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How eCommerce Websites Can Use Online Forms to Get Paid

Have you ever purchased something online? Perhaps from an online boutique or Amazon? 

The odds you saying yes are pretty high

eCommerce is skyrocketing for the past decade and people tend to stay home and shop rather than driving to the nearest mall. People feel more comfortable spending money cuddled up on their sofa while playing a mental tennis match between their Netflix screens and smartphones. 

DigitalMarketingInstitute says that eCommerce has grown by 300% over the last few years.

Also, According to Sleeknote, in 2017, 21.8% of the World’s population was using online tools to purchase goods, and the forecasted number of online shoppers for 2021 is 2.14 Billion.   

A pretty good number to have as a potential customer base, right? 

So whenever a person has some products in their hand, setting up an online shop seems a lot more inviting rather than going and looking for rental places for their brick-and-mortar shop. 

As eCommerce handles nearly all of the aspects of a deal through the internet, the owner can save a lot on the advertisement, rental, staff costs, time and can reach out to a bigger and more tailored potential (global)customer base.

If you got enough of the eCommerce flattery, we can move on to the most crucial part of an eCommerce business; actually getting paid online. 

One of the most popular and easy to set up ways to get paid online is, wait for it, online forms. The online form industry often goes unrecognized since it has become so common and most of the people are using it to get the contact information of a visitor of their website. But actually, the area of usage of online forms can be quite the Mariana trench. 

When one does a quick search, he/she can find out many different options of form builders. JotForm and Typeform seem to be the top players in the game.

When you dig a little deeper, for online payment options, JotForm leaves its competitor behind. There are many different options of payment processors, and you can select the one that fits your business needs the best --- news flash --- there are other payment processors than PayPal :)

It is considerably easy to set up a payment page using JotForm. If you'd like for people to actually fill the entire thing out, the payment page design becomes crucial. After enhancing the design of the page, you'll see the increase in the number of people who actually complete their transactions.

JotForm’s payment integration list is definitely something to see with more than 30 different payment processor integrations. As soon as you create your custom online form, you are ready to select the payment processor you need.

Here are some examples of different payment processor options and how they work with JotForm. 


Yes, you already know it! PayPal has been the leader of accepting and making online payments for more than 20 years, and it’s here to stay. They’ve also adapted themselves to the customers’ needs with their different solutions other than PayPal Standard.

One other option is PayPal Checkout which enables you to give your customers more payment choices, like Paypal Credit, Venmo and other sources. Providing various payment choices to your customers increases the likelihood of you getting paid on time.

If you have customers who do not use PayPal, you can use PayPal Pro. PayPal Pro enables your customers to pay via their credit cards.

Using PayPal is easy, but PayPal Invoicing makes it easier. If you need to create, track and process your invoices online, you should try this feature. PayPal Invoicing forms perfectly fit your eCommerce business since it will help you with getting rid of your invoice books and keeping better track of your payments and orders.


Worldpay offers secure payment services that can be used by everyone. Their prominent feature is security, which is quite important for collecting and receiving payment.

It is especially popular in the UK and Europe, in fact, WorldpayUK is the largest payment processor in the UK. You don’t have to worry If you plan to start up your online store in the US, because WorldpayUS is also available.


BrainTree is a global payment platform focusing on mobile and web payments for eCommerce companies, so it might be a good platform for building your business. You can accept payments in more than 130 currencies from 45 countries around the world.

BrainTree also offers customer tools for small businesses like recurring billing and customizable sales reporting.


GoCardless is a platform for collecting Direct Debit payments. As you can understand from the name, you don’t need a card. The payment is directly from your customer’s bank to your bank. It’s an easy, fast and secure automated payment collection method.

You can accept payment via credit cards and electronic checks by using It is a trusted leader in processing credit card payments. It is named "Best API Integration" two years in a row.

Now that we got the payment out of the way, there is nothing else stopping you from opening up your online store. Don’t get left out from this eCommerce craze. So what are you waiting for?

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