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Ad Jelly Size Guide: Social Media Advertising Formats at a Glance

The free Ad Jelly Size Guide knows all the social media advertising formats, and supplies you with PSD and Sketch templates for your marketing.

Ad Jelly Size Guide Clears Your View in the Jungle of Social Media Advertising

Marketers have to deal with a vast variety of different ad formats in social media. This problem potentiates itself, as the social media environment is rather expanding than shrinking. Thus, a service like the Ad Jelly Size Guide, that knows all the ad formats of all relevant social networks, becomes almost indispensable. The Ad Jelly Size Guide informs you about all ad formats on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr, and Pinterest, as well as the different offers over at Adwords. If you have to work with most of these services on a regular basis, you'll be happy that the size guide gives you PSD and Sketch templates, allowing you to create the according format in no time. True power users don't download templates individually for each format, but get one of the predefined packages which contain all formats for one network, respectively. If you want to, you can even get a package that contains all templates for all social networks. It doesn't get faster than this. The Ad Jelly Size Guide sports an unusual design. In a freehand sketch look, that I think is quite appealing, the size guide presents the individual formats in a clear grid. On the left, you select the network, whereupon a centered tab navigation grants you access to the different ad specifications. You can't get lost here.

Added Value for Facebook Advertisers

Specifically for Facebook, the size guide comes with the tool "Image Grid Checker". The Facebook guidelines say, that an image that you want to use for advertising purposes, is only allowed to contain a maximum of 20 percent of text. The checker examines that exact value, avoiding the risk of your next campaign being declined.

Conclusion: Must-have for Marketers

As Ad Jelly promises to keep the specifications up to date, the size guide is a must-have bookmark for everyone working in social media and digital marketing in general. Featured Image by geralt on Pixabay

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