Dieter Petereit April 3rd, 2014

Dribbbox: And Your Dribbble Profile Becomes a Website, Hosted on Your Own Space

Many tools are simple. Only a few are simply good. Dribbbox, created by Belgian designer Benjamin De Cock is both. Benjamin designed a contemporary, responsive portfolio look, which automatically populates from any given Dribbble account you throw at it. While this is already great, even greater is that you can host the whole thing on your own webspace.


Dribbbox: Instant Portfolio, Based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Dribbbox is a free ZIP download, weighing in at 50 kb. Unzip the archive and concentrate on the folder app. In it you’ll find the file config.js, which needs some alterations. Per default the file still includes its creators credentials, which will usually not match your intentions:

dribbbox.config = {

  dribbble_username : "bdc",
  short_description : "User interface and icon designer.",
  email_address     : "[email protected]"


Replace the values of the three parameters with your own data. Then upload the content of the folder app to any domain or subdomain connected folder on your webspace. Call the domain/subdomain using a browser of your choice and you should be good to go without further effort. Your Dribbble portfolio should shine from your screen.

Dribbbox removes all the overhead from your Dribbble profile and only shows your uploaded work. This way you could feed your personal portfolio automatically, without having to care for the surroundings, potentially negative comments, ads around you and other embellishment.

I already mentioned the full responsiveness of Dribbbox. The lean portfolio generator is completely based upon HTML, CSS and JavaScript and includes all the necessary files. There are no external dependencies. With a foundation like this, it is pretty easy to tweak the looks to your liking.

Now, if we’d be eager to criticize at least something, then all we could go for is the fact, that a Dribbbox portfolio does look a bit lost on very large resolutions. As the Dribbble images are read from their original source, which hosts them in 400 by 300 pixels size, it is obvious that they don’t look too impressive on my DELL 27" with 2,560 x 1,440 pixels resolution and maximized browser window. On mobile clients, Dribbbox looks perfect.

In any case, Dribbox is a definitive must-have for any enthusiastic Dribbble user.

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