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Tool Tip: Banimatic Creates Banners of All Sizes

The online banner generator Banimatic generates banners of any size fully automatically. The results can be edited, and even animated, if you want to.

Chop-Chop, a Banner

Go make a banner for your website real quick. If possible, do that in six different resolutions. This sounds like it was a bit of work, and of course, it is. It's not really an attractive task, either. If I can get help on that, I'll gladly take it. Banimatic is a service that automatically creates banners for, and from, websites. All Banimatic needs from you is a URL. After entering said URL on the service's landing page, you'll get a whole bunch of suggestions after a short wait. [caption id="attachment_103126" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Suggestions From the Robot[/caption] As the service randomly draws the images from the entered URL, and uses fonts however it likes, a majority of the results can take some getting used to. Thus, you shouldn't close the tab after the first page of suggestions.

Works Most of the Time: Generating Ideas Via Many Suggestions

For me, the main benefit of the service is that it gives you quick access to a few ideas on what a banner could look like in a certain resolution. I also find the animation function to be rather useful. While all of them are randomly applied default animations, viewing them still sets your brain in motion. If one of the suggestions is somewhat appealing, you should edit it. Banimatic grants you access to all design elements of the created banner. This lets you change all texts, images, and fonts. You also get to remove all elements that you believe are not needed. This is pretty flexible, and can lead to a complete banner. [caption id="attachment_103125" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Adjustable to the Last Detail[/caption] If you happen to want to edit and actually use a banner created with the service, you have to set up an account at Banimatic, and pay for the final result. You can pay via monthly subscription or on demand. 10 banner downloads will cost you about 10 USD. You'll have to decide for yourself if this is worth it. I only use Banimatic for a quick idea, but not for finished banners. However, I don't want to eliminate the possibility of me actually falling back on the offer, should time constraints force me to. Photo by Marcus Herzberg

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