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35 Incredibly Useful Facebook Applications for Better Connectivity

Facebook is a leading social networking site with over 120 million members. There are now many Facebook applications that allow it be used productively in education and business. The success of many of these facebook applications is a testimony to the effectiveness of Facebook as a great platform to distribute networking services and connect with friends and colleagues. There are thousands of Facebook apps out there, however there are ones you can use to launch your Facebook profile. Here are more than 35 of the best facebook applications that could be useful and make your profile efficient and appealing as possible. Please Don't forget to share with us your favorite facebook application and tell us your thoughts about the ones listed below. I just started to pay some attention to my Facebook Profile, feel free to add me so i can actually know what do you guys have in mind.

Socializing Facebook Apps.

1. NetworkedBlogs

NetworkedBlogs is a community of bloggers and blog lovers to help you promote your blog on Facebook and to discover new blogs. Helps you to connect with others who read and write about subjects you like.

Facebook Applications

2. Music (iLike)

iLike is the fastest growing social music discovery site on the Web, and the most popular music service on Facebook. Add a music tab to your profile. Get personalized concert alerts. Create and share playlists. Discover and share new music and free MP3s.

Facebook Applications

3. LivingSocial is a social discovery and cataloging network that allows people to review and share their favorite movies, books, games, music and restaurants As the most comprehensive interest-based online community, LivingSocial is now helping more than 7.5 million users catalogue their interests, seamlessly integrating with Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, hi5, and Orkut.

Facebook Applications

4. Slide FunSpace

Want to find and easily share all those funny and hot videos, pics and much more. Slide allows people to better express themselves by providing the most popular personalization tools for social networks.

Facebook Applications

5. Super Wall

Super Wall is the best way to find and share entertaining videos, pictures, graffiti, and more with your friends.

Facebook Applications

Photo Editing Facebook Apps.

6. Sketch Me

This app creates an artistic pencil sketch based on your profile photoThis app creates an artistic pencil sketch based on your profile photo.

7. Picnik

Picnik makes your photos fabulous with easy to use yet powerful editing tools. Tweak to your heart's content, then get creative with oodles of effects, fonts, shapes, and frames.

8. Top Friends

With top friends you can completely CUSTOMIZE your Top Friends Profile! Choose your skin, add music, animations and more! Give and receive exclusive awards, show off your mood and keep tabs on only the people you really care about with Top Friends News.

Facebook Applications

9. Picasa

Upload photos to Facebook directly from Picasa where you simply add a simple button to Picasa that lets you upload your photos straight to Facebook. You can put photos in an existing album or create a new one.

Facebook Applications

Just for fun Facebook apps.

10. Bumper Sticker

Facebook users use Bumper Sticker to express themselves, entertain, and inspire one another by creating, collecting, and sharing stickers. Browse through millions of stickers and add them to your profile or even stick your friends. You can even make your own.

Facebook Applications

11. YoVille

YoVille is a world where you can buy new clothes for your player, purchase items for your apartment, go to work, and meet new friends.

Facebook Applications

12. SuperPoke!

Do stuff to your friends and see what they do back. Hug, slap, poke, even throw sheep. Choose from hundreds of actions!

Facebook Applications

13. Geo Challenge

Geo Challenge takes you on a tour around the world as you put your geography knowledge to the test. You and your friends can prove once and for all who knows the most countries, flags and cities of the world.

Facebook Applications

Tests & IQ Facebook apps.

14. The True Age Test

This test determines the true age of your body based on your habits and lifestyle.

Facebook Applications

15. IQ test

Find out what you IQ is.. NOTE: Questions aren't as easy as it seems..READ CAREFULLY!!

Facebook Applications

16. Earth I.Q.

To celebrate Earth Day take this awesome trivia and test your knowledge about the planet that you live on!

17. Who Has The Biggest Brain?

Think you are smart? Play this highly addictive brain training game to prove it! Ever wondered Who Has The Biggest Brain amongst your friends?

Facebook Applications

18. Word Challenge

Word Challenge is the addictive word game featuring vivid animations, 40,000+ words, 20 vocabulary types, a bonus game mode and weekly, monthly and all-time top scores.

Facebook Applications

Utilities Facebook apps.

19. TouchGraph Photos

TouchGraph lets you see how your friends are connected, and who has the most photos together.

Facebook Applications

20. Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace lets you sell, give away, buy, ask, or search for anything you want. You can also support charities by selling for a cause. Marketplace makes it easy to see what your friends have posted and what is available in your area.

Facebook Applications

21. Polls

Tap the pulse of your fans with custom polls for your Facebook Pages! Polls are easy to create and even easier to analyze, with beautiful graphs showing user responses across demographics.

Documents & Sharing Facebook Apps.

22. Zoho Online Office

Have all your office files - documents, spreadsheets, presentations - online for free. Access them from inside Facebook (also from anywhere). Share/collaborate easily and instantly with your network of friends. No more storing of your office files in your computer & emailing them to your friends to-and-fro.

Facebook Applications

23. Scrapblog

Easily create beautiful multimedia slideshows from your Facebook photos and post them to your profile with drag-and-drop ease!

Facebook Applications

24. Files

Access your files from anywhere and share important work files, photos, and music with your friends using the Facebook Files application, powered by Facebook Files is like a virtual thumbdrive that is always within reach and impossible to lose!

Facebook Applications

25. weRead (Books iRead)

Access your files from anywhere and share important work files, photos, and music with your friends using the Facebook Files application, powered by Facebook Files is like a virtual thumbdrive that is always within reach and impossible to lose!

Facebook Applications

26. my Lists

Create any kind of list (to-do lists, movies you saw in college, books you want to buy, grocery lists, invitee lists and so on.

Facebook Applications

27. DivShare

Send your documents, photos, music and videos to your friends with DivShare -- it's fast and free. You can send your files to individual friends, post them to your profile or add them to your news feed. You can also attach videos, MP3s, images and any other file to your friends' walls with DivShare! Just add the app and click the "Attachment" button on any wall.

Facebook Applications

Miscellaneous Facebook apps.

28. Social Me

Find out what your friends like about you? Do they think you are honest? Crazy?, or have pretty eyes? Or a sexy smile?

Facebook Applications

29. Mobile

With Facebook Mobile, you can use Facebook on the go. Use Facebook Mobile to upload photos and notes from your camera phone straight to Facebook. You can also receive and reply to Facebook messages, pokes and Wall posts using text messages, or use your phone’s mobile browser at

Facebook Applications

30. My Flickr

Flickr photos meet Facebook with the My Flickr app. With My Flickr, you'll be able to display your Flickr Photos and Photosets to your Facebook friends for them to comment on with or without making them leave Facebook!

Facebook Applications

31. Calendar

30 Boxes is the critically acclaimed personal calendar that lets you get organized and easily share all or parts of your schedule. Includes easy sms reminders, integrated to do list, and simple integration with facebook, myspace, flickr, wordpress, blogs, etc.

Facebook Applications

32. Feedheads

Feedheads is an app that helps you discover and share the news, directly from your feed reader. Every share is counted by the system in order to continuously surface interesting posts and feeds from around the web.

Facebook Applications

33. Music

Sort all your friends by musical taste and turn your 'favorite music' into a playlist of full-length tracks. You can compare your music with friends, listen to their playlists, and put a grid of artist and album images on your profile.

Facebook Applications

34. Twitter

Automatically update your Facebook status from Twitter.

Facebook Applications

35. MyOffice

Having a tough time getting your team on the same page? MyOffice lets you quickly and easily collaborate with your colleagues, partners, or clients on one or multiple projects.

Facebook Applications

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  1. “Incredibly Useful” ???
    Come on Noupe, there is no way that is even remotely true about 50% of the apps you’ve posted.

    1. I think that in the utilities section there needs to be another one. it’s called GameScrubber, and it’s awesome, lets you get the edge on all your games like, yoville, cafe world, farmville and all kinds of other facebook games, it pulls all the links out of your feed that you would otherwise have to go searching for on all of your friends profiles, plus, it follows all of facebooks rules, so there is no chance that it will get shut down. Check it out, im sure that it will help you like it has all of my friends and relatives

  2. That was by far one of the most useless lists I have ever read. Even the best apps on there were only marginally useful. SuperPoke? Really?? Arnt the normal pokes annoying enough as is. Stop spamming digg

  3. Well I didn’t know there are useful tools like that in facebook because so all I see my friends posting on the wall is a bunch of test.

  4. The one we developped is not as popular as the one you mentionned, but people love it, because you can get your events or friends birthday directly in your Calendar application, like iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.

    It is simply called fbcal and is accessible here or

    I hope you love it too.

  5. You should also try our friends5. It Allows you to publish fun top5s of friends (craziest friends, most likely to get married in less than 2 year, most likely to be elected president…).
    And you can of course create your own category.

    It does induce A LOT of conversations in the newstream :)

    You can try it here :

  6. What about ReverbNation… its a great music app on its own or with facebook. my friends work there so this is my shameless plug for the day!!!

  7. I can believe I even looked at this post. Better connectivity though an app that uses a photoshop filter to generate a “Sketch” from my profile picture?

    Thanks for another incredibly helpful list post.

  8. Properly, that is my first see for a website! We are a group of volunteers and starting a new initiative inside a community within the same niche. Your site provided us valuable details to perform on. You’ve accomplished a marvellous job!

  9. I need a free app for my page that i can use to categorize photos. like the sets on flickr. anyone knows sth like this?

  10. I have just starting using an app called either Artizen or Fhotoroom not 100% sure, but it is amazing. It’s like Picasa but blows it away and allows me to not only share my stuff on facebook, but flickr, tumblr, and twitter with a single click. It is definitely 100% awesomeness…

  11. I did find this list useful, but for another reason. Somehow I’ve got a few apps on my account that I didn’t remember selecting. Some of the app’s pages don’t describe themselves very well, or if you look for a description you might inadvertently wind up adding them to your account (probably what happened in my case). So this list helped me decide which apps to get rid of. :) Thanks.

  12. I don’t know whether this is a good or a bad thing for a website but the design of the website is ‘Fucking Amazing!’ its just a pure Beauty, everything from Colors, Layout, Design, Theme, Detailing etc. everything is near Perfect! For minutes I was only going up and down the page to see and admire the design and I almost forgot the ‘Content’ of this page (That Content was what that brought me here to this page). Sorry that my comment was not related to the content but I had to Appreciate the design somehow..

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