Robert Bowen December 1st, 2009

15 Helpful Blogs No Freelancer Should Forget

Compared to other professionals, freelancers seem to be a separate beast. They're even a different breed than the rest of the online community. They pay whatever costs are required to be their own boss. Most became freelancers after having evolved to the point that the corporate shackles became more than uncomfortable, and they longed to break free and blaze their own trail. This evolved being now has mostly the same basic needs as the rest of the online community: feeds, /home, networks. But the freelancer seeks a different type of Web experience. You see, freelancers want to maximize their time online at every opportunity, to establish or build their business. They make contacts, hone their skills and solicit or share advice with others in their field to grow their businesses and create opportunities. For them, the online community is a kind of Freelance University, where they find mentors to lead class discussion and clients to assign projects. Below is a collection of some useful websites that no freelancer should do without. Whether because of the awesome resources and information contained therein or the oodles of opportunities they promise, these 15 blogs should be at the fore of any freelancer's mind as they find their way in cyberspace.

Freelance Folder

Freelance Folder is a multi-author blog dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and freelancers. Whether you’re a blogger, writer, publisher, designer, artist, small-business owner or entrepreneur, Freelance Folder is for you. You will find articles that provide you with the tools and information that you need to succeed!

Outstanding Posts from Freelance Folder

3 Things Your Customers Won’t Tell You … Unless You Ask 5 Easy Ways to Start a Productive Day How To Get Your Clients to Take You Seriously Ten Tips To Stay Motivated — Even When You Really Don’t Feel Like Working Building Your Portfolio With Zero Clients & No Spec Work

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Freelance Switch

Freelance Switch is a community of expert freelancers from around the world. If you’re a freelancer, whether a young buck or seasoned veteran, this is the place to get all of the information and support you need!

Outstanding Posts from Freelance Switch

How Freelancers Can Use Active Listening to Improve Business How to Tweak Your Home Office to Be Productive Full-time 10 Ways Freelancers Can Get Help and Support How to Handle a Missed Deadline Errors and Omissions Insurance: Do Freelancers Need It?

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All About Freelance

Well, the name pretty much says it all. All About Freelance is just that, a great resource for freelancers new and old and covers all things in the freelance arena.

Outstanding Posts from All About Freelance

Freelance Advice: The 4 Hour Work Day… Freelance Inspiration Does Not Necessarily Mean Freelance Motivation… Freelance Design Tips – Don’t Be Too Available… Noise Canceling… Freelance Design, 101: Touch Every Project, Every Day

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Bloom - Freelance Business Management Advice

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Wake Up Later

Wake Up Later addresses website-building, freelancing, blogging and online entrepreneurship. It covers a variety of topics, from freelance tips and programming to SEO and Internet marketing. It is a growing repository of Flash, audio and other stuff that are free for personal and commercial use. And it encourages the sharing of ideas and experiences through interviews and groupthink.

Outstanding Posts from Wake Up Later

10 Useful Tasks for Slow Times Get Smart: 12 Free Educational Resources for Web Workers Deciding When to Use Project Pricing Setting Guidelines for Turning Down Freelance Work Client Communication: The Most Important Part of Freelancing

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All Freelance Directory

All Freelance Directory is a directory and blog aimed at freelancers, consultants and the self-employed. It offers advice and many helpful tips and resources for home-business owners.

Outstanding Posts from All Freelance Directory

Getting Started Freelancing While Keeping Full Time Work Position Subcontracting Out Your Freelance Work 20 Ways to Promote Your Freelance Services Using Forum Marketing Techniques The Freelancers Guide to Setting Deadlines Freelancers’ Guide to Time Management: Setting Limits On How Much You Work

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Freelance Venue

Freelance Venue is where freelancers can network. Join the Freelance Forum and connect with other freelancers on the Web. The website is dedicated to anything about freelancing: working at home, business opportunities, money-making opportunities and so much more.

Outstanding Posts from Freelance Venue

How to Get Traffic or Visitors To Your Website WITHOUT Google! How to Get Started in Freelance Graphic Design Have You Already Set Goals For Your Business? Here’s How to Setup Business Goals How Entrepreneurs Succeed With Their Business Freelancing: A Business That Still Thrives in a Down Economy

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Pro Freelancing

When people hear the words “freelance writer,” they often think of a starving individual tapping away at a keyboard for hours on end. While Pro Freelancing owner Chad does love typing away, he has accomplished a lot in his short time in the business and has built a successful foundation for his long career ahead.

Outstanding Posts from Pro Freelancing

Stop the Madness and Start Hand-Picking Your Clients Always Make Your Purpose Greater Than Your Paycheck Why Aren’t People Buying Yet? 5 Secret Habits for Success How To Turn Your Dreams Projects Into Reality

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Podcast for Freelancers

The Podcast for Freelancers (which, ironically, also includes a blog) serves all those who currently or aspire to freelance. Whether you're freelancing or want to, this website will help.

Outstanding Posts from Podcast for Freelancers

7 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be A Freelancer 6 things to do when your ill 5 ways to make your clients happy Q & A: How to move away from the Job Boards 10 tips for freelance twitter-ers.

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Self Employed Blog

The Self Employed Blog was created to share ideas, products and opportunities that help others move closer to their dream of being their own boss. The content focuses primarily on home-based businesses run on the Internet.

Outstanding Posts from Self Employed Blog

Why You Should Create Your Own Info Product Ebooks Should You Start Freelancing? Pros and Cons of 3-Way Calling in Network Marketing How to Keep Making Progress in Your Business and Life No Risks, No Rewards

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Social Media Rockstar

Social Media Rockstar is another fantastic resource for freelancers who need a little guidance navigating the social media landscape, because social media is so key for freelancers.

Outstanding Posts from Social Media Rockstar

6 Tips for Creating “Sticky” Social Relationships How to Build a Strong Reputation With Blog Comments Is Social Media Marketing a Rat Race? 5 Signs You’re NOT a Social Media Expert, Yet A Brief History Of Social Media

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Zen Habits

Zen Habits is about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so that we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing and find happiness. Zen Habits features three powerful articles a week on such topics as simplicity, health and fitness, motivation and inspiration, frugality, family life, happiness, goals, getting great things done and living in the moment.

Outstanding Posts from Zen Habits

The Only Way to Become Amazingly Great at Something How to Stop Being a Workaholic Coding Simplicity: How to Avoid Feature Creep in Your Life How to Defeat Burnout and Stay Motivated The Habit Change Cheatsheet: 29 Ways to Successfully Ingrain a Behavior

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Visit Zen Habits | Subscribe to Zen Habits | Follow on Twitter offers a wonderful way to learn persuasive communication, providing compelling articles without the fluff that usually accompanies content from trainers in the personal development industry.

Outstanding Posts from

Use Conversational Hypnosis To Be More Persuasive It is Written All Over Your Face: Understanding Facial Expressions What Gets Buyers to Say “Yes, I’ll Buy?” How To Handle Objections, After You’ve Made The Sale The Difference Between Being Influenced and Brainwashed

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The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar is a blog for those of us who need both cents and sense: people fighting debt and bad spending habits while building a financially secure future and still affording a latte or two. Our busy lives are crazy enough without having to compare 500 mutual funds; we just want simple ways to manage our finances and save a little money.

Outstanding Posts from The Simple Dollar

The Best Money Advice, in Ten Words or Less When Is Frugality Stealing? Teaching Money Management Through Self-Responsibility 24 Ways to Save Money Today

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Six Pixels of Separation

Six Pixels of Separation is a blog by Mitch Joel. Mitch brings you digital marketing, new media and personal branding insight, provocations and foreshadowing from his always on, always connected world.

Outstanding Posts from Six Pixels of Separation

How To Build Your Digital Footprint In 8 Easy Steps Personal Branding Is Not An Option - It's Crucial To Success Hold Off On Twitter - Fix Your Website First 6 Ways To Build A Strong Community Marketing Is More Important Than You Think

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Further Resources

This is a good start but by no means should be mistaken as the journey's end. Below are other resources that every freelancer should check out. So many more helpful hints and tools are contained on the following websites that you would be remiss to have come all this way and not give them a glance or two. Go ahead: you know you want to! Freelancers’ Toolbox 30+ online freelance resources. Fire your Boss! The successful home freelancer's guide. A Guide to Starting Your Business Help with the small-business paperwork, the basics of accounting, and an overview of some legal considerations. 85+ Tools and Resources for Freelancers and Web Workers While a lot of these items are focused on Web design elements, such as photography, programming and writing, something is included for everyone. Freelance Designer’s Toolbox 200+ resources for freelance Web designers. The Roadmap To Becoming A Professional Freelance Web Designer Freelance Contracts: Do’s And Don’ts 6 Simple Ways For Freelancers To Increase Productivity (al)

Robert Bowen

Robert Bowen is an emerging author, celebrated podcaster and poet, and most recently the co-founder and imaginative co-contributor of the creative design and blogging duo at the Arbenting and Dead Wings Designs.


  1. Thanks for including Guerrilla Freelancing. I knew 9 of the sites but am finding out about 6 of them for the first time :) Awesome post.

  2. Great post! These are extremely useful, especially for illustrators like me who need help with the business/organizational parts of freelancing. Thanks:)

  3. Excellent post and resources – Thank you! As I hope to begin Freelancing next year – I will be delving into these blogs religiously once I am done with my current studies

  4. Hi this is really useful will pass to all my freelance friends and colleagues I’d only heard of 4 of them so proves I’ve been missing out!

  5. Great and useful post. There is another site, that I think should be included. And, though it is a shameless plug, I also run an artist site called where artist can lease out or sell their work. Since artists are in a way freelancers too, have a look and let me know what you think. Always happy to get feedback. Thanks for this set of tools and links.

  6. Thanks for reminding me about these freelancing sites, life gets so busy trying to produce your own work and blog and you just sometimes forget about some of the really cool stuff others are doing…

    Thanks for the reminder…

  7. Rob, what sites are good for employers looking to hire freelancers? I am especially interested in medical writers and editors, as well as graphic designers (both print & web).

    Thank you!

  8. Some of these are among my favorites to read, but a few I’d never heard of, so thanks for sharing! I feel so grateful as a freelancer that we have this wonderful online community! :)

  9. I quess I have a question and im new to this I have done photography for the last ten years and am certified should I be taking photography at the Art Institute of Chicago or should I just move forward with digital designs

  10. Like many others I’m partially freelance, and these sort of resources are utterly invaluable. Where would we be without the internet, and without posts like this?!

    thank you ….

  11. Hey Bowen, thanks for sharing such a resourceful post. It is helping me a lot, and hope it will help freelancers like me in future also. Keep posting.

  12. It is been a year now and am not getting any projects from freelancer sites, where most projects are moved to the highly rated or very low priced quotes. We do not get any respect for our work and quality is compromised for the rate quoted. The top freelancer sites are like an online supermarket and sometimes act as a “fish-market” where your hard earned skills are traded for very low priced quotes. But interestingly! I came to know about, where each freelancer is respected and they ensure best price for projects.

  13. Well this list of freelancing websites is complete awesome. I have almost visited all of these blogs and some of these bogs i do visit on regular basis.

  14. This is still a great list – I know it’s from a while back, but it’s still very relevant. Thanks for putting all of these resources together!!

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