Amit Dua June 13th, 2019

Enterprise Mobile App + IoT Work Wonders For Any Startup. Know How It Can Benefit Your Business!

Do you remember those animated films such as Bob the Builder and Toy Story in which non-living beings, or basically “things” talk to each other?

Well, that has started turning into a reality now.

No, they have not started making machines with mouths to utter words, at least not yet. But what these modern machines are actually using to communicate with each other is a technology called the Internet of things (IoT).

Almost everybody has heard about this technology and its applications. From connected cars to home appliances and from smart clothes to fitness trackers, the popularity of IoT cannot be ignored. But most of the eye-catching implementations of this technology are generally assumed to be existing in the consumer market. The under-attended fact related to this technology is that IoT can be useful for other businesses too, or maybe your venture also.

And if your business has an already existing enterprise mobile app, then it will act as a cherry on the cake. The combination of IoT and a mobile app can open those doors for your organization that you weren’t even thinking about knocking on. And to know how this combo can help your company, kindly pay attention to the following points:

1- Smart Offices

     The most talked about feature of IoT is its ability to sense and adjust your surroundings according to you. It can provide you with the benefits of suitable lighting and temperature with the help of a smartphone. The companies are trying to make products which will not only give you a productive atmosphere but also save energy in your office spaces.

     Lifx, a company which sells smart lights, can install an app-controlled lighting system in your office. These lights can also communicate with other technologies like smart security alarms and adjust the brightness of the space accordingly. Comfy is another company which can create a comfortable environment in your office by managing the temperature. And fortunately, a mobile app can control your HVAC settings in this case. These apps also provide you with the dashboard, which helps you track and monitor energy usage. Therefore, this technology is helping the environment too.

2- Safer Logistics

     IoT is making the world more secure by providing smart security solutions. It helps in keeping track of the consignments and cargo, which has to be delivered in the required quantity to your customers. Thefts amidst the transportation can severely affect both reputation and revenue of your business.

     A Texas-based company, Nuve, is involved in implementing IoT in the logistics area. They use advanced cameras and sensors for vehicle tracking. The trailers can be monitored from anywhere and at any time using a mobile app. It can also significantly reduce the losses incurred to the transportation businesses due to fuel thefts and late deliveries, as claimed by the company.

3- Digital Transactions

     It is not always possible for some businesses to receive online payments. Industries like retail, transportation, and banking involve millions of small cash transactions. And the biggest drawback of some of these transactions is that the two parties have to be physically nearby. But with the IoT, even these transactions can be made digital. The parties have to share the same room and open their mobile apps to execute the payment.

     A company named ProxToMe has mastered the art of converting close offline objects into digital mediums. Whether it is about withdrawing cash from the ATMs without using plastic cards or it is about transforming the receipt printers into smart devices, this company uses cloud computing and IoT to provide enhanced security to all of your transactions.

4- Intelligent office furniture

     Your traditional office furniture may have been ruining the health of your employees for many years. The standard sizes of desks and chairs make them mold their bodies to fit in. IoT has solved this problem already. Now your employees will be able to control the settings of your office furniture.

     Companies like Stirworks are making smart and healthy office furniture for your workforce. Now they can adjust the furniture settings according to their own needs with their next generation desks using a mobile app. This intelligent furniture will not only provide comfort to them but also engage them in their work.

Data Management

     Like the startups and companies as mentioned earlier, if you also have a business idea related to IoT, then you need to collect and manage your data. Don't worry! Other companies are ready to do it for you.

You can check out JotForm Enterprise Webinar to find answers to the questions in your mind regarding data management.

The sensors involved in your business need to talk to your computer to give you useful insights. For that, these companies are all geared up to provide you full  proof solution corresponding to data visualizations and management.

     TempoIQ is one such company which can give wings to your IoT business idea. This company provides you with products which can connect any "thing" with a flexible data model, collect data, perform analytics, draw useful insights, give real-time alerts, host mobile application and provide cloud computing. Hence, it can turn your IoT imagination into reality.

Summary and Conclusion

     So we saw how new companies and startups have all buckled up to provide IoT and mobile app development solutions to other businesses. From creating smart offices to perform digital transactions, you can do it all using IoT. These IoT products will not only reduce your costs in the long run but will also make your business operations more efficient.

     IoT is the future, but its application depends on your business. There are always some functional areas which require improvements. Just check if any problem can be solved using IoT in your organization. Successful and long-lasting companies are those who are quick to accept the change. So, if you want your enterprise to be one step ahead technologically, then don’t forget to think about this deadly duo of mobile app and IoT.
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