50 Great Free WordPress Themes From 2011

October 28th, 2011

There are probably a good amount of Noupe readers who would think little to nothing of paying money for a high quality WordPress theme if it was exactly what they were looking for. When compared to spending thousands of dollars on a unique design, a $40 investment in a premium theme for your website design is relatively painless. The number of premium WordPress theme stores and marketplaces has increased considerably over the last two years. Thankfully, many developers are still releasing quality designs for free.

Today we will be showing you 50 great WordPress themes that were released in 2011 for free. A few of the themes listed are the free version of a premium theme. Upgrading to the premium version usually gives you priority support and/or more features.

We hope you enjoy the list :)

1. News

A clean design from DevPress that could be used for a blog, news or magazine website. The home page has a beautiful featured slider for showcasing your important articles or videos.

News WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

2. Swatch

A free business and portfolio design that was developed to celebrate the release of the 100th theme from WooThemes. Features a custom homepage, featured slider, custom widgets, custom typography and multiple colour schemes.

Swatch WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

3. Wootique

A free ecommerce design that was released in conjunction with the launch of the WooCommerce WordPress Plugin (which is a modified version of Jigoshop, the free ecommerce plugin we reviewed in Extending the Functionality of WordPress). With a featured slider, custom home page and custom widgets; Wootique is a great example of what can be achieved with Wootique.

Wootique WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

4. Fungus

A Colourful blogging design that has social media links integrated in the sidebar and support for post image thumbnails.

Fungus WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

5. WordPress Anniversary Theme

Released at the beginning of 2011 by Matt Mullenweg and ‘The WordPress Crew’, the anniversary theme has a traditional blog structure with a prominent header image.

WordPress Anniversary Theme

Info & Download | Demo

6. BlueBubble

A simply minimal design that would be suitable for a blog or a portfolio. Includes an advanced option panel, 8 different colour schemes and social media integration.

BlueBubble WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

7. Fotofolio Landscape

Designed for artists and photographers, Fotofolio Landscape automatically resizes uploaded images to fit the surrounding area and includes a useful slideshow option.

Fotofolio Landscape

Info & Download | Demo

8. Big Square

A clean minimal design that is suitable for photo blogs. Perfect for travel blogs, personal blogs, portfolios and photography websites.

BigSquare WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

9. Balita

A brand new eCommerce designed for Smashing Magazine that was created to help sell children’s toys and related products. It was designed using HTML5 and CSS3 and features a beautiful home page slider, custom shopping cart and Facebook integration.

Balita WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

10. Parallax

A simplistic portfolio design that features a large homepage slider and a useful portfolio template page.

Parallax WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

11. AutoFocus 2.0 Lite

Designed for photographers, AutoFocus lite is a simple HTML5 powered design that has a grid design and clean typography.

AutoFocus 2.0 Lite WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

12. WordPress Diary Theme

A retro style design that was designed in HTML5 and CSS3. It uses Google web fonts, has built-in pagination and an AJAX powered contact form. Uploaded photos are displayed beautifully using lightbox.

WordPress Diary Theme

Info & Download | Demo

13. Splendio

Based on the Twenty Ten theme, this is a feature rich colourful blogging theme from Smashing Magazine. One of the few free designs that also comes with the original layered photoshop psd files.

Splendio WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

14. Gynix Tema

A business design which places featured articles on the home page. The theme could easily be used for a blog as well.

Gynix Tema WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

15. Triton Lite

Triton Lite is a self-proclaimed ‘All In One’ design that features a beautiful home page slider, shortcodes for styling content and 3 built in widget areas.

Triton Lite WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

16. Shuttershot

A portfolio design with a difference, Shuttershot shows photos in full screen in the background of the design. Even when a visitor views a blog page or page the background continues to change. A unique idea that has thankully been implemented well.

Shuttershot WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

17. Bonpress

A colourful blogging theme that supports custom widgets. It includes custom widgets for social media services and comes in 4 colour schemes (blue, black, pink, orange).


Info & Download | Demo

18. MyPhoto

The first photography theme from WP Explorer is a minimal effort that uses Javascript to highlight photos when a user hovers over them. It’s clean and fast loading, making it a good choice for a photo website.

MyPhoto WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

19. Shadows

A minimal blogging design that was created for WordPress 3.0+. It supports post thumbnails and includes built in pagination and an author information box on blog pages.

Shadows WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

20. MyCorp

A business theme that features a home page slider, custom post types and custom fonts.

MyCorp WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

21. GazpoMag

Featuring post image thumbnail support, social media integration and a beautiful home page slider. GazpoMag is a great option for an online magazine.

GazpoMag WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

21. Lefty

A fun blogging design that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The home page has a featured post image slider and you can use custom fonts using Google fonts.

Lefty WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

22. theSevenFive

A social media theme that is powered entirely by custom widgets. Through the options page you can style the colour of the background, fonts, links and borders.


Info & Download | Demo

23. Side Blog

A great looking blogging theme that uses post image thumbnails in the index and in the recent posts section on the sidebar.

Side Blog WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

24. PolarMedia

A multimedia friendly design that would be suitable for a blog, news website or online magazine.

Polar Media WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

25. Blissful Blog

A simple yet elegant WordPress theme that was created specifically for wedding related websites.

Blissful Blog

Info & Download | Demo

26. Melville

Inspired by classic literature, Melville is a clean minimal theme that has beautiful typography.

Melville WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

27. PhotoClick

One of the few one-column themes that was released in 2011. It comes in two colour schemes and includes short codes and custom widgets.

PhotoClick WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

28. Minimatica

A fantastic looking minimal theme that has a beautiful image slider on the home page. This feature rich theme is perfect for blogs, portfolios or video websites.

Info & Download | Demo

29. Min

This is an extremely simple, clean and to the point theme. It has two widgetized footer areas to handle navigation or anything else you feel like sticking in there.

Min WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

30. Ari

A beautiful 3 column blogging theme that comes in a light and dark version. It uses Google fonts and has great social media integration.

Ari WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

31. Grid

A fantastic fast loading minimal design that uses a 4 column grid layout to display posts. Perfect for a portfolio or blog.

Grid WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

32. Amphion Lite

A blogging design that comes with 2 theme skins, 2 custom widgets, 2 short codes and 2 WordPress menus. Featured articles are displayed prominently on the home page in an image slider.

Amphion Lite WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

33. Grid Portfolio

A beautiful minimal theme that was designed for illustrators, photographers and graphic designers. There are several custom home page layouts to choose from with most displaying posts in a grid layout.

Grid Portfolio WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

34. Scherzo

A simple, clean and minimal design which features a widget ready sidebar, custom header image and custom background.

Scherzo WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

35. Showcase

A portfolio design that could also be used for a corporate website or blog.

Showcase WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

36. WP Creativix

A nice corporate design that also features a basic portfolio template (which has jQuery lightbox support).

WP Creativix  WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

37. Spectacular

Another fantastic design from Smashing Magazine, Spectacular includes short codes for styling content. An elegant theme that is perfect for blogs.

Spectacular WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

38. Steira

A boxy minimal blogging theme from the Automattic team.

Steira WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

39. Platform

Designed in HTML5, Platform is a drag and drop framework that makes creating your ideal site a breeze. One of the best free blogging themes released in 2011.

Platform WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

40. Retro Fitted

A fun retro style blogging theme that comes with several widget areas.

Retro Fitted WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

41. Ambrosia

An HTML blogging design that is optimised for viewing on mobile devices. It features 4 widget areas, two custom menus and an option to stick posts.

Ambrosia WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

42. HTML5Press

Created using HTML5 and CSS3, the theme lets you choose from over 40 Google fonts. It includes a featured posts slider, post image support, post format support and 6 colour schemes (pink, blue, green, red, orange, and bluish purple).

HTML5Press WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

43. Portfolio Press

Another theme that was designed using HTML5, Portfolio Press is a good option for a simple portfolio blog.

Portfolio Press WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

44. Liquorice

A beautiful vintage design that uses Google fonts.

Liquorice WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

45. Delicate

A clean minimal blogging design that was created using the NattyWP framework.

Delicate WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

46. PressWork

An HTML5 WordPress Framework for designers, developers & publishers. The user friendly front page editor allows you to move things around and modify your website in a live environment.

PressWork WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

47. Tungstenation

A good choice for a business or portfolio website. The home page features a beautiful jQuery slider. It also features post image thumbnails, social media integration, built in page navigation, custom font integration and much more.

Tungstenation WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

48. SixHours

A great looking minimal blogging theme from Caroline Moore.

SixHours WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

49. Busby

A clean blogging theme that was built using the UpThemes Theme Framework. It includes social media integration in the header and a featured post slider on the home page.

Busby WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

50. Blog-O-Folio

Last but not least is Blog-O-Folio, a great looking blog and portfolio design from Noupe. Features portfolio integration, built in advertisement options and an email subscription form.

Blog-O-Folio WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

Do you know of a great WordPress design that was released for free in 2011 that didn’t make the list? If so, we encourage you to share it with fellow readers in the comment area.


Kevin Muldoon is a professional blogger with a love of travel. He writes regularly about topics such as WordPress, Blogging, Productivity and Social Media on his personal blog. He can also be found on Twitter: @KevinMuldoon.


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    • Kevin Muldoon on October 28th, 2011 at 9:04 pm

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      Please accept my apologies regarding Insomnia. I wrote this article a few weeks ago. When the theme was initially released the lite version was free and the pro version was $49.

      It came to my attention a week or so ago when a review of the theme was published on my own site that the developer had changed the pricing structure and bumped the lite version up to $39 and the professional version up to $79. I updated my own article but I completely forgot that I included the design in this list -if I had I would have removed it.

      I have replaced the design with Balita; a free ecommerce design from Smashing Magazine that was released last week.

      Again, sorry for any inconvenience. Unfortunately, theme developers sometimes change the pricing of their themes from time to time and there’s little you can do :)

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