fledged online version of it? It’s a pity, you can’t. Instead you are likely to produce a PDF and offer it for download. Or you’ll omit to put the offline content online completely. can serve this and other requirements easily, thus turning out to be a good alternative in many regards. The more so, as it is incredibly easy to convert offline to online with it.

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Mar 20 2014

The Case of Viral Nova: Going Steep in a Month

Business Insider recently published a provocative article titled ”One Guy Figured Out How To Make Millions In 8 Months — Here’s Why He Might Auction His ‘Easy Money’ Startup Away”. The article discussed the story of Viral Nova, a website that hardly has any unique content, but gets millions of unique visitors every month. Thus, the news that it was on sale was both shocking and interesting to me. The question is, how did Viral Nova become this popular, why is the owner wanting to sell it off, and more importantly, how can one replicate its model? In this article, we’ll be discussing possible answers to these questions.

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Mar 19 2014

Everyday Helpers: Fresh Free CSS Tools GenerateCSS and Gradientoo

A good CSS generator is a valuable addition to any designer’s toolbox. As an avid reader of Noupe Magazine you already know of a good chunk of helper services. Today we want to introduce you to two more great apps. While one, GenerateCSS, is a full-fledged toolbox in its own right, the other, Gradientoo, only serves the task of creating gradients, but does this with an unknown flexibility. Both are worth a bookmark in your favorites collection…

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Mar 18 2014

Improve Yourself: WriteFull Helps Writers Get Better

A new app for Windows and Mac OS X helps writers improve their writing. As long as they are writing in English, that is. After having called it via its configurable keyboard shortcut, WriteFull sits in a small pop-over above your words, eager to help you find words, synonyms, correct phrases and more. In its free-to-use iteration, WriteFull uses the Google Books database. The app is available as a free download. All in all, we found that this is enough reason to take a closer look at it…

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Mar 17 2014

Powerange and Switchery: HTML5 Switches and Sliders in Flat Design

Alexander Petkov creates ripples having developed two free HTML5 components following the popular flat design trend. The latest one, Powerange, allows you to create modern range sliders clearly inspired by iOS7 and the older Switchery does the same job for switches. Both components are designed as combinations of CSS and JavaScript without further dependencies and run in all modern browsers, even Internet Explorer (from 8+ in Switchery and 9+ in Powerange). You need not be a fan of iOS7 to enjoy the features of Petkov’s components as customization allows you to take the looks to wherever you want them to..

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Mar 14 2014

Iconion: New Tool Converts Icon Fonts To Icon Files

Icon fonts are the new craze lately. The advantages are clear. Instead of working with a load of files in different resolutions or large sprites to be controlled by CSS, we simply embed a special font. This font contains all the needed icons. Each icon looks crisp no matter the resolution. Everybody’s happy. But in prototyping things are less nice. Of course you can get desktop font variants of most popular icon fonts, yet the handling is not so easy, nor is it to edit them. Iconion is a new free tool, that converts pictograms from icon fonts into files. You can even edit them…

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Mar 13 2014

Cerberus Makes Your HTML Email Work On Any Client

Ted Goas from New Jersey knows what he’s talking about. He calls his latest project Cerberus, which educated people surely know to be the three-headed dog from hell aka hell-hound. He thinks the naming to be appropriate for an ambitious project like his, that aims to make HTML email work (three-headed) over desktops, mobiles and – even – Outlook. Cerberus is a collection of patterns compiled into two templates for you to build your email newsletters upon.

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