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Adsvise: Common Advertising Formats at Hand

Adsvise: Common Advertising Formats at Your Hand
This is useful. Adsvise is a free-to-use website, that makes the content specifications of the different services out there available as clear and concise as possible. You are not sure which formats, measurements, and sizes you can use for an HTML5 ad on Google Adwords? Ask Adsvise.

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” – Henry Ford

Designers need to make money off of something as well, and thus, who could blame them for creating advertisements? The advertisement industry is still one of the better payers. In contrast to the owner of your local pizza place, the ad customer is fully aware of the design's evanescence. To put it in other words: You don't need to discuss about the appearance for hours. The owner of Luigi's Pizza Palazzo has a very different point of view on that. Adsvise: Common Advertising Formats at Your Hand In most cases, the difficulty in designing ads isn't based on the creative or communicative aspect. The bigger problem is the heterogeneity of possible target platforms. However, there are many websites where you will find creative advertising flyer template & posters to create a great design.

Adsvise: What's Up With Adwords, Facebook and Co.

The service Adsvise, which launched just a few days ago, specifically deals with this issue. Adsvise informs the user about the specifications of Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, and LinkedIn in a very clear way. The amount of included service specifications is supposedly going to increase continuously. The most important target platforms, however, are already included, above all others Google Adwords and Facebook. You'll receive a composition of the possible types of ads for each platform. The format is then presented once again, in a compact manner, as you can see in the following image: Adsvise: Common Advertising Formats at Your Hand Besides a display of the appearance in their respective format, you'll find information on the media format, the measurements in pixels, the file formats, the file weight, and important additional information, for example, that a ZIP file, including all remaining content, needs to be created for the Adwords ads. PSD templates are provided for many of the listed ad sizes, and allow you to quickly create compatible results.

Adsvise Also Offers Information on the Header and Profile Picture Conventions

Besides advertisement formats, Adsvise informs about generally useful specifications, such as the measurements of profile and header images for Facebook and other social media. For every overview, there is a comment feature available, which can be used to communicate with the team and ask questions. You will not wait for replies in vain. If you want to be instantly notified about new and/or altered specifications, you can subscribe to the Adsvise newsletter, or follow the owner's social profiles on Facebbok, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest. By the way: In this article, we've taken a look at HTML5 as a base for advertisements. (dpe) Photo by Wojtek Witkowski on Unsplash

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