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Complete Overview on CRM

Do you know that correctly implemented CRM systems commonly yield a 245% ROI?  

Hence choosing wise, deliberate, resourceful, and the best CRM software is sensible for all organizations. However, choosing the right CRM system for your organization from numerous options may sometimes be challenging. 

In the end, though, your company will have to pick a top-notch CRM service provider and piece of software. Nevertheless, we have worked hard to give you a thorough explanation of CRM and a list of the top 5 CRM software. Along with the list of features, the organization should include while integrating CRM.

The financial planning and investment advisory companies report that CRM was the most valuable software in 2021 globally. Additionally, CRM software market growth is predicted to sour $43.5 billion by the end of the year 2024.

Before we dive into the core of this blog subject let's have a quick overview of CRM. That includes what is CRM, How CRM improves your business, and the features of CRM software. 

What is CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is software or technology that manage, organize, and process all your company’s interactions and relationship with your customers. 

The prominent CRM software offers intelligent, smart, and intuitive dashboards that manage and organize your customer’s data, and interaction reports, and store all crucial information within one easy-to-use platform.

CRM aid businesses to react faster, move the business forward, and boost customer engagement across the enterprise by enhancing customer experience. 

How CRM improves your business?

CRM provides a complete overview of customer behavior and needs. Additionally, integrating power BI technology with CRM can equip businesses with analytical views of customers' requirements and predict the change of customer necessity in upcoming trends. For tailored guidance and expertise, some businesses turn to CRM consulting to optimize their CRM systems effectively.

With the help of CRM, technology businesses streamline their decision-making process, which improves customer relationships, engagement, and connectivity. Moreover, with the use of CRM technology, companies can improve the retention rate of customers and win customers for life.  

What are the features of CRM software?

The core features of CRM software are

  • Track customer interaction history.
  • Provide a complete report of the customer complaint journey. 
  • Analytical view of individual customer behavior and conduct. 
  • Manage, record, and organize potential to convert leads into a customer.
  • Integrate with your professional email platform for quick access and approval process.
  • Manage and collect crucial data and documents of prominent and frequent customers.  

List of Top 5 CRM Software

The right and simple CRM for small business helps the organization to achieve its goal faster and aid organizations with resourceful advantages of lead management, Data management, customer retention, enhancing customer relationships, customer loyalty, and customer engagement.  

Organizations can choose from a wide range of CRM software solutions offered by many companies today, but in this below-mentioned list, we'll focus on the top 5 CRM tool suppliers to help you go through the possibilities.

CRM SoftwareDeveloped byOperating SystemDevelopment typeTypeCRM Software Cost (Approx)REVENUE
Dynamics 365 CRMMicrosoftLinux, Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac, Web-Based, etc.Cloud-based and on-premisesCommercialUS $40 to $170$ 198.27B
Zoho CRMSridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas.Linux, Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac, Web-Based, etc.Cloud-based and SAASCommercial and privateFree up to 3 users/ US $52$ 255.7M
Oracle NetsuiteOracleAndroid, iOS, and Web-based.Cloud-basedPrivate$99 PER MONTH$ 11.8B
HubSpot CRMBrian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah.Linux, Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac, Web-Based, etc.Cloud-basedFree/ CommercialUS $2400 FOR Enterprise$ 375.6M
Monday.comRoy Mann and Eran Zinman.Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone/iPad.Cloud-based and Open API.PrivateUS $39 PER Month pro version$ 120M-$ 150M

We have a complete overview of the top 5 different CRM software available on the market in the table above. All CRM software has different capabilities and features, making the CRM tool unique. 

However, the features, operating system, cost, and development type offered by Dynamics 365 CRM fits perfectly for any small-medium, large, and enterprise-level organization.  

Dynamics CRM development services are offered by a well-known IT company called Microsoft, having headquarters in Washington, USA. You can encounter elements with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portal services: sustainable future, reliable success, and digital imperative across your enterprise.  

Additionally, Dynamics 365 CRM provides tailored, intuitive, and seamless software, making it the greatest option for any organization starting a business. Not only do Dynamics CRM consulting services offer unique features that are crucial, but they also offer various customized and seamless functions that are important to form any business. 

What is the Best Function to Choose While forming a CRM Tool for your Business?

The functions should be included wisely and skillfully that help your organization to grow and empower your client to thrive with your enhancing customer experience. 

  • Data Management
  • Lead Management
  • Email Integration
  • Document Management
  • Workflow Automation 
  • Reports and Analysis 

Data Management – The most crucial and important function of any CRM, data management stores client information such as complete name, age, address, gender, contact information, and social media accounts that helps organizations to fetch customers' details in one click. 

Lead Management – Managing the lead is much critical subject for many organizations. Leads through emails or from other sources have the possibility of being getting misplaced, however integrating the lead management function in CRM will organize, manage, and record leads accurately. 

Email Integration – Approval and authorization is now easy with integration on email in CRM. Employees can seamlessly integrate different email portals to get approvals or authorization from higher-level executives with a few clicks. 

Document Management – Customer query journey, data of customers, shared files, and many other crucial documents can easily maintain and organized within CRM. Hence including document management in CRM is very much crucial.  

Work-Flow Automation – With the integration of work-flow automation employees will be free of repetitive tasks. Work-flow automation trigger task automatically like notifying to call customers of an appointment time, sending email for approval, and much more. 

Reports and Analysis – With the integration of Power BI technology in CRM, the enterprise will get all analysis and reports of customer query journeys, sales, purchases, needs, and requirements. Such analysis makes an organization’s decision-making easy and enhances customer experience. 


To thrive in today's environment, you need a complete view of your customer, hence don't settle for incomplete data set of your customers. You can leverage the advantages of Dynamics 365 CRM to fill the gaps. 

Bring your customers into focus by understanding, identifying, and predicting customer behavior through the sublime and unique features of Dynamics CRM consulting services. 

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